RPG Design Panelcast Reborn!

Hey folks,

I have been mostly lurking of late, but thought that I might let people know that my little podcast, all 120 episodes of it, has just gotten an upgrade. If you want to take a listen to any of the current episodes about roleplaying game design or publishing, you can now find it at http://genesisoflegend.podbean.com/

I will be posting the majority of the recordings from Metatopia 2016 in the coming weeks there, and hope to share some of the excellent panels from Metatopia 2017 as well.



  • I will check it out, thanks
  • Hi, Jason. Do you plan on making Genesis available on other podcast platforms? I use the app, Player FM. I can find RPG Design Panelcast, but not Genesis. Sorry if this is a silly question. I don't actually know how different podcast apps access specific podcast content.
  • The podcast itself is called the "RPG Design Panelcast" and you can subscribe to it through other means. "Genesis of Legend" is the name of my company which is just part of the link name.
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