Introducing Plotypus

Plotypus is a collaborative storytelling card game I've developed over the past year. The goal is to enable any group to tell an epic story with a riveting plot in 20-40 minutes.

I've done a bunch of play-testing and did a small print run for friends / family; the reception has been great. However, I haven't had a lot of feedback from other developers. I'd love to hear:

-Are the instructions clear?
-Do you see any major flaws with the mechanics?
-Do you have any general suggestions?



  • First Thoughts:
    - Five decks? Really? Or is four? Or six? More than four seems like a lot of separate decks for play anyway: is there anyway they could be condensed? Characters seems to include both Heroes & Villains (I think, not totally clear on this from just reading the rules) so could other cards be folded in? Perhaps having Settings & Catalysts and/or Narrative Devices all together, by splitting the card into sections?

    - Does that overview cover everything? I presume there's more about Narrative Devices, turn order and resolving conflicts somewhere, but they're not even referenced in the Overview.

    Second Thoughts:
    OK, the Overview isn't the complete rules of the game, but it almost looks like it's trying to be: for a simple, straightforward intro to the game, it goes into a bit too much details about some processes, while leaving others out. Also, without the relevant cards laid out in front of me while reading it, it's hard to be certain what it's referring to in each paragraph.

    It looks like a game I'd play though, and enjoy, but I'd really like to see a much punchier overview that tells me why this game is a) unique and b) fun, without drawing me into the nitty-gritty of the rules: if I'm hooked, I'll go on to read the manual, but if I get confused by the language used, as I am partially in this case, I probably won't look any further into it.
  • Thanks James!

    I'll take another pass at the rules, reorganizing them as you suggest and breaking out a punchy intro.

    As far as the multiple decks - I've been really torn on how to consolidate them. I don't think I can consolidate them further without making individual cards very text heavy. The benefit to having the decks broken out is that it's easier for a player to just grab a card for inspiration (e.g. "and then the hero reached the... uh... Capital"). I could also ditch the Villain cards and just rely on the Characters but I've found the added info of the villain archetype (e.g. 'Cult Leader') is useful scaffolding for beginner storytellers.

    If you're interested in playing - the print and play files are on the site:
  • Hitchcock font a la Bully Pulpit :D
  • It's weird that my "font savantism" only covers sans:es but there you are
  • @2097 - yup! The aesthetic was very Saul Bass inspired
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