The Spark RPG Kickstarter Launched

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let people know that my story game about building worlds and challenging your Beliefs within them is now up on kickstarter. Special thanks to all of you who helped me refine the pitch last week. You can find it over here!



  • Are there any other story-game / narrative friendly communities that might be interested in this? I'm trying to raise awareness generally.
  • Fear the Boot has a shameless plugs thread and a kickstarter awareness thread.
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    I plugged it on RPGgeek.
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    I mentioned it on UKRoleplayers.
  • Thank you both! I really appreciate it.
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    Backed as a retailer. I really do appreciate the extra bit of care and attention many of you are directing our way these days.
  • Hey folks. I thought I would mention a couple of the neat little storygame-style mechanics that people might find novel in Spark.

    1) A procedurally-generated kicker system, based on the agendas and goals of larger factions.
    2) Competitive and scene framing.
    3) Collaborative World-building mechanics.
    4) Modular settings
    5) A tight economy where winning always has a cost.
    6) An Apocalypse World "Go Aggro" style storytelling mechanic.
    7) A minimalist system for competing factions/organizations working on a macro scale
    8) A novel approach to combining Talents (Skills)

    If you want to grab a copy of the pdf, it's currently $10 over at If I reach $10k in total, I will be releasing it under a Creative Commons Attribution license, so you will be able to lift mechanics wholesale.

  • One of the things that I thoroughly enjoy about the game is the way that it systemizes the whole setting and makes it interactive. You define factions, the core beliefs behind them, and the agendas they're trying to accomplish, and you keep advancing that. It's elegant and interesting, and it makes for a great backdrop.

    My review here, btw
  • Love the review,

    I'm also offering a full hacker's guide if we reach 12K. I will explain how each of the rules work, and why I chose them. I will explain exactly which games inspired which portion of the game. I will provide some alternate rules that didn’t fit in the corebook, and point out some areas that could be easily adapted.

    Effectively, I want to make the various mechanics and systems clear, so that they can be easily used/adapted for later designers. I want expand on the ludography so that the full lineage of some of these rules can be made evident. This game was built very much on the foundation established by past designers. I want to make Spark continue this tradition and support the next generation of games.

  • Backed. I am glad to find this here. The way Kickstarter is organized it isn't always easy to find new games without a lot of scrolling so thanks for the spotlight.
  • Today is the last day! C'mon! I wanna see that 12k stretch reward!
  • Today is the last day! C'mon! I wanna see that 12k stretch reward!
    Yeah, me too! It's technically possible.... (I upped my pledge to Legend for the goodies and because it'd help.)
  • I just received my print copy's a little easier to grasp in this format than on my crummy lil laptop screen. I really like this, it seems to take a lot of the ideas from Dresden Files' City Creation and apply them to other settings.
  • Thank you Jason! I absolutely cop to taking a strong inspiration from the City Creation system.
  • It's kind of hilarious because your examples use multiple declarations that are in an "in-character voice", and my characters tend to be straight up liars, charlatans and con artists, so if I was in (say) Brian's shoes on page 85, and he has his guy say, speaking to a villager:

    "It was the bandits who attacked your people, not me"

    and the GM, playing the villager, decides not to challenge the declaration and lets it stand, it establishes that the bandits did indeed attack the village, when normally if it were my character it would be more likely that the bandits had nothing to do with it, and I'm trying to deflect responsibility from myself or gain some sleazy advantage.

    I'm guessing in such a situation the Declaration would be like "'It was the bandits who attacked your people, not me,' I lie, hoping nobody notices the expensive broken weapon I just pocketed, which would conclusively show that the bandits were not around"

    or maybe

    JDC: "It was the bandits who attacked your people, not me."

    GM: Cool Declaration bro

    JDC: What? Who's declaring anything, I'm just saying where my guy is shifting the blame.

    Mrs. JDC: You're such a jerk.

    JDC: Was that in-character?

    Mrs. JDC: No, but this is: "You're such a jerk. But it probably was the bandits for real." And THAT's a declaration.
  • *nods* Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Technically, it that situation would look like the following.

    Statement: 'It was the bandits who attacked your people, not me'.
    Declaration: And nobody notices the expensive broken weapon I just pocketed, which would conclusively show that the bandits were not around.

    They couldn't block the statement, only the declaration that you got away with the lie scott free. It does get fuzzy as hell though depending on the intent of the players involved. I would hope that body language would make it a little more clear which things were declarations of fact and which were dialogue, but I havn't seen that particular situation yet in play.
  • Seems important to establish a character voice and a player voice for people who like playing sleazeballs like myself. (Boring) people who like playing (stupid) honest characters can get along just fine.
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