Sinister and Strange Occult Relics (and the cuilts and witches who have them)

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Okay, look, I appreciate that you're all willing to help, but there's a HUGE amount of sinister and strange occult relics in the hands of satanists, witches, warlocks, and weird cultists. We're not talking about Aunt Jenny's lucky spool of thread which she only brings out when sewing wedding veils for the family; whatever monstrous forces are tied up in that are not going to be called out by her little foot-pump Singer even if it stabs her a hundred times in the hand.

We're talking about all kinds of weird and ominous occult relics - some with major effects, some with minor, but all in the hands of people, if you can call witches "people" anymore, who have real knowledge of what they are and what they're for.

Now we would love to grab these things but occult repo ain't like boosting a car for a bank. We need intel, and that's where you come in.

In this thread, post:

* strange/mysterious items - they might be mouldering old books from the beginning of time or they might be some weird 1980s government project that they thought didn't work.

* what witch, warlock, cultist or satanist has the item and what they want it for.

If you get intel on one but not the other, help out the other people in the thread.

If someone mentions a witch they've been spying on, tell them what type of occult relic they have so they know what they're dealing with.

If someone's been tracking an occult item or some kind and loses track of where it is, tell them what cult has got their hands on it and why.

Here's one I found stuck to a bulletin board in Copenhagen even though it actually applies to a situation in my city:

There's a convenience store that used to be, I don't know, something else, and at a particular time on a particular night if you go into the back room and use a dime that was minted in a year OTHER than the year you were born, and dial a phone number, you will hear what happened in the room where that phone number was on the day you went into the store, at the time you called minus twelve hours (so, the daytime), in the year on the dime. If you have a dime that is from the year you were'll hear something else.

It's the payphone that has that strange mechanism in it, the one they got off the bottom of the ocean all those years ago. The dimes are the punch cards for it, so to speak, but what actually makes the thing run, what gives it its juice...that I don't know yet. Nobody's been able to see any sacrifices taking place around the place...

And I don't know who owns the convenience store or why they let these rumors get around - maybe they want people to use the phone for some reason.

Anyone hear anything about this, or about their own weird items/relics?


  • As far as I'm concerned, the American government has been doing a pretty good job in this regard already. Thanks to their publicity laws regarding federal paperwork and public domain, all of the secret ops, eldritch artifacts, unpatriotic witches, and what has been learned about them are available for all to see and study for free.
  • Man, we ain't gonna take on the government....though figuring out what cult or witch had each of those things before the MIBs got a hold of it seems like a good exercise.
  • So, here's what I've picked up about that payphone thing. The convenience store is owned (on paper) by Moishe Yamagata, but he's backed by a shadowy cabal of sorcerers that goes by the original name of "The Shadowy Cabal of Sorcerers." Apparently a ritual was cast at some point since the invention of the telephone that they REALLY want to get a copy of, but they have no idea when, where, or by whom. They've set up the payphone thing as a sort of "Mechanical Turk" - they're hoping that someone will eventually dial the right number on the right date with the right dime, so the cabal doesn't have to do something really extreme like research.

    Oh, and the birth year thing is a glitch. A VERY BAD glitch. Do not do it. If you'd seen what happened to Alice you wouldn't question me.

    I could use some help, too. There's this group that meets in the basement of the Unitarian Church down the street once a month on the full moon. They have some hippie granola name like "Moonstarcraftcircle" or something, but it's clear that they're much more than they seem. I'm pretty sure I saw one of them get hit by a car (no, I wasn't drinking, although I may have been driving) and get up without a scratch. Any thoughts?
  • It's the coins they carry. There's 12, all of silver, one for each disciple that Satan was going to assassinate. So long as they carry them they can't be hurt by accident or malice. Disease, old age, that stuff still works, but they went to the ends of the earth to get this stuff, so they must have some seriously homicidal enemies.

    Nice catch. So what do you do about a witch like Maria? All the good Christian boys secretly want to bag her and one swears that he caught her in a moment of vulnerability and she seems really lonely. Incubi are nice I guess, but she wants a real boy. And she's pretty normal in what she wants him to be, more or less. But what she's doing? The item she's doing it with? We haven't been able to figure that yet.
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    We thought there were 12 silver coins. Turns out there's 18 more. And they did their job thoroughly about 2000 years ago. God knows what they could do if they were all collected again (but He ain't telling). They're about the size of a dime, too. Don't know what number ya have to dial on that pay phone but I'm pretty sure the area code is 666.
    As for Maria - I'll give Ron Jeremy a call. Owes us one for his "career".
    Got bigger problems, though. Tha'Rool's Book has surfaced again. Translated from Akkadian Empire cylinders, it detailed "The Curse of Akkad" and then the Empire fell. Thought to have been linked to the Minoan volcano eruption. Later turned up as tablets translated (in a hat,no less) by Joseph Smith. Possible source for "Mein Kampf",the play "The King in Yellow", and the fictional "Necronomicon". No-one translates the damn thing the same way; makes it hard to track until the damage is done. Now some bone-head has put it on the internet in PDF format; as a fucking role-playing game! Fortunately it's an Indie story game, so almost no-one has heard of it... yet. Recommend we award it various Indie awards so that no-one will look at it.
  • Well, that's the point, look for the target. Since it's being released in America, it's got to be an occult terror organization dedicated to bringing down America. Interesting chatter from the Loyalists lately, I'm going to guess George III's maddest imagining is still having consequences. Watch the skies in Philadelphia.
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    I found out about this group when I was looking through my uncle's old rolodex. I'm not a pro like you guys, but I think I have some important information, and everyone else thinks I'm crazy, so here goes . . .

    I live in Pyrite Colorado, and there is this historic opera house near my house that was actually pretty famous around the turn of the century. A lot of names you've heard of performed there or saw shows. John Philip Sousa, Theodore Roosevelt, the Emperor and Empress of Japan, &c. Anyway, in 1936, it was abruptly closed down after an unexplained fire in the dancers' dormitory killed 12 girls. That same year, there were several other murders that were never solved. After the fire, the murders stopped. Anyway, in the last year, there have been 3 murders which were very similar to the ones in in the 30s. Pyrite is a little mountain town; there are only about 1800 people -- 3 murders in a year is insane.

    The opera house opened up again in the early 70s as a local tourist attraction, but it's obviously not the international draw it once was. I was in there the other day with my girlfriend, and I saw an old picture on the wall of those dancers who were killed. Except there were 13 girls in the picture not 12. I did some research, and the 13th girl was named Lucy Bernard. She evidently wasn't killed in the fire, but there is no record of what happened to her. In the picture, she was wearing a pendant with a symbol I didn't recognize.

    Here's the weird part -- the other day, I saw a local girl named Annie Circle wearing the SAME pendant. Annie Circle and her family moved to Pyrite right around the time the murders started. Could Annie Circle be a witch? Is that pendant important? Is she related to Lucy Bernard in some way? I thought you guys might know something I don't.
  • But what she's doing? The item she's doing it with? We haven't been able to figure that yet.
    Parker Brothers invented the Ouija board; Milton Bradley invented "Mystery Date." And just like the Ouija board, before the game went into mass production, there was an actual honest-to-Satan prototype that really worked.

    At terrible cost, of course -- let's just say that while it was awfully nice when your mystery date turned out to be a dream, you really, really, truly did not want to end up with a dud. At least, not if you liked your family, your pets, your limbs, and in at least one terrible incident during early testing in 1961, your local 12-mile radius.

    If this "Maria" has the original hand-crafted prototype that's rumored to have been circulating through thrift stores and yard sales (and estate sales...oh god, so many estate sales), that's bad news. I just hope that she's only playing it alone, because at least that way its powers are limited at best; it is intended for 2-4 players, and no one wants to see how that competition might end.
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    Thanks, @JDCorley, for creating this secure page. I'm in a bit of a sticky situation myself, and I will owe a life debt for any coordination or assistance anyone can provide.

    I have a good relationship with an antiques dealer in my city, one who knows my interests as a collector and who can normally be counted on to be discreet. About fifteen months ago, she managed to get her hands on a high priority artifact of interest. It's now in my possession in one of my hiding spots.

    The item is a rectangular mirror, measuring 37" wide by 29" tall. The image it reflects is dark for objects more than two feet away, and objects more than six feet away are shrouded in total darkness, no matter how well lit the room is. Objects nearer than two feet are reflected as if lit by a white light from above---again, irrespective of the illumination of the room it's reflecting. The mirror is set in an ebony frame 4 1/2" wide, rising about 3/4" above the surface of the mirror. The top part of the frame is inscribed with Aramaic in classical letters, and translated, it reads, "You, too, have been wronged by the jealous hand." The bottom is inscribed in the same language, "They who have been held in darkness yet shall return."

    I inspected the item only long enough to confirm that it matches the description of the Davmahzit Mité, the notorious "mirror of the dead" attested by the early demonologist and heresiographer Hilary the Armenian. According to Hilary, a degenerate circle of diabolists and pseudo-Gnostics operated in Latakia in the 3rd century. They crafted a mirror which allowed their initiates to speak to dead loved ones. Some reported what they saw in the mirror: images of their lost loved ones, whispering cruel and disgusting things to them. These apparitions would also reveal blasphemous mysteries and horrid secrets. Most initiates killed themselves within their first few months of involvement with the cult. Those who endured the moral toll would become priests and proselytes to the cult. Hilary reports that the Christians of the city rioted in 290 AD and scattered the cult for good, but the mirror was lost.

    Of course, according to Hilary, the apparitions are not actually dead loved ones, but rather demons assuming their likeness for the purpose of misleading people, promoting idolatry, and sowing despair and horror. I have not experimented with the mirror any more than to confirm the optic effects I described above. I haven't tried to conjure the dead with it, and I'm keeping it covered in a location away from my house.

    Since I acquired the mirror, I've been getting email requests from a would-be seller calling himself Peter Dafoy. I've been able to confirm that "Peter Dafoy" is a pseudonym for the warlock whose craft name is Arcesilaus, but I haven't been able to learn more about him. I don't know how he might have learned that I have the mirror, unless my dealer friend had some sort of lapse of discretion, which as I indicated would be out of character for her. In any event, I've been able to stall "Peter Dafoy" so far, but it's only a matter of time before I've tested his patience to the limit and he finds other means of getting at the mirror.

    If any of you have any suggestions or can offer any assistance, it might save my life.
  • Okay. A couple of things based on my research, personal experience and the insights granted to me by the mummified finger of St. Dismas I wear in a pouch around my neck:

    1. Do NOT break the mirror or allow it to be broken.

    2. Do NOT mess with Arcesilaus. Also, don't let him have the mirror, whatever he's calling himself these days. He borrowed $50 from me 20 years ago, and still hasn't paid me back.

    3. If you do find yourself dealing with or against Arcesilaus, your best approach is to offer to play him for it - some sort of game of chance. He's been having a string of bad luck with cards and dice for about 20 years.

    4. Do NOT break the mirror. Seriously. Worse comes to worst, put it in an airtight case and sink it into a deep part of the ocean.
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    The bottom is inscribed in the same language, "They who have been held in darkness yet shall return."
    I don't know if this helps much, but that same line has been showing up more than a few times in the poems written by the inmates at the Windsor Psychiatric Institute (a very progressive institution, and well-funded, too...even after that notorious series of tell-all articles last year).

    WPI has a strict no-mirrors policy in its secure ward, too. Hm. Might be worth making a few inquiries there.

    Anyway, you might also try looking into the legends of the Black Ship of Carthage, mentioned briefly by Lucius Marcius Censorius in his correspondence during the Third Punic War; the original manuscript is still held by a private collector, but there are a few different translations of it in circulation among the usual suspects. There are superficial similarities to the mirror you describe...ebony wood, the lighting effects, the revelation of horrible secrets. If the similarities run deeper than that, you might want to invest in some salt. If it works, it'll definitely reduce the resale value of the piece, but you might be a lot happier in the long run. I'm just sayin'.

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    There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be blunt:

    My sources at the FBI have been keeping me informed on the QT about "interesting" cases, so I know that someone in or around Oklahoma has been collecting the blood of virgins and sacrificing black goats on the nights of the new moon.

    I can only assume that this means the golden pen of Mme. Dupont has been re-discovered.

    So, a few words of warning to whoever is currently in possession of it:

    - Just because a dead person is writing it, doesn't mean it's the right dead person. A forgery by a ghost is still a forgery, and in most cases, these aren't even good forgeries. Knowledgable collectors are still laughing about that whole "new Hemingway collection." There are ways to confirm an author's identity! Be smart and use them before you try to sell anything the pen writes!

    - Be aware that at least two major cult organizations on the FBI's Omega List have been making serious efforts to acquire any and all of the objects stolen from the Carnegie collection in 1953; getting the pen would be a major coup for either of them, and -- if their prophecies are correct -- seriously bad news for the rest of us. I mean, I don't know if there's really a way to let the author "enter fully-fleshed into the world and thereby end it," but let's not find out, okay? Ward yourself, or learn to ward yourself!

    - If you are ever mentioned by name in the text that the pen is currently writing, stop immediately, any way you possibly can. Cut off your hand if you have to. NOT JOKING EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

    On an unrelated note, my pals in Stockholm say that they've made good progress with that bluish-purple crystal array they dug up in Malawi ten years ago, and are now getting solid electromagnetic readings from it, and, I quote, "some translocation effects." They think full activation is going to require the assistance of "a starchild," but no one they've talked to knows what that means. An alien? A fallen angel? Any thoughts?
  • Someone told me the damn Branhope Anthology has resurfaced, again, who has the blasted thing and how come it can't be destroyed by burning?

    As for the blue-purple array, your pals are going to have to summon a demon since angels aren't answering their phones anymore. Their dumb transhuman teleportation-across-the-galaxy plan is stupid; nobody is worse than occult survivalists.
  • Are these the run of the mill occult survivalists or the survival-across-different-incarnations survivalists? Because there's something to the different incarnations / reincarnation thing, as anyone reading this thread already knows. If they've got the smoky double-terminated quartz crystals, they're possibly legit, but if it's rutilated with multiple points, it's possible they've got ahold of Atlantean crystals. In that case, the memories are quite real, but it's not their memories -- the previous incarnation imprinted the memories on the crystals so that the virtual personalities could gradually take over any idiot who spent too much time meditating on them, especially if they're trying to awaken inner power / potential. The brain wave pattern for that is particularly susceptible to being rewritten.
  • Maybe they're trying to rewrite that demon. A lot easier to deal with if they think they're an Atlantean survivor.
  • Someone told me the damn Branhope Anthology has resurfaced, again, who has the blasted thing and how come it can't be destroyed by burning?
    Wait, that's not a hoax? I thought Branhope was a front for that cabal of racist sorcerors from South America, just an efficient way to separate the power-hungry from their bank accounts. I swear, you could fill a bus terminal with all the witless proto-dictators and lich-wanna-bes who were 100% convinced that they had an unabridged Branhope in their hot little hands.

    I always figured the burning thing was pure showmanship. Lead your suckers to page 112, let 'em follow the instructions and torch the book, then slip a new copy in their bookcase while they're still finishing out the ritual. It couldn't be for real...could it?

    ...oh, see, now I'M on the hook. Jesus. No fool like an old fool.

    Okay, look, if there IS a real Branhope Anthology (and I'M NOT SAYING THERE IS), you ought to see some of the usual marks on its owner. I'm talking lambent orange waves running through their aura, a bluish tinge under the fingernails, affinity with snakes, and disturbed earth around the parents' graves. That's not proof, I know, but it's a start. The major manifestations would be more of a direct giveaway, but I'm in the camp that says if you ever actually saw those things, it'd be waaaaaay too late to do anything about it.

    If the fire thing is true, it might just be that it's not actually made out of paper. Or out of anything, really: anyone else remember the rumors about the Lichtenstein Crucifix, circa 1973? Or Magra's Ascension (and her subsequent Escape) in '92? It might not be the same kind of focused planes of thought-energy hidden in plain sight, but it could very well be on the same order of phenomena, if you catch my drift. I wouldn't try any evocations or abjurations on it without proper containment, but feel free to dig your own grave there.
  • Umm. Listen. My fingernails are starting to turn blue and I keep catching snakes out of the corner of my eye (unusual in suburban DC). I just bought this thing as a prop for a roleplaying game - anyone want a near-mint copy of the Branhope Anthology? Please?
  • Who did you buy it from and why did they sell it to you?
  • I think I bought it at a small used book store near that big farmer's market downtown. The owner was an unusual fellow - quite short and broad across the shoulders, wearing a hat and sunglasses even indoors. When I brought the book up to the counter he said, "You have chosen one?" or possibly "You are the chosen one!" I never got his name.

    The whole thing's really strange, though - I went back to the market for some baby arugula last weekend, and the book store wasn't there. Actually, the entire block it was on wasn't there.
  • Sounds like you're fucked.

    Anyway, I heard that Black Bess is really pissed at one of the lesser witches across town. She wants to send her a gift that seems like a good thing - nobody could ever, ever say "that Black Bess, what a bitch" for sending this gift - but she definitely wants it to be a middle finger on some level. What is it that she's sending?
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    @WPTunes: what if you set up an LLC, sell the Branhope to the new entity, and then dissolve the entity? Wouldn't that divest you of the "owner" status that is causing your problems? That's just off the top of my head -- I'm no expert. You should probably talk to an attorney who specializes in occult transactions. I think you said you're in the DC area. I actually went to law school with a dude named Markus Cherub who lives in Virginia now. In his print ads, he calls himself the "Devils' Advocate." It's corny, I know, but it's a place to start. Also, if you can find that print ad, I think it includes a 15% off coupon for the first 13 hours of work. Good luck.
  • @AMBayard: You're a lifesaver, if not a SOULsaver. I called Markus and he's made some suggestions. He wants a Catalhöyük Conjuring Orb in payment before he'll finalize the documents, though. Anyone know where I can find one?
  • Ha! That's Markus for ya. What a character. Tell him hey for me.
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    She wants to send her a gift that seems like a good thing - nobody could ever, ever say "that Black Bess, what a bitch" for sending this gift - but she definitely wants it to be a middle finger on some level. What is it that she's sending?
    Funny story I heard a long time ago:

    So this guy was in a similar situation: he's a warlock of some weirdo flavor or another, got himself a pretty young apprentice, private sanctum, all the gewgaws and tchotchkes and whatever-those-things-are that you usually find when a witch or a warlock is nesting for a good long time, right? Except one day, his pretty young apprentice says, "Ciao, old man, I got a better gig over there," and takes up with a not-quite-rival in another city.

    Burns him right up, of course, which is the whole point, but he's gotta save face, so he smiles and acts like he couldn't care less. And then he sends a gift to show just how fine he is with the whole situation. Nice little iron-bound coffer, thrice-forged locks, black velvet lining, and nestled snug and warm inside is the Crimson Ruby of Tsaidam. The same one Nicholas Roerich's son George brought back from their Asian expedition back in '28, right? George just thought it was valuable, but anyone with a little know-how can tell that the thing positively stinks with power.

    This gift goes over like a dream. I mean, it's the only thing anyone wants to gossip about, how this warlock was all, "I wish you and my former apprentice all the best, here's a priceless object of unfathomable power as a housewarming gift."

    Here's what made it a classic fuck-you move, though: he knew that these assholes didn't have enough mojo on their own or enough hard-won wisdom to really understand how the Ruby worked. Giving it to them was like handing a fully-loaded howitzer to a toddler, and sticking candy in the barrel on top of that. So about a year later, the apprentice-stealing rival and the former apprentice are just hollowed out by this Ruby they've been mucking around with; for every ounce of power they've taken from it, it's taken back one and a half, right? I think they died or were murdered or maybe just withered away or something, there were a lot of conflicting stories, and the Ruby came right back to this warlock, fatter and happier, and he locked it right back up and just smiled whenever anyone asked about it again. Creepy little smile.

    Guy also saved spleens in jars for some reason. Like I said, weirdo. But he got a lot of respect out of that Ruby deal, no doubt about that.

    So to get back to your original question, here are a few things I heard changed hands in the past few months. Maybe one of them sounds like a thing this Black Bess lady might have sprung for:

    - a knockoff Spear of Longinus forged by a Bavarian witch in 1214, confers immortality and martial prowess along with a few hidden vulnerabilities and a seriously raging case of paranoid delusions
    - half a case of homebrewed ambrosia, great for wild parties or orgies or orgy-parties, as long as you've got the Olympian stamina to survive the hangover
    - two or three old school grimoires, tricky bastards if you don't have the antiecclesiastical Latin skills to do your own proper translations
    - some kind of demon-summoning ritual out of Micronesia, I don't even want to know what it calls up but I heard it was maybe the thing that did all that shit in Melbourne last year (which would explain why it sold so fast!)

    ...any one of those would be a wicked little trap for any of your worst enemies who think they know a little more than they actually do. Seriously, what is it with these wand-wavers that makes them turn everything into a goddamned poison pill, right?

    edit: haha, WOW, I guess there's a reason I steered clear of witch-clique politics. I just talked about this over lunch with a Black Nun friend of mine, and she laid the unholy ruler across my wrists HARD.

    Apparently witches have been playing this game since the pointy-hat and flying-cauldron days, and the thing to keep in mind is that it's basically like high school. The most important thing to know is what Black Bess's status is: if she's the big swinging dick in the coven, then she'll give a powerful gift that her rival can't handle. If she's the young up-and-comer, she might go with something that looks weak on the surface but has a nasty cumulative effect. But if she's the consigliere/power-behind-the-throne type, she'll opt out of doing direct harm in favor of getting an eyeball on what her rival is doing (maybe literally), so that she can get down to some serious plan-thwarting.

    And if they are ACTUALLY IN high school, then it's exactly the same, but all the harm is directed at the rival's boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • My sources at the FBI have been keeping me informed on the QT about "interesting" cases, so I know that someone in or around Oklahoma has been collecting the blood of virgins and sacrificing black goats on the nights of the new moon.
    Hey, hey! Don't look at me. I don't mess with blood magic.

    However, back in 2007 when they cracked open that time capsule in Tusla, I was able to recover the Eye of Mlar from the trunk of a rusted out 1957 Plymouth. No! I haven't looked at it, fortunately the bag had not rotted away. I'm sure he's still pissed and wants it back. However, if I ever needed to give someone a world of grief, I know I could drop that bad boy into someone's lunch box. One peek and ol' Mlar would have them for lunch. >:)

  • Anyway, I heard that Black Bess is really pissed at one of the lesser witches across town. She wants to send her a gift that seems like a good thing - nobody could ever, ever say "that Black Bess, what a bitch" for sending this gift - but she definitely wants it to be a middle finger on some level. What is it that she's sending?
    I think Bess is exactly the kind of person to pull the "give a gift the rival can't handle" trick while also being a big fan of irony. I mean, she's old as hell, but you'd think she learned all her curse ideas reading issues of the Golden Age Spectre, right? So if she wants to send a middle finger, she should send an actual middle finger.

    The middle finger of Pontius Pilate, that is. Oh, you think he was super happy with how that whole back and forth with the Sanhedrin went? You think he just washed his hands and walked away? Hell no, he flipped the bird to the whole lot of them. Those New Testament writers sure were prudish about the weirdest details.

    Anyway, he flips off the Sanhedrin, who then get egg all over their faces when an empty tomb sours their big play three days later. The touchier elements of the Sanhedrin regift Judas's thirty pieces of silver to the current Witch of Endor who throws a curse at Pilate's offending finger.

    Suddenly, Pilate gets a little fingernail fungus and his luck just goes straight south. More rebellions, more unrest, more angry finger shaking from Rome. His wife goes nuts from the nonstop stream of nightmares she starts having, all of which involve her violation via middle finger. That fungus spreads, turns to gangrene, starts to smell, and finally grows a small mouth that screams out obscenities in gutter Latin.

    He had to get rid of it, right? So he gives the talkative little bastard the chop. Lots of rumors after that. Pilate tries to burn it, but it just laughs at him. Nero gets it in his possession and goes crazier. It vanishes when Visigoth's sack Rome, but resurfaces in the hands of a whole bunch of evil bastards starting in the Middle Ages.

    So why is this such a hot gift? Word around the campfire is that the finger still talks and has gathered all kinds of occultic information over two thousand years. And it'll share every bit of it. The more eager you are, the faster it gives. Total novices have been known to immolate themselves or crumble to dust within a couple hours.
  • Hey, hey! Don't look at me. I don't mess with blood magic.
    Yeah, yeah. Everyone says that, but somehow all of their ritual knives still end up in the dishwasher the morning after the new moon.

    Nice catch on the Eye of Mlar, though. (I knew there was something to those rumors about the Tulsa district attorney back in '56!) Anyway, is it true that just being in possession of it grants some paranatural perception? Because I swear there's something off about the new weather girl on the Tulsa NBC affiliate, the one with those vintage librarian glasses, and I'd like to know if you see something there that ordinary human eyes can't.
  • Can't say for sure, I loaned my copy of Elgin Drew's Black Journal like an idiot and I haven't seen it since. I'm going to keep the Eye locked up until I get some proper protection. I doubt that mirror shades and a ski mask will cut it. I need at least a soul transference spell to throw Mlar off the scent just in case he's sends his hounds.
  • what if you set up an LLC, sell the Branhope to the new entity, and then dissolve the entity? Wouldn't that divest you of the "owner" status that is causing your problems?
    Is this like the shortcut with the stone with a hole in it? You know, a stone with a hole in the middle, caused by water wearing away at the stone? Supposed to give The Sight and all that? Only, some folks decided to speed the process by doing it artificially, rather than waiting for Mother Nature. Anyone know if that worked?
  • That's a great question. I heard a lot of conflicting rumors about it: yes it worked, no it didn't work, yes it worked but you see something different than you do with a natural stone, no it didn't work and some people know, basically the same array of random speculation from the punters you always get when a semi-high-profile experiment goes totally dark without explanation. But it's such a simple concept, you have to figure some of the neo-occult crafter folks have given it a whirl as a weekend HackCircle project, right? Anyone here ever actually go to their Invoker Fairs, or is it all just tumblr fodder at this point?

    In related news, I did get official word that the saurian lens replacement surgery is definitely going into phase 1 clinical trials in France next month, which is good news for fae-hunters. At least, it will be if their insurance will cover it. (And if blindness and "homicidal seizure episodes" are no longer common side effects.) I hear the Brotherhood of the Iron Hedge is betting big on this one, so best of luck to them.
  • So where do they get the lenses for the surgeries?
  • I think the ones for the clinical trial are mostly coming from Hollow Earth expeditions (yeah, I know, not actually hollow, but those caves go deep).

    It's not like the old days. There will always be some schmoes who think strapping on armor and doing battle in the lightless depths is a rollicking way to spend a weekend, but what tipped the balance and made this economically viable was the discovery that saurians are highly susceptible to chlorine-based toxins. There are two or three outfits making trips down there now, pumping nesting labyrinths full of gas and then going in with respirators to clean up the mess. Less danger, less fuss, less damage to the prizes.

    At least, that's how it'll be until the scalies figure out how to make gas masks. But that's a problem for tomorrow, right?
  • Listen, you are all awesome, but the thread going afield. I don't care about what YOU have, unless you're gonna tell me why you wanted it and what you're gonna do with it. "Get rid of it" is boring, don't tell me that. (And don't tell yourself that, you are not going to get rid of it.)
  • Does anyone know what happened with that pile of enchanted silk (the black silk, naturally) that vanished from the Vatican's secret vault?

    I know that the main use for it is to make clothing for ghosts to wear so that they can appear to be alive again, but I don't know who's got it and what dead person they plan on sewing an outfit for. I don't like not knowing: there's nothing worse than being surprised by the dead!
  • It's Roy Rebus - I don't know if I'd call anyone in league with Satan harmless, but he wants some concerts - Mozart, Elvis and so on. This is why he's looking for a graverobbing ring and the necromancer-for-hire is back in town. Although maybe rock and roll is the devil's music and we might start to see some of the problems we saw back when radio got really big.
  • Although maybe rock and roll is the devil's music and we might start to see some of the problems we saw back when radio got really big.
    Man, payola is a bitch once the phrase "in league with Satan" gets involved in the conversation. Amiright?

  • Ha! I haven't heard that phrase in a while. All the kids these days say he's just a venture capitalist, they need to read their contracts. It's the fine print that will get ya.
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