Origin of Pause button/card/mechanic (safety mechanic)

Hi all

for the German Free RPG Day that is coming up we are planning on printing & distributing ca. 1500+ safety cards. These will contain among various safety mechanics an X-Card and also a Pause button. I know, that John Stavropoulos developed the X-Card. Does anybody know anything about the origin of a Pause card/intervention and any copyrights etc?

I am trying to trace back the origin:
- since ca. 2013: Brie Sheldon's Script Change RPG toolbox (CC licence)
- published 2017: Rory's Untold (boxed story game)
- current games: Avery Alder's Dream Askew/Apart

I can also imagine that the Nordic larp scene has been methods like this for a while.
Can anybody trace back the origins of a Pause mechanic and/or a Pause card?

I want to make sure that I
1. credit the appropriate origin of a Pause button/card or mechanic
2. make sure I don't run into any coyright issues using a card with a Pause button (our own design and text)



  • Safe words... date way back.
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    Well I should say Pause button/card/mechanic in roleplaying (tabletop or similar, not the other kind) :)
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