Another Protocol Game Series Kickstarter

There are presently 30 games in the Protocol Game Series line and I'm looking to add 15 to 30 more, depending on funding for this project.

Some of you may not be aware of the series. That's understandable. I tend to not self-promote. That's on me. But this is (in my opinion) the quintessential, fast-setup scene-framing game system. I've not seen anything that plays faster or easier. And each one is only $3 to 4.

These new pdfs do not complicate the rules like a "new edition" might, but rather offer more advice and clean up some odd phrasings that people often misinterpreted in the first 30 games.

The games are otherwise the same.

Those of you who have played the games with me, probably know how fast the games are and these new ones even have walk-throughs to show examples of how to get started even faster. Anyway.

I already hit my funding goal and the first stretch goal. I didn't even get here to post this yet and that happened today.

Thanks for checking it out.


  • Already hit a second stretch goal. In less than 12 hours.
  • The updates on the page include spotlights about the games. Today, I spotlighted Splinter City, a game about average people living in a city with superheroes.
  • Another update.

    I'm copying and pasting the link, as well as the story.

    Clockwork Girl is an idea I've had for about 5 years. The original concept was supposed to be a comic book. I even sketched out an outline script, but I have bad luck coordinating with illustrators. I presently have four scripts out there, not moving. So, when I was brainstorming concepts for Protocol 2, this one left to the forefront, without too much editing I might add.

    Essentially, the world of clockwork toys is winding down because the clock maker can't be found and only Clockwork Girl seems to notice something is wrong. So she's gathered some of the clockwork toys to help find him, but before she can do anything, she winds down and stops, leaving the players to find the clock maker on their own.

    It has some Brave Little Toaster Elements to it, but I was mostly inspired by Terry Gilliam's work on this. Anyway. I think this one is going to be a lot of fun, though maybe a little dark when all the toys wind down.

    Certainly one of the better uses of the Clockwork genre, if you ask me. And you did.
  • The first set are great games. I'm looking forward to seeing the second.
  • Lots of updates since I was here last. There are now 20 games in the series. A new stretch goal was announce, as well. Damascus is game 21 in this round. Written by Chris Hussey.
  • Some of you may not know this, but I convinced Matt Forbeck to write a protocol, if we hit $6000. It's called Swansong, and it's about aging rockers.

    Swansong is a story roleplaying game about a rock band's final tour. Not just any band. But a record-shattering supergroup. For decades the band changed its look, members, and stage show, but their hypnotic music gave meaning and voice to generations and their worldwide rallying fans never waivered. Now, age and tedium have reduced the band to a shell of their former self. Bickering, politics, and music industry woes threaten to stop the tour before it even starts.
  • Another spotlight. This one is about Spartan rites of passage.

    Kickstarter ends in under a week.
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