A Reddit User creates a D&D TV show pitch... and it's good

"So you want to make a TV show about role-playing and can't tear yourself away from the cliche' of a bearded man living in his parent's basement? Steal my pitch!

Jane is an event director at a retirement community. She is in charge of, you guessed it, planning events for the seniors. She has been successful with everything from bingo to balloon table hockey.

One day her boss, Sarah, informs her that their facility has been chosen for a pilot program to help troubled/at risk youth forced to volunteer at the retirement community. Jane struggles with finding an activity engaging enough for both the seniors and the teens. She recruits the help of her teenage child, Aaron/Erin, who is an avid RPG'er.

Aaron/Erin gives DM advise to Jane who runs sessions for the group of seniors and angsty teens. Who reluctantly (at first) form bonds over the course of game play.

It's a Golden Girls meets, that 70's show, meets Community.

You could replace Jane with John, who is a single dad trying to form a bond with Erin his teenage daughter."


  • I've actually pondered offering to GM at retirement communities... Seems like it'd be a great we to rediscover the convenience we used to have in high school and college, when everyone we gamed with was always nearby.

    Cool show idea too, though I doubt it'd follow the in-game stuff much.
  • Yeah, that's a great way to do it, because it doesn't require making gaming look bad or gamers look like losers to drive the plot.
  • Personally, I find the crossover between retired people and teenagers totally fascinating (and probably very fruitful for both, especially in a creative, imaginative activity).
  • Awesome idea! ^^

    Geek & Sundry actually ran a couple of sessions with older folks. Wasn't all that smooth, but it was a laugh to watch. XD
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