Dictionary of Zu

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We were talking about Dictionary of Mu the other night at the bar, and that drifted to Fred's cool Fate-based thing. Which then led us to imagining a TSOY conversion of Mu. I suppose it was inevitable for me to say "the Dictionary of Zu."

We all kind of stared in silence for a moment. "Damn."

So.. yeah. There it is. The Dictionary of Zu. I know your minds are racing now. Go ahead and pile on here.


  • Oh, that's waaaaay cooler than what I thought at first read, which was the Zictionary of Zo.
  • That's wierd, 'cause "Zictionary of Zo" was the first thing i thought of too...

    But yeah - cool - now all you need is an "alphabet"! ;)
  • Nice!

    Though, dude, the other ideas here (Zictionary of Zo // TSOY Mu) -- I want to see those too!
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    Me too. Go crazy, people.
  • Not really on-topic, but this is something similar I did when I first got TSOY 1e.

    Mu (which at that point was just an idea I'd heard Judd and some of his early playtesters talk about) was one of about a half dozen things I ripped off for that setting.


  • Robert, this is fucking boss! How come you didn't tell us about this? You better run this at SGBoston at some point.
  • Dude. That rules.
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    Robert, as I recall you played this when you were in Philly, yes?
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