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Inspired by a comment from nemomeme in this thread, here's my first note:
So I’m in my Smithy, hammering out Prince Mothrar’s broadsword on the anvil, my heart filling with dread at the prospect of another visit from the arrogant, fernickity noble when he comes to collect it, when who should walk in but…


  • my future self! Not all that surprising. I have seen him/me before over the years. But, his statement surprises me when he/I says: . . .
  • ..."Who are you?"

    Perhaps even more surprising is what...
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    ... he did next. He took up the princes sword and started to run but...
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    ...I was a match for him. I managed to catch hold of the hem of his cloak as he ran to the door and pulled him back. He span round, his face flushed, and said in an impassioned voice, "I've got to stop him. Don't you see. If I don't, he'll...
  • ...find himself an epic quest to go on, where he captures a Beholder after...
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    -- I slapped him before he could finish. "You're not making sense man! Slow down and start from the beginning."
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    "All right", he said more slowly as he started to calm down, "But first, tell me who you are and who commissioned you to make the sword. I have many more questions, but these will do to begin with. However, I really must stress the importance of my mission, so please do not waste time with meandering explanations."
  • "I'm you, but from now, not then. The prince commissioned me. My favorite color is purple. I enjoy..."
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    "...eating pollywogs, but only on the special occasion of the third Friday of the month, when..."
  • -- he slapped me before I could finish. We are definitely the same man. He said, "If I'm you, then why are you telling me my own favorite color?! I know it's purple! The Prince comissioned you. That's the only information I wanted. Okay . . . you must not give it to him because if you do . . . "

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    ...his power will increase until eventually he becomes invincible, takes on near-demonic form and puts in train the plot that will see the fabric of time itself rupture, causing you (me, us?) to split into two people and, look we really don't have time for this, we must act now to prevent the destruction of the universe as we know it." "Wait a moment," I said. "We? Haven't you forgotten that...
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    ...although the same person in one sense, we're now physically two people, not one. If we both go, we may both be killed, which would be truly calamitous."
  • He replied, "Then I suppose in this case that I'd better send you off on the quest. After all, if I had been able to accomplish..."
  • "You coward!" I interjected sharply, disgusted that my future-self would seek to thrust me into the path of danger that was almost certainly of his creating!

    And in that brief moment where I had the upper hand I grabbed hold of…
  • my shrinking potion, and splashed it onto him. As he shrank to the size of a small puppet, he protested vehemently but I refused to listen. Was he really my future self, or an evil doppelganger? I reached forward to grab him, and...
  • ...felt his fingers curl around my torso. I was getting confused about point of view. Who was I? Was I him? Am I me? Either way, he began to squeeze, so I....
  • …did the only thing I knew how, and yelled "Get off!!!!! Or I'll tell mum!"
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    Momentarily startled, he jumped back, but quickly recovered, and sneered "Tell her what? That you used a shrinking potion on ... your future self?" "Anyway", he continued, "you couldn't tell her, even if you wanted to." "Oh", I retorted sarcastically, "I suppose you've got her tied up and locked in a dungeon somewhere, have you?" He was silent for a few seconds, and then looked up at me with an expressionless face and said evenly, "No, the reason you couldn't tell her is because she's dead."
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    It was a lie - it had to be.

    Mother was safe - I knew it.

    Unless… but…

    I bolted out of the forge heading for home and the truth, with no thought for Prince Mothrar’s broadsword forgotten on the anvil.
  • "Wait," called out my other self. "What about..." He sighed, and began looking for an antidote to the shrinking potion, which he knew had to be there somewhere. His eyes alighted on on a likely looking vial, and he started scaling the shelves until at last he was able to to reach it. He stood in front of the dusty bottle and rubbed his chin. "Interesting", he murmured. "I wonder what he's doing with a vial of...
  • Goblin's Breath, and judging by the lack of dust it's been in regular use."

    He was about to investigate further, when a shadow slipped across the shelves sending an icy shudder down his spine.

    He froze, cautiously raised his gaze, and there, not more than a couple of paces away stood…

  • Prince Mothrar's Monomach. His cold gaze regarded the broadsword for a moment, then he turned to look downwards. He showed no surprise at the sight of the blacksmith' s reduced stature.

    "The Prince sent me to check on your progress," he said in an icy whisper, "and he is most displeased with the pace of your work. If the blade is not done by tomorrow's eve, then...
  • "What? Whadda ya gonna do? Slap me around? Shrink me? Kill me dear ol' Mum? Hey, maybe you'll split me in two and send my future self back to my past self and let me see what an ass I was/am/will be?! What exactly are you gonna do to me that I haven't already done to myself or that myself hasn't already DONE TO ME ?! Here's a thought. Why don't you...
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    stop making idle threats and do something constructive instead?"

    "For starters, how about you help me find the antidote to this shrinking potion, cos in this form I don't think I can quite handle that 5lb broadsword."

    It was a risky strategy, and my tiny heart pounded as I watched my adversary bristle with rage.

    His lips parted and he half hissed, half snarled…
  • ... "Good point, little man." His cold blue, pupil-less eyes scanned across the room. "Not here."

    He knelt with inhuman grace and held out his hard, remorseless palm. "Hop on," he hisswhispergrowled frigidly, "we'll have to go see..."
  • "…whether the Magus can do anything for you."

    "Fine" I said as I stepped up into his cupped hand. "And the sword? You're not gonna leave it here, are you? Unguarded I mean. What if someone took a fancy to it?"

    For a moment the Monomach said nothing - did nothing. He looked at me sceptically with one sinister eyebrow curled. Had I been overly confident? Too bold?

    Then, without warning, he swept me up into his pocket, snatched up the sword and strode out the door.
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