Discovering story gaming in London, UK

I live in london and I would like to find my way into some kind of story gaming comunity. I don't currently do any roleplaying though I did as a kid (fighting fantasy and lots of made up systems for and with my 4 younger syblings), but I am a storyteller sometimes and I make live narrative driven projects for children. I love stories and games. Anyways, I recently stumbled upon the twitching curtain podcast and got super excited about the indie games scene in london and then realised that everything I could find was from 5 years ago... Is there still a thriving community here and is it posible to humbly sidle into as a total newcomer? Is the indie games meetup still a thing? Who can I talk to? Where can I go? Any advice on not blundering about and anoying more seasoned gamers? Any advice would be super welcome.


  • ah great, Thanks James, I'm going to go down today and check it out.
  • As for advice on not plundering about, the odds are good that you'll be fine. I've yet to meet a gamer who was both annoying and self-conscious about it [grin].

    The most common annoying thing I encounter in new gamers is unfounded arrogance. This isn't a problem for everybody, but I take the art somewhat seriously (hint: if a gamer refers to the hobby as an "art", they're one of those serious types), so being lectured by some never-been on something they saw at EnWorld last week doesn't leave a good impression. Save the pride for the people you've already impressed with your skills.

    The second-most common issue is sheer social dysfunction, which is an issue for any hobby that accepts walk-ins, and isn't just a newcomer issue. Some people just manage to be annoying, whether due to autism, narcissism or some unfortunate quirk that doesn't merit labeling as a syndrome. I am generally optimistic for the hobby in that even this relatively common social problem isn't that common in practice. Like, less than 5% of the gamers I've known in the real world have been so annoying that I don't want to play with them. (Online all bets are off, as one might imagine. The Internet is where we go when we want to shit in somebody's face but can't afford the courage to do it for real.)

    All in all, it's highly unlikely that you wouldn't get along with Londonian gamers; I've never gotten the impression that they'd be particularly antisocial around there. All the British gamers I've met have been well-adjusted and friendly people. I imagine that they're just like other Brits, in fact.

    I'll also suggest that if you want to try out storygaming in a low-pressure way, online play is a simple alternative. People play by both text and video chat, so there are optional flavours out there.
  • There are lots of RPG meetup groups in London - the one mentioned is the 'main' indie group but seems to have lost its momentum and can be hit or miss depending if anyone decides to actually show up for any given meetup. A Table Top Roleplaying Meetup in London has a one-shot Monday session that people consistently show up to in Dalston that's mostly story-games type stuff.
  • As someone who works in London but lives outside London, I observe this thread with interest...
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