Summer RPG Book Club

Summer is upon us, so might I suggest a season of the RPG Book Club to take us through the warmer days to come?

The RPG Book Club is a circle of online readers and contributors who take a different text every week and then provide feedback to its author: the text in question could be a new game design, a scenario, a playset, a playbook or a treasury of resources for an existing game.

Whether you have a design you would like feedback on or you just want to exercise your critical faculties for the benefit of others, why not join us? The Summer Book Group will begin on Monday 12th June, splitting into as many sub-groups as required to keep the size of each one manageable.

If you want to take part and can commit to reading up to six game designs over the next six weeks, come and join us at Games on Trial and sign-up. 


  • Ah - he's talking about a G+ community, to be specific.

    That's a good idea - good luck, and let us know if you need texts to work on.
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