Apocalypse World [Skinner Hypnotic Move]

Question is simple: if the player makes this Move and gets 3 Hold, and then the session ends, can this Hold be used next session? My interpretation (and I did not find anything in the rules to contradict this) is yes, hold is held (no pun intended) from one session to the next if not spent. Any thoughts?


  • Honestly? As a person who's MC'd the game for a while now - let 'em have it.

    The Skinner arguably works best over long periods of play, so letting them keep their leashes on people across sessions is not only extremely rewarding for them; but extremely interesting to watch play out in the long run. Besides - how the hell do you expect to burn through 3 hold as intended in one whole session? Seems bonkers to me.
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    I'd ask the group. Specifically, I'd check on the potential problem case where, the way the fiction plays out, it's not obvious how that influence would last.

    For me personally, I'd say, "No, they're mesmerized now, do what you will with that now." But I should admit that I don't like that move because it feels artificial to me, and that my treatment of it is designed to minimize that artificiality.

    This is something I prefer to discuss with the whole group before anyone has finished creating their Skinner.
  • Just caught this thread now, for some reason.

    I see absolutely no reason not to make the hold lasting - there’s no rule that says it expires at the end of the session (moves which do specify this).

    Keep in mind that, with “hypnotic”, it’s the MC who spends the hold (at least most of the time), not the player.

    It’s your job as the MC to try to spend the hold freely and basically as much as you can - it’s not something to hoard. Give the player (and the PC) their due, and keep being a fan.
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