Once more into the IRC, dear friends?

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Recently diving back into Linux which pretty much necessitates diving back into IRC. Thought it might be fun to chat it up with you lot on occasion. I found a couple of posts about IRC on here (this one and this one), but both are pretty old and the channels they reference seem to be rather dead. That should tell me that it's particularly foolish to try and start another one... but then again it takes zero effort to camp out in an empty channel.

I made a channel called #storygames on SynIRC (irc.synirc.net). If people start stopping by I'll register it. If not... well, we'll continue chatting asynchronously.


  • Why not? I've never actually IRC'ed, but I've set up Chatzilla and joined the channel. Don't know what I'm doing, but I'm sorta there.
  • Thought I'd try bumping this just once more, just in case people were sleepy/gaming this weekend.
  • I joined, although I don't know how compatible our time zones will be...but then, I'm a night owl anyway.
  • I've been by a few times.
  • FYI: lurking in the chat room is a time-honored IRC practice. I kinda picked a bad weekend to start it (I was away), but it's easy enough to keep a chat client or a browser window with Mibbit open and just glance at it now and again (assuming it won't be too distracting for you).
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