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In this week's episode of The Jank Cast, I make an official announcement that I'm working on a revision of The Mountain Witch.

That'll be news to some people but not to others, since I've actually been talking about it for awhile. Originally I was hoping to have it finished by the summer, but that didn't happen, so now I'm aiming for the end of the year. At that point I'll do a Kickstarter to help pay for printing and such.

The revision is mostly a re-write of the text. I always thought the final chapter on "Playing the Game" was underdeveloped, so that section is getting a major updating. Beyond that I'm trying to simplify the structure of the book and incorporate clearer language that I've developed over the years of answering questions. I'm including a number of optional rules that other people have suggested, but the only actual mechanical change I'm making is with the way that Duels work (they're now more deadly).

I've grown wary of making announcements like this, because life has a way of messing up your plans, but here's to the increased accountability of knowing that people are waiting on me!


  • I was just talking to several people at Big Bad Con this past weekend about The Mountain Witch, and how it helped me to drive really interesting play at the table.

    Two of my most amazing con one-shots have been using TMW to play a Dirty Dozen-type WW2 stealth action game, and an Apocalpyse Now-type traveling up the river into Cambodia.

    Focus, treachery, creativity, intensity.

    Can't wait to watch the new edition take shape!
  • As the unofficial #1 advocate of TMW in Italy, I'm pleased.
  • The Mountain Witch was the game that had the most powerful single effect at my table .A long-time D&D player suddenly clicked that there was a totally different way to approach gaming that he enjoyed and could do. He still talks about it, what, 4, 5 years on? Great game.
  • Probably the best 3-session game ever written.
  • Wonderful news.
  • Hear, hear! Glad you are working on it, Tim. It's a great game. A real classic.
  • This news makes me very happy.
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    Way cool!

    Duels more deadly? Last time I played I think I died in a duel.
  • Even though rolling those hidden dice have a certain visceral excitement, mathematically duels actually have a greater chance of generating a low (aka, non-lethal) success. Often duels have to go a few rounds before someone deals a killing blow, which can be anti-climatic.

    The new rule states that when dueling, a (N)PC is killed on a regular success and permanently wounded on a partial.
  • The new rule states that when dueling, a (N)PC is killed on a regular success and permanently wounded on a partial.
    Elegant. You're essentially introducing a second mode of stakes calibration: the ordinary stakes currency values permanent putdowns quite high, but when characters switch on the dueling gear (which has to be consensual), the currency of success is redefined in relation to the fiction. This probably ignores the importance of the NPC, too - in the dueling mode everybody is equal.
  • Cool. I even wrote the fishing trick as GM advice into TBZ, and credited The Mountain Witch in the reference section. I was kinda sad to tell people to reference a game no longer in print. Good to hear!

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    Aw yisss. Although I've not yet gotten to play it, a lot of the advice in The Mountain Witch has helped me a lot. Fish fish fish.

    PS You wrote a really good title; as it caught my eye my first thought was "SOMETHING COOL RELATED TO THE MOUNTAIN WITCH IS HAPPENING!" :D
  • I'm excited!

    But I'm currently reading the original version of the text for the first time.

    ...should I stop?
  • No need, Paul; the rules changes will be minimal, and the game is entirely relevant in the first edition, too.
  • I'll sharpen my katana :D
  • When (not if!) this gets to print, I am so buying another copy. <3 the Mountain Witch.
  • ...and I'm so jealous of your first copy, framweard!
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    I want to back your Kickstarter!
  • I'm excited!

    But I'm currently reading the original version of the text for the first time.

    ...should I stop?
    I have it. Maybe we could play it.

  • I think we should!
  • too! :D
  • So, it's been a while since your last annuoncement, Tim.
    Any news about the revision?
  • Agreed. When can I pledge large amounts of money to support this?
  • There’s another ronin here.
  • He's still working on it! (I was literally just talking to Tim about it earlier today)

    Some of those "unexpected life things" happened, so no specific due date at this time, as far as I know.
  • Another year (and more) has passed. Any news on this?
  • Mmmm... Mountain Witch...
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