Game Chef 2013: May 17th-26th. Mark your calendars, sharpen your design brains.



  • I'm really happy with mine. Innovation is super-low, but it's actually a game I think I'd enjoy playing. I didn't get to playtest it before submission, but am looking forward to giving it a spin soon.

    Anyone who wants to take a look and isn't looking at the Game Chef submission page: here is Black Cavern. Note to Game Chef judges: this is the live Google doc, so it may not reflect the actual submitted version as I might update it.
  • @Shlo, what do you mean by "quickly improvised"? Because the french organizers were involved in planning this competition for at least a month prior to its launch!

    (Or maybe you meant that the competition was short, and designers were forced to quickly improvise an entry.)

  • I've submitted it and it's on the site now. I hope it's not a horrible mistake. My entry is The Flasher.
    If it was a horrible mistake, it's easily my favorite horrible mistake of Game Chef.

    (I'm going by the concept alone. I did skim the game text, but I haven't had a chance to read it all the way through yet.)
  • And now the start of me doing a short review of each game ... just because.

    If you don't want to be influenced by anyone else's opinion before you do your four, then please avoid but I'm doing them in order and in an effort to work on my french I'm going slowly through the french game chef games too.
  • I'm really happy with mine. Innovation is super-low, but it's actually a game I think I'd enjoy playing. I didn't get to playtest it before submission, but am looking forward to giving it a spin soon.

    Anyone who wants to take a look and isn't looking at the Game Chef submission page: here is Black Cavern. Note to Game Chef judges: this is the live Google doc, so it may not reflect the actual submitted version as I might update it.
    Well damn that's good.
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    Oh my, 92 games just in the english site! Would this year total game count rise to 600?
    Edit: 15 on the brasilian forum, 16 on the italian (wow, these guys already assigned the games for revision!), I can't find the russian site plus 32 french games... well 155 + X doesn't look bad at all anyway...
  • I am so happy about the turn-out this year.

    Watching the entries roll in last night was really fun. I haven't read many of the games, but I was reading the elevator pitches as each game showed up. Some common themes, but lots of diversity!

    I think that the icon route was a success! People saw the theme and several thought "heaven and hell," several thought "elevator," several thought "creepy predator," several thought "back and forth through time." The competition still felt coherent (to me), but the range of interpretation was really compelling.

  • Oh, 93 entries! It turns out that Dave M's (@DinDenver) entry was hiding in the spam folder. It happened to one other person as well. Next year I'll try to be more vigilant in checking the gosh darn spam.
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    Review Assignments Are Live!

    You can go here to see the instructions for peer-review and finalist-recommendation. Everyone has until June 5th to complete their peer review assignments.

    Have fun exploring the work of your fellow chefs!

    ETA: EEp! A double-post was in there. Removed now. If you checked your assignments, please re-check.
  • ::sigh:: Didn't make the finish line, but came up with a really interesting skeleton of an idea that I hope to exploit later. Just needed more time for the seeds to germinate.
  • WPTunes,

    The cool thing is that those ingredients are yours now. You can make anything you want with them. Since the competition is closed, you don't need to worry about word counts or deadlines. You are free, liberated, gifted.
  • Oh my gosh, so much fun. It was super last minute for me in some ways, and I did the "can't remember how to interface with this damn wordpress thing" for a few too many minutes, but overall - amazing. Thank you, everyone!
  • The trick with the wordpress comment posting (for most people) is that comments are held for moderation, to prevent spam. I definitely deleted a lot of duplicate and triplicate posts from the queue.
  • And sometimes you get spam flagged. ^_^
  • Yeah, I'm going to be so much more vigilant about that next year!
  • In 'Do the Work', Steven Pressfield talks about the importance of suspending self-judgment when you're creating:
    My friend Paul is writing a cop novel. He's never written anything so ambition--and he's terrified. "The story is coming out dark," he says. "I mean twisted, weird-dark. So dark it's scaring me."

    Paul wants to know if he should throttle back. He's worried that the book will come out so evil, not even Darth Vader will want to touch it.

    Answer: No way.

    The darker the better, if that's how it's coming to him.

    Suspending self-judgment doesn't just mean blowing off the "You suck" voice in our heads. It also means liberating ourselves from conventional expectations--from what we thing our work "ought" to be or "should" look like.
    Definitely! When you're in the throes of getting that thing out, just let it come. However, Pressfield does talk about how there is a phase for looking back at what you've done and putting your critical hat on.
  • is there a public place to post our reviews?
  • Ross, each reviewer has a different listed method of contact.

    This year there's no big review pile to throw your reviews atop. But you're welcome to post your reviews publicly! Some possibilities: start a Praxis thread & invite people to post their reviews to it, start a Story Games thread doing the same, post them to G+, post them to a blog.
  • ok, thanks. as a data point, I really liked having a place I could go and read all the reviews.
  • Thanks for letting me know. I think next year we'll do the review thing differently, and the website will be better set up to handle.
  • That's a shame, I liked the game posting with the reviews under it format.
  • Alas. Like I suggested to Ross, you can totally start a Praxis thread, or submit your reviews under the Reviewing game chef page, or whatever you'd like!
  • For those entries who have not provided the means to give feedback, Is there anything specific to do for them?
  • is it possible to edit my post? I didn't include a proper hyperlink (you have to copy/paste) and I want to change my feedback to a praxis thread link
  • artexercise, which entries? You have an entry that doesn't list contact info in their submission comment OR in their actual game document?

    Ross, whisper me here and I'll edit your post.
  • My submission is in, my reviews are written and sent, and now I have a choice to make about nominating a game. This got me thinking, I should also get 4 reviews for my game. It would be cool if I could nominate the person that gave me the best/most useful feedback and then those names get tabulated to give an award or honor roll mention to the folks who give good reviews/feedback.
  • That's a great idea, Marshall.
  • Marshall,

    That's a totally cool idea. I'd love to set that up for next year. We'd need to figure out a way to set that up that didn't add layers of confusion into the whole process - it's already pretty complicated (submit a game, review four games, nominate one game, finalists get judged by a panel of organizers, winners get translated for the international round, grand winner gets localized for all participating languages).
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    Aargh, Marshall, I wish I'd thought of that before the contest!

    I always put a lot of thought and effort into my reviews. I have no idea if they actually help, but I do my best. Alas, most reviews I've received have seemed rather quick. So highlighting and rewarding the reviewing would make me very happy.

    Maybe we can set up some optional Google Spreadsheet or something. Joe, any opinions on that?
  • David,

    My personal involvement in such an endeavor will start next year at the earliest. I'd like to institute a couple "trophies" that people can be nominated for, like Best Reviewer, Best Forum Poster, and Weirdest Twist Mechanic. Or whatever.

    You're invited to do neat things. I don't own a pair of iron gauntlets or gloves, and I wouldn't try to rule with them even if they were in my possession. So by all means, follow your heart!
  • I've just noticed that TheBoyd, author of The Spy (Game 10) didn't leave a method for me to contact him. I'm working on the review of his game right now and would love to get in contact. Whisper me (or whisper Joe / Mcdaldno and ask him to edit your submission post so it has your contact details?)
  • The Spy by TheBoyd is one of my assigned to review as well. Contact information is missing in both the submission statement and the body of the document.
  • Here's what to do: create a Praxis thread to review TheBoyd's game. I notice that they've got a Tumblr. When the thread has been created I'll send them the link via Tumblr's Ask Me Anything.
  • Joe, right on. Just didn't want to be providing a distraction or confusion. I've created a Google spreadsheet. I'll mention it here, on Praxis, and in a comment on the Game Chef reviewing page. If you feel like mentioning it somewhere, cool; if not, no sweat.
  • Game Chef 2013 best Reviews

    This link goes to a spreadsheet where GC2013 participants can express their appreciation for good reviews!

    I've instructed chefs to vote for only the most helpful review they received. This is just to avoid the situation where (a) someone feels bad about being the only reviewer a given chef did not vote for, or (b) a chef votes for everyone in order to avoid that.

    That said, I'd advise chefs to be somewhat flexible about this. If you received two fantastic reviews and can't pick one over the other, vote for both. If you didn't receive anything helpful, don't vote for anyone.

    A "vote" is actually a simple tally mark next to a reviewer's name. The more tally marks you get, the more people particularly dug your reviews.

    The purpose of this is mainly to show some appreciation for helpful reviewing. I think it's a big part of Game Chef, and deserves some love.
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