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Brutal game of ViewScream last night. Keith was covered in sores, screaming in agony; Kira grinned at everyone's pain, and cheerfully admitted to cold-blooded murder; and Linda freaked out, suddenly realizing that she was a human ("Look at this hair! I have hair! What's happened to me?"). One person made it to the airlock, and the rest died as the hull of the damaged starship collapsed and crushed them all.


  • Rock rock on!
  • Our OOC chatter:

    Kristen: We were comparing cupcakes to carrots.

    Me: They're nothing alike.

    Kristen: It was a very short conversation.

    Kerberos Fate IC chatter:

    Reginald decided to escort his fiance, the impulsive 9-inch clockwork fairy Sophronia, home to make sure she wouldn't get into trouble.

    Kristen (who plays Sophronia): Are you going to say that out loud?

    Reginald (choosing his words with great care): You need... Someone has to be there to protect you from happening to other people.

    The evening's activity was a ball. The players asked me who was holding it, something that isn't usually asked (maybe I'm usually better about specifying), so I decided it was held at the home of the woman they currently most dislike, Edwina Campion.

    Reginald attended as Gregory, aka Lord Sage, aka the person Reginald is now stuck pretending to be (albeit with the support of Gregory's parents and his own), as the real Gregory has no intention of returning from his new home in Africa.

    Victor: I know you are the loyal servant, but I don't think Gregory is a very good person.

    Reginald: Gregory is a very good person who got a little bit confused. With my help.

    Alice's fiance, Lord Mace, was working on mending his reputation (which merely means his wild parties will have to be a tad more discreet), and folks speculated about a bachelor party (or equivalent) where Alice attended in her male disguise (which Lord Mace knows all about).

    Meanwhile, Reginald / Gregory told Gregory's brother, the not-in-the-loop-about-the-substitution Archibald, about getting engaged to Sophronia. Archibald asked if their mother knew. And their father. And grandfather. And Aunt Rosemary. Once Reginald confirmed all of this, Archibald announced his brother's engagement.

    Sophronia realized with horror that Edwina Campion would have to be invited. After all, the engagement had been announced at her ball.

    Sophronia: I thought it was only christenings to which I had to invite everyone.
  • I ran the Golden Sky Stories demo last night (as part of a "they think they're people" doubleheader that started with a game of Animal Crime). Toki was a big shaggy dog full of love for everyone in the world. Kuma was the coolest cat of the night (literally) when he got Officer Kawamura to shake his hand and used his Fuzzy magic to get him to unclench and enjoy the country life, and Hoshi the fox talked him into giving Kenta back his ball and playing soccer with them the next morning. Kuma's brother Kuro used Cat Paths to bring the whole town to watch and cheer the three-on-three game, in what was clearly the rousing feel-good montage ending. Fun times!
  • In our BW game, Alexander's sorcerer's apprentice helped another apprentice escape an abusive situation by giving sorcerous aid for the spell that would allow him turn into a raven and fly away.
  • Met last night for character generation for an Apocalypse World game over G+ Hangout that's taking place in the same setting as our play-by-forum game, called Junk World, which is a crashed colony ship on an alien world that has become a dumping ground for our solar system's refuse.

    During discussion about how to overlap each game's fiction without puncturing canon (ha), the group decided that they recently found a nearly intact advanced starship and are working to repair it. We've got a hoarder (the ship is the hoard), an operator (who is working "for" the hoarder aka for the ship) and a gunlugger (because I am an MC who likes action and fighting and requested a heavy). Suuuuuper excited to see how this goes down!
  • World of Dungeons/Planar Codex

    In the course of their delivery, they looted an interloper magic sword. After the mission was done, the sorcerer-fae spends some time to work out what it is - some kind of bound spirit. He asks what sort of spirit it is, and it communicates that it will inform him if it is freed. So he breaks the sword to let it out, and it lets him know (it doesn't actually speak) that it is a spirit of chaos and utter destruction. Then it leaves, free.

    Further research suggests it might be a relative of the father of Dis... perhaps a half-brother?
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    Stalker: We're deep in the Zone and a little haggard and up come these two UN guys - one of them, "James", an easy-going West African, is the bodyguard of the Colonel we've been paying off to keep our Door open. James and his buddy Church are stalking like us, on their day off I guess, with very precise and current military maps. After some intense conversations we agree to join up with them for equal shares.

    It is not until much later that we realize James has never been in the Zone and has no idea what he's doing. Eventually the three survivors find themselves frantically cutting a hole in the Zone barrier, not nearly as concerned about getting caught by the UN as we are about getting caught by the thing James, through his carelessness, has become.

  • Fiasco: Flyover playset

    Playing: Myself (facilitating) and the three other members of my regular D&D 4E group. I've played Fiasco once, they have pretty much only played various flavors of D&D.

    We had a strongarm corrupt insurance salesman (Clark), a former highschool teacher whose career had been ruined by a teenaged girl (Mary) struggling to come to terms with her inclinations toward her own sex who thought Clark could "fix" her. She (it is now 15 years later) and the local priest (Father Brown) shared so many dark secrets (despite the fact the she was a Lutheran) that it was hard to sort them out. Father Brown, whose predilections ran toward freaky Mexicans (quoting the playset), often spent time at the Windmill Diner out on East Branch Road, owned by his parishioner Bill (who not coincidentally employed several attractive young Mexicans that seemed freaky enough). Bill was, of course, behind on his insurance premiums.

    We learned a lot about playing through play (like you do), and were notably more fluent after the Tilt as we drove toward destruction. I really enjoyed facilitating - I was pretty forward about saying "Do we really need to introduce someone/something new? Maybe look at the table first..." and trying to help folks end scenes before the just petered out. I played Mary more gonzo than I would normally be inclined to, so the others wouldn't feel like they were the only ones sticking their necks out. It was a joy watching the other players start to "get" things like the power of reincorporation, the different sorts of freedom inherent in establishing and resolving scenes, and the generosity of including the contributions of others in "their own" stories.

    So, the final scene. Poisoned peaches. Ice cream social. Mary betrays both Clark, his wife Beth (who she had REALLY had an affair with 15 years ago), and Father Brown by serving the poisoned peaches to EVERYONE. With ice cream. And sprinkles. (NEED: To get even with the whole county...) As police and ambulance arrive, she is the only one not writhing on the floor. All the characters wind up living, but Father Brown (who had eaten the peaches knowingly, wanting to die) is kicked out of the church and saddled with an increasingly less freaky Rosalita and an ever-expanding brood. Bill comes out with his dignity intact - his tornado-damaged diner is repaired and he is eventually even able to expand and prosper. Clark's wife Beth is in a coma, so he is able to pin the blame for all of his malfeasance on her, which doesn't negate the fact that he's broke and a long-term hospital bed costs even more than her spiteful shopping sprees. Mary goes to jail and when she gets out she comes out, but doesn't get any saner.
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    In Monday's Kerberos Fate, Sophronia, the 9 inch clockwork faerie, did not get attacked with cold iron, but her player supplied a quote for that eventuality: "You're hitting me with iron? What's the matter with you? How were you RAISED?!"

    Reginald explained to Sophronia that, past Gibralter, all things are permissible.

    Sophronia: Etiquette changes depending on which side of the river you're on? Really? Alice, why did you not tell me that? Does everyone else have the same problem with water I have?

    Meanwhile, Alice made it clear that she did not want to become her male alter ego as yet.

    Alice: I would have to bring back Alec. Alec has been hiding.

    Sophronia: I'm sure London misses him terribly.

    Reginald took a deep breath and risked asking Sophronia, his fiance, why fae magic was keeping anyone from finding her "cousin", the 20 foot tall mechanical man, Talos, who was probably working for / with the Chartists (who might have nefarious schemes if I can ever come up with appropriate ones). The group remembered that the Chartists had a fae working for / with them.

    Sophronia: Yes, and we through him into an iron fence.

    Reginald: But we made that up to him.

    Sophronia: So he might not hate us now.

    Reginald: What is Talos getting up to?

    Sophronia: His own business, I'm sure. He plays a lot of chess.

    Victor: Would you protect Talos if he hurt someone?

    Sophronia: I don't think he has.

    Victor (after a few more rounds of continuing to fail to get Sophronia to give a more definite answer to the question) Are you being deliberately evasive or are you really that stupid?

    Sophronia: That doesn't seem a very nice question. Aren't you supposed to be polishing your manners?

    She did point out that Victor might be able to play chess with Talos by letter, something Victor clearly wanted to do.

    Victor: Where do I deliver a letter to take it to Talos?

    Sophronia: Well, I could take it to him.

    Victor gave her a paper he already had on him, with a chess move already written down.

    Reginald asked if he could give Sophronia a letter for Talos, and she agreed.

    Sophronia: Last call for the Official Talos Post.

    Alice: I don't see a particular reason to give him a letter. I'll send him my card.

    GM: Talos is getting mail. Why does that seem so much more surreal than anything else?

    Reginald (to Sophronia) It occurs to me that when your relatives get themselves in debt to faeries, bad things happen and trips to Mars need to be taken.

    Victor remains (properly) suspicious of Talos. After all, why is Talos unwilling to meet him?

    Reginald: We do have a reputation.

    Sophronia: For, you know, knocking things over and setting things on fire.

    Victor: All those things deserved it!

    Sophronia: But you understand, from an outside perspective, that might not be immediately obvious.

    Then, the group went off to Shelborough to attend a wedding, as I borrowed the prologue scenario from Chaosium's Terror from the Skies. An unnatural fog rolled in.

    Reginald: This doesn't smell quite right

    Sophronia: Does fog smell right?

    Reginald: Generally, yes.

    Sophronia: Maybe it's because we're not in London.

    Reginald: I am familiar with the scent of fog on six continents.

    Naturally, there turned out to be a nefarious Martian plot at work, and Our Heroes found another Martian crystal.

    Alice (sarcastically): Oh good, another crystal.

    Reginald: You should really get them nicely set for the season.

    As it got late, Our Heroes solved the mystery of the Martian Curse, which left the question of whether Martian Tree Monsters would attack. Going by the book, the answer would be no, but I wasn't asking the book.

    GM: Do we want a tree monster?

    Player: Yes!!

    GM (checking the clock)L Might I suggest we wait until next session for the tree monster battle?

    Folks agreed, and suggested that the tree monsters would have to be stopped without the bride and groom noticing there was a problem.

    Sophronia: Because they have to be HAPPY! Are you happy when tree monsters attack?

    Alice: We are.

    Sophronia: We're special.
  • Dungeon Planet:

    One moment Captain Van Buskirk is leading a mounted charge against Villista bandits, and the next he's fighting for his life against four-armed apes in an exploding methane cavern on a moon of Saturn!

    A short time later he's fallen in love with Princess Narissa, the haughty daughter of the Solar Emperor, been drugged by agents of an unstoppable robot army, and rescued by his new best friend, a taciturn mechanical man named M-7.

    I think my favorite bit of business is the fact that M-7 doesn't understand the relationship between Van Buskirk and his cavalry horse, Top Hat. At one point, high above Titan, in the middle of a complex life-and-death fight between two badly damaged flyers, the air swarming with flying robot assassins, M-7 grabbed an unconscious Van Buskirk and shouted "Reel us in, Top Hat! Reel us in!"
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    Vesna Thaw <--- pictures

    Highlights included:
    Annexing Mecha Buzz Aldrin to increase the community's technology score.
    Failing in a Color Scene attempting to Console Iraq through the power of physical love.
    Being stopped from stealing a Volcano Bomb from Space Polynesia by Radioactive Bugbears.
    Stealing a Fertility God from Warren Peas to increase the population score of Hot Women Over 50
    Invading Iraq to steal a Hookah made from a Sacred Skull.
  • In a Wicked Age

    The bees whisper that the Vizier is not a man. Everyone else manages to achieve at least one best interest, but the Vizier appears to be some sort of eldritch parasite spirit; so he's got that going for him, which is good.
  • Tonight, Kerberos Fate had The Battle of the (Martian Bonsai) Trees. Josh invoked our first environment Consequence, as a wall of the church was knocked down.

    Sophronia:You couldn't do this tidily, could you?

    Fortunately, the wall was fixed before the Consequence could be permanent.

    Reginald: Darling, I realize that this is the bride's prerogative, but I have Opinions on the wedding. First, I want it to be outdoors in an elevated area.

    Sophronia: Oh, so that the lightning can hit us.

    Reginald: Lightning we can deal with. It's sneak attacks I worry about. Secondly, I want the entire wedding party ARMED!

    Sophronia: You want to arm Talos (a 20 foot tall iron man)?

    Reginald: Talos counts as armed no matter what. It's going to be a circus. I want it to be a circus that can take on all comers.

    But, it was Sophronia, the 9 inch clockwork faerie, who freaked out the most, as she realized that, no matter what she did, there was simply no way she could protect any children she had from the fae. Well, no way that didn't involve abandoning them, which she did not consider an acceptable option (and which likely wouldn't work anyway -- we all know the stories).

    She flew to a rooftop and made lightning storms and cried and hugged her cat (who has the ability to Keep Up with Sophronia). And Kristen asked for a Fate point, as she decided that, yes, Reginald was right to worry about Sophronia winding down. Alice used her psychic power to help Reginald locate Sophronia, and he caught her as she wound down and started to slip from the roof. They had a heart to heart conversation, and Sophronia is slightly calmer.
  • So I was doing this XXXXtreme STREET luge, you know, and for my bullshit goals I was trying to get a tattoo, get some people to play Mouse Guard with me, and get a date from my hot hot parole officer. Wouldn't you know it, I went to a comic shop owned by this guy that I'm totally gonna have do my ink when I'm ready, and I found a group to Mouse Guard it up!

    After a really epic race, this cool lady became a big fan of mine and did the sketch for the tat, but when I went to get it done, I realized that Vin Diesel already has super awesome work on his arms, and I really couldn't do it half as good as him, so I decided to get a septum piercing instead, one day.

    I was inside the fence of my parole officer's house trying to sneak up and surprise her, but her dogs totally went psycho on me and she handcuffed me, and not in that good way. I mean, she still seems cool and all, so maybe I'll invite her to our Mouse Guard table and see what's what. (It's totally the super sweet hood of a Camaro that we used Killz on and dry erase markers and sh*t.)

    When I went back to the shop to get my piercing, I thought taking my lady fan with me was a hot idea, but when the dude told me I wasn't Cool enough, she took his side! What the f***! So I escalated that shituation by drawin my piece, but he must have had some kind of combat training or whatever, 'cause he busted me real good and threw me out of the store.

    The Lugeing is going great though. Won 3 of my last 4 races.
  • Last night on Dungeon Planet:

    Our heroes Jack of Earth, M7 the illegal android, and Krill the Venusian are on Enceladus, a moon of Saturn covered in snow and cryovolcanos. By this point, they are being hunted not only by the forces of the Solar Emperor (to whom this could all be explained as a misunderstanding) but also the dread robot M10. The people of Enceladus are warlike, but two of them have sworn fealty to Jack.

    So I ask, "What do you do?"

    They choose to leave and go to the only other moon their broken ship could get them to, Tethys, the Black Pirate Moon. I say, "the Pirate Planet," and they're like, "Yep." I mention that it is the largest den of scum and villainy and no one has gone there that has not regretted it. "Yep," they say.

    So they crash into a valley of Tethys, the worst place in the galaxy. Next week, they learn the meaning of regret. Instead of two forces hunting them, they now have two forces and a whole moon of the most vicious, terrible men they could imagine.
  • Dungeon World, last night.

    The dwarf Cleric decides, in the middle of a forest camp dinner, to cast Purify Food on the rabbits the Thief and some elf guests had just hunted and cooked. 7-9 ! He chose Put in a Spot. I immediately find the perfect idea : the food is now spotless and without any germ, but it's dwarvish. And I describe it, with its strong agressive taste, an extreme nearly stonish thickness, the heaviness in the stomach. He plays along and says he is proud of what he has done, because "it was previously awful and tasteless". The elves refuse to eat that, and the rest of the party admonish the Cleric and his damn dwarf attitude. Wasted rations, re-ignited group dynamics, bad night from the digestion, what's to ask for ?
  • Instead of two forces hunting them, they now have two forces and a whole moon of the most vicious, terrible men they could imagine.
    We also have the daughter of the Solar Emperor in tow. The plan is to get M10's death robots and the Solar Marine search party to cancel each other out while we make friends with the Tethys pirates. What could possibly go wrong?

  • In case you didn't catch it from the Just Heroes thread:

    Although she got most of the yacht party to safety on an ice raft, Girl Winter was unable to protect a debutante bystander from a stray bullet. As the debutante was carted away in an ambulance with an oxygen mask strapped to her face, Girl Winter cried a single frozen tear, that sparkled in the moonlight before shattering on the pavement...
  • Sophronia, the nine-inch clockwork faerie, had a discussion with Victor, the brusque detective.

    Sophronia: Victor, I don't think it is polite to notice a lady's gears. I can check with Alice, but I'm pretty sure it's not polite.

    Victor: I don't think society has any opinion on the matter.

    Sophronia: Well, what do you know? My opinion is authoritative.

    Folks went to prepare for the latest ball.

    Reginald (to his fiance, Sophronia): No, I am not letting you out of my sight.

    Sophronia: You most certainly are. I have to go home and polish my hair.

    Everyone joined forces to create advantages for Reginald to tag in the continuing saga of Improving Victor's Reputation so society will accept his marriage to Lady Angelina Durless. Victor made a point of being seen admiring art, even if he critiqued it based on realism.

    Victor: I was referring to the left gastronemia, I think.

    Reginald decided to draw people's attention to certain stories in the news or in books and plays and serials that could be spun as support for such a marriage. He did not, of course, tell Victor this.

    Reginald's player: If Victor can figure out that these things are appearing in the zeitgeist and that Reginald is behind them, he can always ask Reginald to stop if he doesn't like it.

    Victor: You have such a twisted mind.

    Reginald: You read my mail; I fix your life.

    Reginald was focusing on the Myth of the Redeemed Family.

    Alice's player: So you want to change the nobility's bestseller list.

    Victor still does not quite understand certain social conventions.

    Victor: Why does it matter that we don't talk about it?

    Reginald: Because people are stupid.

    Victor: I would like a more detailed answer.

    Meanwhile, Reginald and Alice wound up in an unusual situation while talking to a minor member of the nobility.

    Reginald: Fake it till you make it, dear sir.

    Alice: Exactly.

    Reginald: What?!

    Victor: They agree?!

    Sophronia: You have to understand, Douglas, that this is rather unusual.

    Meanwhile, things between Sophronia and Reginald got a bit, ah, tense.

    Victor's player: You can tell they're getting closer to getting married -- their arguments are getting more serious.

    And this one involved spending multiple Fate points, as the rest of us stared in amazement at the verbal tennis match.

    Alice's player: This is all about whether she's going to do her own packing, yes?

    Yes, yes it was. And it was about so much else that was quite important to each of them.

    But, next session, Our Heroes are off to Lake Country to look into a small mystery. I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong and all the little awkwardnesses will be smoothed out.
  • After three sessions, Dungeon Planet is heating up. I'd never run Dungeon World (or AW) before, so I felt a little shaky as a GM, but last night's game was good. We ended up with the characters split, but all of them were aboard a Martian pirate warship named "Heaven," which is captained by a 8-foot-tall reptilian man called "the Dragon." (Rumors that he is actually a dragon have not been verified, but likely will in the next session.) Two characters were at the Dragon's feet, while our Earthling, Jack von Buskirk, was barracked with a bunch of weirdo pirates playing knife games.

    Next session will be the first real all-dungeon, all-the-time session as the characters do something inside the ship. Ships make great dungeons.
  • @Clinton if ships make great dungeons we're going to take this dungeon over and fly it to Earth.
  • Played my first game of Until We Sink last night. Fun stuff. Ended up being very Lovecraftian with monsters from the sea feeding on the brains of people on the island, a phenomenon going back many years. The hotel's Caretaker was the monsters' lackey, but the Eternal Backpacker was secretly sent to ensure the Caretaker was doing his job and keeping the secrets (he wasn't). The Backpacker ended up being impregnated by the Alcoholic Writer and the Sun Worshipper, and everyone got devoured in the end.
  • I love Until We Sink! You guys went pretty Gonzo.
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