What's that burning? Smells like… Kingdom

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After two+ years of playtesting and another year of design before that, Kingdom is done. You can get the PDF right now.


I owe about a metric ton of thanks to lots and lots of people here who playtested Kingdom over the past few years.

And if you're asking "Uh, what's Kingdom?"
A secret school for wayward wizards…
A hospital struggling to keep its doors open…
A platoon fighting its way across war-torn Europe…
A guild of thieves scheming in the shadows of the sleeping city…

These are all Kingdoms. A Kingdom is the game term for the community or organization that your characters all belong to. It's the bond that ties them together and a powerful part of their lives.

You sit down and make your Kingdom together, fight to make it be what you want, then watch it burn… or save it.

No GM and no prep.


  • I loved this game, and it was too bad I couldn't participate in the crowd-funding phase! I'm happy I can get the final text at last. Top of my to-buy list!
  • I'm going to offer a game of Kingdom at IndieCon (UK) this weekend. I hope to get it all internalised and properly understood by then. We'll pick out one of the premade set-ups on the day. Hopefully people will be up for playing, I'll have to tell them that it's "the new hotness"!
  • How many people does it accommodate?
  • 3 to 5 players. There are special rules for a 2 player version but I didn't read that section of the book yet.
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    I'm debating whether or not to wait for the print copy to come out. From my experience playing online, though, it didn't seem like you'd need more than a tablet with the PDF.
  • Yep, tablet+PDF should work. You'll need print outs of the character sheets and role cards, but that's always the case.

    TotallyGuy is exactly right, but for a first time play I recommend 4 players instead of 5. It's just easier to manage. Then again, I think 4 is the sweet spot for most story games.
  • Does the game work via PbF?
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    I don't do a lot of play-by-forum so I don't have an informed answer to that. Off the top of my head, I don't see any reason it would be different from any other role-playing game. You are tracking the state of the Kingdom overtly through the Crossroad, Crisis, and Time Passes cards, which I presume would be helpful for online play. You're role-playing scenes, but a lot of the core Role actions are unilateral (e.g. when you you make a prediction you don't need input from the other players to do it), which seems like it would work well in play-by-post.

    Maybe someone with more PbF experience can weigh in.
  • I feel like it works better than most systems for PbF, because of the lack of randomizers/arbitration.
  • I missed the crowdfunding, because no money at that point... purchased now in PDF. Looking forward to the read and the inspiration!
  • When resolving cards such as crossroads can a Touchstone character ever be challenged or overthrown? The other roles will have necessarily already been by then and so would have already used up their ability to influence the resolution.
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    @TotallyGuy: You can still interrupt to Challenge even if you used your Role in the Crossroad. And if characters expect they want to Overthrow a Touchstone, they can opt to abstain from using their Role earlier (as mentioned on page 66).

    But generally, Touchstones have the last laugh. That's very intentional.
  • I'm getting really enthusiastic about playing this. I want to put it to the test to see if it matches up with my expectations.

    I should probably print more character sheets in case characters leave part way through.
  • We played a game a few weeks back which my friends described as the best RPG he had ever played in. It was taught right to the ending. And we look forward to playing again now that the final version is out.
  • We played a game a few weeks back which my friends described as the best RPG he had ever played in.
    No pressure! :)

    I think the final rules are much better. Complicated bits have been streamlined and realigned. When I'm revising rules, one test I use is to ask myself whether the adjustments I'm making would have still made the awesome moments I've seen during playtests happen. If the answer's no, I give it a long, hard look.
  • Just curious, is there a changelog or anything, or are the changes from the Kickstarter to final version more organic?
  • I'm going to write up a post covering the changes, but the main things are:

    - Challenge & Overthrow replace previous game terms
    - You can Challenge anything another character does, not just Role actions
    - Overthrow procedure is very different and much simpler. It's basically Change + Challenge.

    There are lots of places where the text was revised and made more clear, but the actual rules weren't changed.

    I recommend just burning previous versions of the rules. Burn it!
  • Ordering up! Maybe I can get a game of this going with folks in the area...
    I recommend just burning previous versions of the rules. Burn it!
    You do realize that between Fate and Luke Crane, the "things on fire" turf is already pretty claimed? ;-)
  • As promised, here's the list of changes from the Kickstarter advance release to the final version:

    Kingdom: What Changed

    I also posted a salute to all the players who made Kingdom possible, because playtesters are frickin' saints.
  • Kingdom has gone to the printer! If you've already got the PDF, make sure to download the updated file with the edits and corrections that went into the final book.
  • "You Mech-Police are incompetent, but not criminally liable this time. *high-five*" --jon_bristow

    For all you folks who missed the Kickstarter and have been gnashing your teeth, you can now place your order for a Kingdom book of your very own.


    If you already purchased the PDF, you should have gotten a link in the mail to let you buy it at PDF+Book bundle price, because it would have been really lame to punish people who were awesome early adopters.
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