For the Queen


Hi all !

The story game For The Queen, from Alex Roberts (known for Star Crossed), is out !
At least : it's available as a roll20 module.

The game is now in pre-order on the Evil Hat store.

And if you can translate french language, I wrote a full review on my blog (translating in progress..)

This game is reaaally good.
It's beginers and kids friendly. And it creates a lot of drama and fun.

Sessions last 30 minutes to 2 hours.

It's a card based story games.
The best part : you don't need a facilitator or to explain what is a RPG before start.

I've tested it on table of 6 to 8 players, all new to RPG. Kids or adults. And it works like a charm.

No need to read the rules, all the instructions are written on the cards.
No need for a universe or create characters before : this is done while everyone is still playging the game.

I'm really impressed by what the game manages to create with so little mechanics.

On the Roll20 module, you get 3 decks of cards, a board and lovely illustrations for the Queens.

Hope you 'll try it and have fun too !



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