7 players without master

What game would you recommend for an evening without gamemaster? There´ll be 7 players, most of them not too experienced in any kind of roleplaying games.


  • Imagine ?
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    Ghost Court
    Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
    The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    The Skeletons

    7 is a lot of people for a GMless game. A lot of GMless games won't work with that many. Maybe you should split two games (3 and 4 players) and play:
    Archipelago / Love in the Time of Seið / Love in the Time of Khvareneh
    A Penny For My Thoughts
    Archives of the Sky
    Left Coast
    Fall of Magic
    Vermin Gods

    With that many players and no GM, you may be best suited to playing a larp, like:
    Tomb Priestesses of the Nameless Dead
    or one of the many games from the Golden Cobras.
  • Definitely:
    Last Stand
    Love & Darkness

    Sorceress, Bloody Sorceress
    Amidst Endless Quiet
  • Muse (or Musette) works well with seven players, especially if you remind people to keep their turns short (which is normally what non-gamers tend to do, anyway, due to shyness).


    (There is a link to the free version there, too, towards the bottom.)
  • This light game takes up to twelve players, though the more players there are, the longer the game is.
    Vox Populi
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    A couple of years ago there was a Shakespeare themed GameChef. I made a game of Shakespearean comedy: The Daughters of Verona. It builds upon the "engine" used in the popular game Montsegur 1244, but with a lighter tone to the story itself, being a game of romantic comedy rather than on religious persecution.

    I have played the game in groups ranging in size from 4 to 10+. With beginners and experienced gamers, in ages from teens to well into retirement. And this far I haven't managed to find anyone who didn't laugh and enjoy themselves.

    While players who have some background in theater or English literature will find themselves on familiar ground, no such previous experience is necessary to enjoy the game though. It teaches enough of the genre tropes in the setup for everyone to be able to enjoy themselves.

    The game uses a special deck of cards, there isn't a lot of text on the cards - though the text is important. There is no secret information in the game, so on the fly translation is possible if playing with players who struggle a bit with the English.

    Below I link to places where to get the game in PDF (to be printed and cut into cards) or print (to be cut into cards), and an actual play podcast episode from when the game was new.


  • Mist-Robed Gate is fine for 7 players, but it might be just a tad confusing for complete beginners.

    Skew, definitely.

    That's also a good number for a larp scenario (Golden Cobra anthologies and Crescendo Giocoso being potential sources; also, The Tribunal).
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