2-participant story games

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If I missed other threads on this, feel free to link me, but I didn't see any in the first two pages of listings.

Just curious to know what story-games are designed for, optimized for, or easily adapted for just 2 participants.

I know about Breaking the Ice and Beast Hunters, and I know Microscope has 2-player variant rules.

What else?


  • Mars Colony, and I believe It was a mutual decision from Ron Edwards also fits in the Twosie format.
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    I play a lot of one-on-one games, but I often find it difficult to find out whether a particular game supports two-person play. I wish there was something more like the tradition in boardgames, of putting the number of players on the outside of the box.

    Anyway, I've trawled the various story game threads in the past and made myself this list. Hopefully it's useful (and correct):

    Not sure if GM'd or not:

    Coming of Age
    Animal Rescue Vigilante
    Danger Mountain
    Breaking the Ice
    Shooting the Moon
    Fisherman's wife
    Murderous Ghosts
    Kazekami Kyoko Kills Kublai Khan
    Seven Leagues


    Apocalypse world (and hacks)
    Burning wheel
    Don't rest your head
    Ghost Dog
    Lady Blackbird
    Macabre Tales
    Mars Colony
    My Life With Master
    Murderous Ghosts
    Society of Dreamers
    Spellbound Kingdoms


    Happy Birthday, Robot
    Coming of Age
    Mythic, using GM emulator
    PTA variant (without the producer)
    s/lay w/me
    Sweet Agatha
    Ribbon Drive
    Hot Guys Making Out
    The Quiet Year

    As for ones I've played, I can strongly recommend Archipeligo, Mars Colony, Sorceror and the Quiet Year.
  • Call of Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Dark

    They Became Flesh
  • One Shot is designed for two players only.
  • Wushu Open easily does the one player + GM game. I imagine Fate Accelerated Edition would also qualify in that role since it uses approaches instead of skill sets.
  • Burning Wheel one-on one is Awsomeness!! :)
  • Cold Soldier is two players, and I'm working on a two player game about a child who enters a fairy wood called The White, Horned King
  • I am not sure if Cthulhu Dark works well with just two players. The "making others fail" aspect might suffer.
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    Dreamwake is designed to work seamlessly with just 2 participants up to 5.
    You can find a 2-player Cyberwake (the cyberpunk hack of Dreamwake) actual play HERE; it's more than 1 year old, meaning that the current (final) version is more refined.
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    Dvreem is now obsolete. I have replaced it with Narrative Adventures Made Easy, but do not check out the new and better edition yet! I am in the middle of a monster overhaul this week and next. After Thanksgiving I will begin doing play-by-posts online, which will (among other things) provide a different way to check out the game.

    -David V. S.

    (p.s. - equally exciting in autumn weather might be my new crock pot macaroni and cheese recipe. Amazingly easy if anyone needs a filling dish for a Thanksgiving meal or potluck.)
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