Feral Clowns

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This thread is for statting up a Feral Clown for the RPG of your choice. I'm thinking monster, basically, but if you're thinking of a PC, NPC, Front, Threat, item or whatever, please, make yourself at home.


  • Poe
    frantic, flickering eyes, bartered soul
    Hot -1, Cold -1, Volatile 1, Dark 2
    Soul Debt: The Trickster
    Dark Recruiter
    Elsewise Power, Uncanny Voices
  • Pilgrim Feral Clown helps people by bringing joy and laughter into the world. He gets into trouble by being ill-mannered (he was raised by skywolves).
  • Grotesque: Feral Clown (impulse: craves nervous energy)
  • Feral Clown (Yeman Xiaochou, 野蛮小丑)
    Faction: Eternal Persistence Triad
    Color: Cobalt blue
    Weather: Wisps of fog
    Signature: Double hook-swords
  • Joseph, Feral Clown

    Joseph, as the boy has been named since being picked up by Honoré's manservant Olivier, has lived so much of his life in the bush in the Pyrenees that he has great trouble interacting with people. Refusing to wear anything other than the colourful rags he was found in, and decorating his face with greasepaint to hide his deep seated lonliness, Joseph is introspective and volitile. Play Joseph if you like to explore fear through inner monologue and direct action. Joseph replaces Gonsalvo in a two, three, or four player game.

    In a normal action: Describe or express your fear, anger or loneliness, through inner monologue, body drawing, or frustrated, failed action. Do not act successfully, accept help from others, or display happiness or sadness.

    In a special action: You may, if you wish, ask for help with your failures, or express happiness or sadness.

    Moment of Passion (any Jack): Act without restriction to increase the emotional intimacy of the relationship between you and Honoré, relieving your own loneliness; do something emotionally intimate that you've not done before. De-escalate the threat, if appropriate.

    Advance the Threat (any Ace): Describe an escalation of the Threat. Leave the ace on the table to mark the escalation.

    Pass (discard a card, draw a replacement): Describe some bit of environmental detail not relating to your character.

    Sample Threat: Joseph's desire to return to the woods, and escape the home.
  • 5 Static: Howard Johnson, from The Diner, walks by mentioning something about a creepy clown.
    10 Static: Feral clowns begin appearing in reflections behind the viewer, but disappear on a second glance.
    15 Static: One of the HPs is found dead, greasepaint stains covering it's chitinous form.
    20 Static: A VW bug pulls up and ravenous feral clowns pile out in droves to devour any agent nearby. The Spidermen stay far away.
  • TildeSee,

    you win.
  • Feral Clowns:
    These are technically remnants of prior human expansion, before the utopia on earth was achieved. Abandoned long ago by humanity this colony of feral clowns represents a dire threat to humanity, and the 3:16 have been dispatched to annihilate them.

    AA: 6
    Planet: Bozo
    Planet Description: Rain World, covered with colourful tents.
    Special Ability: Ambush (Piling out of abandoned small cars in great numbers)
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    (This is a scenario made for a quick little GMless horror game I wrote a while ago.)

    Well, hell. Now you've done it. You and some friends decided to sneak into that weird, low-rent circus instead of paying admission price. But you snuck into the wrong tent. This wasn't the main show tent but some other tent, where the clowns got ready to perform. To your horror, you discovered that the clowns were hideous inhuman monsters under that makeup.

    You ran, but they're after you. Now that you know their secret, the feral clowns can't let you live. You have to escape. In the distance, you can hear the clown car coming...

    Consult the oracles to answer these questions:
    -What horrible animalistic features do the clowns hide beneath their greasepaint?
    -What strange rumors swirl around the circus but have never been proven?
    -The clowns already got your friend Coleman. In what gruesome yet comedic fashion did the clowns finish him off?
    -I grabbed a bizarre little clown head egg thing. What does the clown depicted on it look like?
    -All my life I've been afraid of clowns. What did the clowns always do to me in my childhood nightmares?
    -This was all your dumb idea. I knew it was a dumb idea. So why did I go along with it?
  • The Boss is an Old Friend. Back in the service, one of you went in deep cover with zer to help bust a human trafficking circus. When shit got real, it was either expose zer or the case would essentially vanish. Maybe you made the right call, maybe you didn't, but this clown has spent the last 5 years in a dark box with nothing to eat but cream pies and nothing to think about but your head on a plate...

    Name: Feral Clown
    Type: Old Friend
    Modus Operandi: Commando
    Crew Management: Deadly pranks; when one of zer underlings steps out of line, an example is made of them.
    When Crossed: The pranks go away and the baseball bat comes out. If the recipient is lucky, there won't be any nails in it.
    What ze would accomplish: Putting the agent that crossed zer in the ground, but not before taking a pound of flesh.

    FREQUENCY: Very rare
    NO. APPEARING: 1-2
    MOVE: 12"
    HIT DICE: 15+7
    % IN LAIR: 50%
    NO. OF ATTACKS: 3 or 2
    DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2-20/3-18/3-18 or two sword attacks at 1-8 plus bonuses
    SPECIAL ATTACKS: See below
    SPECIAL DEFENCES: +2 or better weapon to hit; see below
    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral
    SIZE: M (6' high)
    Attack/Defence Modes:
    X/13,250 + 20 per hit point

    These fearsome creatures normally appear as humans, wearing no armour but using deadly swords of great magical power. In human form they attack with their swords twice in a single melee round. In clown form they attack with two claws (3-18 hit points of damage each) and a bite for 2-20 hit points of damage; a successful bite drains 1-3 experience levels of the victim (saving throw permitted -- it successfully negates this effect).

    They may travel the planes at will and also have the following powers at will: astral projection, ESP, fear, darkness 15' radius, detect invisibility, detect magic, invisibility, advanced illusion, cloudkill, mind walk, locate object, shape change (clown/man), flame strike, weakness. Once per round they may attempt to gate in another feral clown. Once per day they can use symbol, power word; stun, unholy word, generate an 8d6 fireball, create a phantasmal killer.
  • Another Fucking Malkavian

    No, just kidding, I wouldn't do that to you.

    Planet Skelton (Pleasure Planet): Feral Clowns
    Creature Form: Advanced Humanoids (they have far outpaced the 3:16 in giant shoe, balloon animal, and space-folding-vehicle technology)
    Alien Special Ability: Impair (with greasepaint bombs, cream pies, and loud annoying noises)
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    "On one side I have Relationship: Sideshow - Raised by Wolves, and on the other I have Relationship: Third ring - Happy clown and sad clown. So I'm some sort of feral clown? What the hell? This circus playset blows."
  • Ludmilla Brunback
    Ran away to join the office

    In 1982, the Linderleaf Family Circus disappeared in a freak storm while passing through the Rocky Mountains. They were not seen again, and were presumed lost.

    Six years later, Ludmilla Brunback was found by a construction crew at age eight. Her parents, a pair of clowns from the circus, has been surviving in the mountains and raising her there in their clownish ways. They had been driven insane by isolation, hunger and trauma. Authorities shot and killed both parents while trying to apprehend them. Ludmilla was taken to a foster home and raised there.

    In the decades since, Ludmilla has tried to fit into society. She eventually learned to read and write and worked her way through accounting school. She now works a boring office job at the IRS. But she never really could get the hang of modern society. Ludmilla tries to hide it beneath her dull, properly groomed appearance, but at her core she's still a wild clown, roaming the mountainsides scavenging for food and comedy props.

    While auditing a particularly shady company, Ludmilla noticed some accounts located on the island of Al Amarja. The IRS has sent her to contact Al Amarjan banking officials, investigate these accounts and see if the audited individual is up to anything illegal.

    Accountant Knows the ins and outs of financial record keeping, including how to tell if somebody is trying to hide assets or embezzle. (Prim and proper suit, always keeps exact records) 2 dice - Central trait, Narrow/Technical
    Feral Child Ludmilla was raised in the wilderness. She can find and prepare food in a wilderness environment, find drinkable water and construct clown clothing and rudimentary circus tents from scavenged materials. If cornered in a fight, Ludmilla attacks like a rabid dog. (Never uses silverware when eating, sleeps on the floor) 4 dice - Superior
    Clown Ludmilla was raised in twisted version of circus culture. Her initial understanding of the world relies on jokes, puns and slapstick. She tries to hide it, but Ludmilla can make a joke out of nearly anything. (Thinks it is funny when others get hurt) 3 dice
    Flaw: Feral Child (Downside) Ludmilla still has trouble understanding many social niceties. She also lacks the broad cultural understanding of most people , and won't recognize historical allusions, popular cultural figures or why everybody stares at her when she eats out of a trash can. (Eats out of trash cans) 1 penalty die
  • Ludmilla Brunback
    Ran away to join the office
    This may be the perfect Over the Edge character. Now I want to play again.

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    Story Games Random Event Table
    24: A random maid comes across a Feral Clown (Attributes 2/Spirit 10) in a closet.
    25: A random maid is possessed by an ancient telepathic cockroach.
    26: The Master begins writing sad things on index cards.
    31: Nope! Japan! Start using the Old Edo Random Event table.
  • Feral Clown
    Action - Attack
    Cost: $4
    +1 Card
    +1 Action

    Each other player reveals and discards the top card of their deck, then gains an unsettling balloon animal of the same cost that you choose.
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    Feral Clown
    Creature - Clown Rogue (Common)
    Discard a card: prevent all damage Feral Clown would do this turn. Any player may use this ability.
  • So clown is a race in magic context.
  • I hate and fear clowns but there is a lot of talent and opiate nostalgia in this thread.
  • Biest,

    Yeah, I guess that's what my card implies.

    Here's an alt card for Feral Clown:

    Feral Clown
    Creature - Demon Clown (Uncommon)
    Discard a card: permanently gain control of Feral Clown. Any player may use this ability at any time that they could play a sorcery.
  • I feel like I would seem too nerdy if I corrected the templating on those fake Magic cards. ;)
  • For Monster of the Week...

    Feral Clown
    Monster: Torturer (motivation: to hurt and terrify)

    Looks much like its less dangerous cousin, the domestic or circus clown. Watch for needle-like fangs and the stench of decaying flesh. When a Feral Clown descends on a town, what typically follows is a steady rate of death and insanity until there is nobody left. It is not known where they come from, but the smart money is on Hell.

    - Fold someone into the shape of a balloon animal
    - Enter a small space and instantly teleport to another location
    - Harm has no effect until it is finally destroyed: will bounce back, laughing, from any attack.

    - Being in the presence of innocent joy.

    - Claw & Bite: 4-harm intimate/hand diseased
    - Folding: 8-harm intimate messy

    Harm Capacity: 10 harm is required to destroy it.

    Armour: None.
  • Momo the Faceless
    Painted and cracked whiteface paint with red/brown details in blood.

    Without his whiteface Momo is:
    Powerless: No access to character moves
    Afraid: -1 to all rolls

    Cool+1, Hard+2, Hot-1, Sharp=0, Weird+1

    Man, fetish bondage wear, calculating eyes, tall gangly body.

    Scent of blood: at the beginning of the session, roll+weird. On a 10+ hold
    1+1. On a 7–9 hold 1. At any time, you or the MC can spend your hold to have
    you at the scene of a battle (a real battle, not intimate violence between a
    couple people). On a miss, the MC holds 1, and can spend it to have you there
    and pinned down.

    As one: attempts by other PCs to seize your mask by force, or to get you to
    remove or give away your mask by going aggro or seduction/manipulation,
    are at -2. NPCs will never succeed at unmasking you against your will unless
    you are completely at their mercy.

    Rasputin: shot, stabbed, and poisoned, you just keep coming. When you
    are being scary as fuck and coming at someone, you get +1-armor. You still
    get shot and stabbed, bleeding just doesn’t bother you that much anymore.

    chainsaw (3-harm hand autofire messy)
    clown suit (1-armor clown)
    1-barter worth of polished skulls
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    Feral Clown

    +2 Cha, +2 Dex or Con
    Move: 6 Squares
    Vision: Normal
    Skill Bonuses: +2 Intimidate, +2 Acrobatics
    Languages: Common, Pantomime (So long as you can move freely, you can communicate simple concepts to any sentient creature that can see you.)

    Pratfall: Feral Clowns can stand from prone as a minor action.
    Circus Arts: Acrobatics is always considered a class skill for you.
    Dabbler: Choose either bard or barbarian. You count as that class when qualifying for feats or for other prerequisites.
    Clown Car: A feral clown can enter another character's space, regardless of size. (Consequently, any number of feral clowns can occupy the same square.)
    Feral Hunger: When you reduce a non-minion enemy to 0 hp, you gain combat advantage on your next attack roll before the end of your next turn.

    (Free action, Encounter)
    Trigger: You hit with an attack.
    Effect: One target is dazed until the end of your next turn and also prone.
  • image
    Feral Clown
    Destruction: Pie to the face
    Empathy: Smell the stink of fear sweat on children and adults, Cause hysterical laughter
    Survival: Travels in packs
  • Aw, come on Lula, Malkavians can be really nice once you manage to play them out of the box! I'd play anyday a Malkavian with this combo:

    Nature: Autocrat
    Demeanor: Bravo
    Concept: outsider, urban primitive
    Attributtes and Abilities: the worst and less useful choices you can take with these.
    Here's the really important stuff to make it work:
    Merit: Pitiable, Harmless
    Flaws: Graceless, Short-Fused, speech impediment.

    The trick is to play it as a malkavian who thinks he's a Gangrel, confusing them with brujahs. But really deep inside his tortured soul, he's a Ventrue in disgrace.
  • Examine clown > Which clown do you mean, the feral clown or the educated clown?
    Examine feral clown > The clown's polka dotted pants seem to be made out animal furs. His face is powdered white with chalkdust and daubed with dried animal blood around the mouth and ears. You don't like the hungry look in his eyes, as if you were food.
    Examine egg > The egg is decorated to have a clown's face on it, with small tufts of brightly colored hairsurrounding a blue eyed clown face. It has sad, drooping eyes and a pathetic frown, much like the educated clown.
    Give egg to feral clown > The feral clown greedily grabs the egg and takes a bite out of it, shell and all. Angry to find the egg was hollow, the feral clown storms off. "Now they'll never let me back in the clown college" the educated clown says morosely.
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