AGON... now in French !

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In a couple of weeks, the french translation of John Harper's Agôn will hit the store shelves.

Brought to you by Udo Prod ( and published by La Boîte à Heuhh ( a small press company which has already released french translations for Apocalypse World, Perfect Unrevised, Remember Tomorrow, My Life With Master...

This french version includes John's original text (adding clarifications and suggestions from the FAQ) plus 12 pre-generated characters and two original full-length adventures in which heroes will be caught between Zeus and Hera's quarrel or brandish the angry arm of Hephaistos' wrath.

For those of you who would like to practice their French or have a look at the beautiful layouts revamped from John's original work, you can download sample pages here:

Hail to the intrepid heroes who are about to enter the agôn, and compete for gods favours and eternal glory !


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