• Can you do more than drop a link? Tell us about the game and what inspired it!
  • I saw the title Midnight Vigil somewhere and I just started writing. I thought a group of PCs sitting around talking about a dead comrade could make for an interesting exercise. As soon as I starting writing it, the ideas sort of came out that it could be done from different points of view and the players would wear many hats.

    I don't know. Talking about the process isn't my bailiwick.

    It's a free PDF, so feel free to download or ignore. I won't take it personally.
  • I thought a group of PCs sitting around talking about a dead comrade could make for an interesting exercise. /.../ 6 pages (from the homepage)
    This sold it to me! My internet connection is rather slow, so it will take a while before I can have a look at it.
  • cool. tell me how it turns out.
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    I liked the layout of the text elements and in also how you used white space. It's not even six pages. It's more like two. :) That made me all the more positive.

    There are two things that I liked best with your game. The first is the easy way that you implement thoughts in the participants' minds for each round by giving incitements of what each scene should be about in that particular round.

    The second is that you reconnect to the first round in the last one, otherwise it would feel like stacking one thing after another with no more connection than it happens to be about the same (late) person. The lack of connections to previous story elements can make the story non-fruitful, but the last round can be about how the persons' perspective in the first round have changed. One person can have kind words at first and then say as a final word how she hated the guy, or another could forgive that person. People that have a feel for the narrative will probably do that, but I would've probably liked the game to strive for those kinds of moments.

    When you first told about your game, I thought it was more going to be a conversation than a memorial speech. I was curious to know how you would make the topic mutate, as it normally does in normal conversations, by letting the participants reveal new information. It would be nice to have a player goal with more oomph than just telling a memorial speech so it would be easier to understand why we're doing the first rounds. It wasn't until the last round I could feel a hint of a twist, like in kishotenketsu.
  • thanks for the kind words

    interesting POV

    i'll have to think on the player goals. maybe just a keyword/oracle thing? hmmm

    did you check out wounded? you might like that one too.
  • as for "striving" i think humans have a knack for closing loops in stories without too much urging...

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