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  • Haight-Ashbury
  • I'm currently working on:

    Icelandic Mystisism.
    Inspiration drawn from Sigur Ros' excellent "Heima" dvd. Check it out on youtube, it is beautiful.
  • Elderly romance.
  • Posted By: kobutsuAwkward pauses
    I like this: Awkward Pauses: a game of... umm... uh...
  • Lying dormant.
    Hollow children.
    Pretty cannibals.
    Conscientious totalitarianism.
    Rabid devotions.
    Eternal daylight.
    Better mousetraps.
    Abandoned nests.
    Unrequited hatreds.
  • I intended it as an ejaculatory exclamation for emphasis; take that how you will. I know I'm not going to call you out for badwrongfun...
  • The one game I've written:
    Wacky Highschool

    For games I've had ideas to write:
    Terror Form
    Cute Wars
    Binding Ties
    Craft Works
    Apocalypse Ponies
    Bro Hunters
    Scaly Acres
    Downcountry Baladeers
    Digital Mutations
    Folded Relaity
  • Zen Executioners
    Existential Orangutan
  • Trek Wars
    Star Star
    Log Jamming
    Supersonic Mice
    Horned Dolphins
    Inactive Dice
    Quijibo Underworld
    Cartoon Fade
    Veil O'Rama
    Veal Obama
    Space Broskis
  • Apocalypse Ponies and Inactive Dice strike my fancy. The first got me on a tanget... Horsemen of the Apocalypse: the Early Years. The second I imagine as a story telling game where the dice are a terribly powerful and dangerous thing. You are sort of safe if you don't touch your dice, but events do escalate and you might be pushed to get that little extra and tempt fate.
  • Posted By: mike_the_pirate
    Inactive Dice

    More "mechanical stuff" ideas:

    Scene Randomizer
    Emotional Hex-Map
    Reaction Spinner
    Pog Resolution
    Card Substitution
    Character Auction
    Scene Auction
    Foreshadowing Points
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    Posted By: otherdocZen Executioners
    I actually sorta did this. I played a Were-Vulture in an "every shapeshifter you can think of" White Wolf game. His theme was entropy, decay, and proper, natural death. He didn't go around stabbing people; he went around turning off life support machines. And gently encouraging chaos, where those fated for death would more quickly find it. Zen, right? It was a fun game.
  • 1930's Novelists
    Cosmic Programmers
    Hippie Super-sentai
    Demigod highschool

    * This was a result I got on the Seventh Sanctum "Highly-Merchandisable Cartoon Titles" (or something or other) and thought it was too funny to not include here.
  • Voracious Algorithm
    Polity Consciousness
  • Doppelganger lottery
    chicken necromancy
    Archipelago hopping
    Non-Euclidean auctions
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    Posted By: McdaldnoPog Resolution
    Man, what would a game with Pog Resolution even be about? I still have my pogs, not kidding. Those fuckers were hard-won, and I know the market will bounce back someday.

    sigh. I wish I'd had the knowledge and the access to have spent my obsessive collecting as a child on something actually useful, like Magic cards.


    emotion dungeon
  • Green Star
    Without Light
    Shadows Follow
    Walking Disaster
    Gravity's Children
    Single Shadow
  • Karaoke Fiasco.

    (I just read from TBZ about the karaoke room RPG culture in Japan. Engage insane ideas.)
  • Posted By: kobutsuAwkward pauses
    I like this: Awkward Pauses: a game of... umm... uh...

  • Quantum Magic
  • Cthulhu Slack
    Mumblecore Mythos
    Debt Specters
  • Nanobyte Mage
    Saber Punk
    Parenting Mutants
    Supernova Imminent
    Gollum's Son
    Robber Clowns
  • Beet Wolves
    Cosmic Pendejos
    Ranking System
    Pea-Brained Hoplites
    Wonderpunk South
    Mythic Jersey
    Saxophone Dreams
  • Oh, great, this thread is a blast (from the past) ; but that's a delight to scroll up and down between ideas.
    Monster Chefs
    incidentally, it's close from an idea I had a few months ago.
    Maybe the best incentive to dive into and start writing the game.
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    All of the following are at least design notes on my HD.

    Reluctantly elected
    Cold cases
    Former survivors
    Faith sellers

  • Vampire Dairy
    Cenobite Laundry
    Piss Take
  • Vampire Dairy
    LOL. Using the World of Milkness system, for sure.

  • Vampire Dairy
    LOL. Using the World of Milkness system, for sure.

    Indeed. Or perhaps a hack of Lactose World for a more contemporary feel.

  • You might try using Sorcerer with the Dictionary of Moo supplement.
  • Gay superheroes.
  • Bloody hell.
  • Uncertain parenthood

  • Texas Legislature
  • Dewey Decibels
    Relic Supply
    Interlibrary Missiles
    Overdue Fireballs
    Grimoire Preservation
  • Giant Penguin (created while goofing around with the Channel A cards, the story of a geeky GM and his harem of lovely gamer girls.)
  • Anime Insanity
    Heartwarming Magic

    Working on:
    Magical Retail
    Magical Angst
    Shiny Rocketships
    Ordinary Schoolgirls
    Dreaming Otaku
  • Monster Manuel
  • You might try using Sorcerer with the Dictionary of Moo supplement.
    It is too late. You have gone too far.

  • Positive side-effects
    Orbital Shadow
    Precision literature
    Sexual poetry
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  • Eros | Thanathos
    Love. Robot
    Ninja | Ronin
    Red Dragon

    These four games I already working with my friends or alone. (Fire & Festim have the '&' so can't appear in this topic).

    Another ideas:
    Dystopic Otimism
    Cyberdogs Assault
    Cloud, Sword
  • Delusional Companions
    Superdeep Borehole
    Premature Beatification
    Nobel Failures
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    Soviet Space
    Forced Immortality
    Orphan Royalty
    Underground Historian
    Behind You!
    Look Down!
    Beatnik Dungeoneers
    Frightening Lights
    Faceless Neighbours
    Dragon Fodder
  • The Ennui of Immortality
  • Dudgeon World
    Unprofessional Exterminators
    Moose Guard

  • Behind You!
    Look Down!
    A wonderful pair of horror games. I think Look Down! is exactly the soul-annihilating-game-of-existential-dread-whose-central-premise-is-a-Wile-E.-Coyote-pratfall that I've been looking for.

  • Intergalactic Truckstop

    Marooned Sailors

    Apocalypse Archivists

    Office Nightmare

    Pyramid Architect

    Toddler Politics
  • Unprofessional Exterminators
    All kidding aside, this would work really well using the INSPECTRES rules.

  • After seeing Pacific Rim:

    Kaiju C-Sections
    Boat Swords
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