Playlist Help (Trigger Warning: Self-Harm)

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So, I'm going to run a Jenga Dread (do I still have to say that?) one-shot for my regular D&D group, who are totally cool with it. The story begins with a former group of roleplayers called back to their home town after 20 years because of the suicide of their former GM. Turns out that their last campaign actually cracked open a gate through which Our Lady of Darkness is just now emerging. The GM (Dave) has been looking for a way to seal the gate for almost those entire 20 years, and the only thing that has kept him together that long is literally bleeding the crazy away. (Or at least that's what he says in the pre-recorded video message.)

I'm pretty confident of the questionnaires and the general outlines of the story (I'm a very improv-heavy GM, so I feel good about working around a vague outline with a lot of notes for potential situations). However... some point, I'd like to trigger a playlist of spooky/disturbing music (from creepy blues to occult metal, whatever) that the characters can't turn off. It's one aspect of ramping up the tension that I'd like to implement. Please, all, suggest songs for the playlist! It won't be played too loud in the real world, but will be described as increasing in volume in the fictional space.



  • Gnaw Their Tongues. Check Youtube.
  • Gnaw Their Tongues. Check Youtube.
    Holy crap.

  • Tool's version of No Quarter (Led Zep).

    Billie Holiday's version of Gloomy Sunday, if you know the urban legend about suicides (superimpose record scratches on top and trail with one minute of needle hitting the end of the vinyl : clk-clk shh clk-clk shh clk-clk shh...)
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    For me, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds would be the obvious choice. Also the Manic Street Preachers. Check 'em both out on Grooveshark.
  • @Biffboff - nice pulls. Just listened to No Quarter, and Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday is haunting.

    @catty_big - I hadn't even pulled Murder Ballads out of my hindbrain yet. Awesome.
  • Father John Misty, Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    William Eliot Whitman, One Man's Shame OR Diggin' My Grave
    Any version of "Bury me not on the lone prarie", although I'm partial to Hank Williams' rendition.
    Violent Femmes, Country Death Song
  • The Builders and the Butchers, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Sixteen Horsepower, Emily Jane White come to mind (and I can f'r sure think of more). I can't drop in specific suggestions at the moment, but feel free to ping me with a whisper or message if you want more info.

    - Alex
  • Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Devils Look Like Angels

    Johnny Cash - Hurt

    Fever Ray - Concrete Walls

    Emily Portman - Stick Stock (or most of the tracks for The Glamoury)
  • Didn't mean to imbed the videos, I can turn them in to links if it's preferred, just say.
  • Beaten to a few suggestions. But I guess that means I am not alone in my musical tastes.

    While Fever Ray is mentioned her former band The Knife would have some similar stuff that might apply too.
    Also Heroin and your Veins.

    The austrian Soap and Skin is just about wall to wall death symbols.

    And for creepy country of course Those Poor Bastards deserve recognition. Almost any of their songs should fit.

    Crooked Man aside Happy Fields, They Don't Make Folks Like They Used To or Ruin My Life would be suggestions on theme.
    They also have a sideproject Sons of Perdition, who are going into a similar direction with even more religious imagery.

    Graveyard Train from Australia are doing some creepy country as well, not explicitly self destructive in most songs. But it might work.

    You could of course go to a metalevel for selection as well, if your players are music buffs and play songs by artists who self destructed. Could be lots of Grunge and Punk people, could be Marianne Faithful (who at least lived through it) or pop personal like Amy Winehouse or the The Carpenters.
  • Very cool suggestions. I'll make a full playlist this week and share it!

    Thanks, all.
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    Night of the Crickets, by Mr. Gnome
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