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I've made a thing!

Crawlspace is open source, free software for creating printable hex maps. image.
I know lots of people already use Hexographer, a great piece of software. I created Crawlspace to fill a different need. I wanted to be able to draw my hex maps with pencil and paper, and to fill them in as we played. Crawlspace gives you blank maps at different scales, generates co-ordinate labels, and allows you to have sub- and super- hexes.

There are already static templates (e.g. Welsh Piper's) available, but Crawlspace gives me two things those don't:

Firstly, the ability to easily customize scale and style (colours, fonts, ratio of super- to sub-hex, etc.).

And secondly, fixed templates can only give you a fixed set of co-ordinates, but once the players have gone off the edge of the map, you need to continue the mapping, and the numbers should keep going up. Being able to consistently refer to hexes by their co-ordinates is very useful! And who wants to label hex map co-ordinates by hand?

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. :)


  • I started off by looking around for an existing library for generating hex maps that I could just use, and I found mkhexgrid, but I found it pretty hard work to use, and when it didn't do everything I wanted, I found the code quite hard to extend.

    So the other goal with Crawlspace is that it is also an easy to use, easy to extend high-level C# library for creating hex maps. So if you want to build your own hex map producing software, I hope you will find Crawlspace a good starting point! :)
  • Cool, Martin.
  • That is useful. I believe it'll find users.
  • Very nice! I've thought about running a hexcrawl for sometime and this could be very useful.
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