Agent Down: a short game about a dying spy.

I watched Skyfall for the first time yesterday and, my brain working the way it does, I'd had an idea for a game by the end of the opening credits, so here it is. I really recommend watching some opening credit sequences from a bunch of James Bond films just before you sit down to play this.


  • That's really cool. For a minute I was like "Penny for my Thoughts"? and then - whoo - not anymore!

    The idea of using the cards in two different ways is really the nifty part.

    One thing bothered me in a sense... Since J-K is the narrowest segment and the highest cards, and since I can tell which segment a card falls in based on the kind of story you tell me, I can kinda game the system. Not enough to guarantee a win, but probably enough to up my odds of winning. By focusing on "current mission" stories I can make winning by highcard more likely, and by choosing stories based on moods I can (usually, probably) predict the suit. I can ensure that the widow is highly random by defaulting to choosing players who haven't contributed a card to it yet (and therefore don't know what's already in there).

    Of course in another sense that's not a problem, because what is "winning" anyway? The agent lives. We all want our players to win. Either way you get the story, and that's the beauty part.
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    Yes, how to split the card ranks was a tricky decision, but in the end I went for that because I think it makes for a more interesting story if the agent lives, but then has to reflect on their near-death experience. It leaves open the possibility of the Agent redeeming themselves in life rather than just seeking forgiveness in death.

    Also, yes, it's not about 'winning', the cards are just there to mediate the story, not as a way of keeping score.
  • I took the liberty of making this into a PDF, and with James Mullen's blessing, I'm posting it here. If you have a duplex printer, you should be able to print it on a single sheet and make a nice little booklet:
  • That's a nice, neat, elegant piece of work: I'm glad I belong to the League of Jameses James' Jami oh well, I'm not supposed to talk about the secret cabal anyway...

    But seriously, thanks very much James!
  • Hot dog! That's really sharp. And elegant. I'm gonna have to print this out as something to pull out whenever.
  • What a nice community we have here. This is awesome. And James, ignore my mechanical observation above; I realize it's not about "winning". Just consider it "in character" for the guy from Vegas to talk about card-counting. :-)
  • We'll do a series of nano games in September, this is perfect! Thanks!
  • I am ebullient (mmm, good word) over the response to the game; thank you very much for the positivity everybody! :-)
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