seattle eastside: help me gather to playtest my game

Well. More like five games. But still. I've got stuff I need to test. :)


  • Are you a member of ? They seem to have excellent taste in games, perhaps you can find playtesters there.
  • I know Jim knows about story games seattle, but does he know about the playtest events they hold about once a month?

    Jim, are you making it to Gamestorm? It's a fecund playground of testing. Otherwise, let's organize a trip for you to Olympia and we'll playtest your stuff.
  • In addition to gathering a group on the eastside, I will reiterate what other folks have said about the upcoming convention season in the PacNW being great for playtesting, including Gamestorm, Fabricated Realities, and GoPlayNW.
  • yeah. those are all great platforms. and yes i'll be at gamestorm. but that's a long gap between playtests. and i have many irons in the fire. right now, gaming once every two weeks is killing me.
  • It's hard to get to the east side, but I'm happy to help playtest on this side of the water...
  • tell me when and where and i can come to you have a regular group?
  • I do have a regular group, but it's full. I'm semi-regular with Story Games Seattle, but am willing to start something new. Anyone else willing to meet Jim and I for some story game playtesting?
  • feel free to e-mail me

    postworldgames gmail

    i'm not on here everyday
  • i created a facebook group for eastside gamers to gather and chat and maybe show up for some of our meetups.
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