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Hey folks,
Over the last couple years, I have gone out of my way to record as many RPG design/publishing panels and seminars as possible. As a result, I wound up coordinating with Fred Hicks and Jason Morningstar to get recordings of a good portion of the Panels at Metatopia 2012. In order to make these a bit more accessible, I have done some minor editing and tossed these into a podcast feed (http://www.genesisoflegend.com/feed/panelcast) and on my site. I wanted to front-load these recordings a bit, so I put out the first four over the last week, and will release them weekly after that point.

Episode 1: The Coolest Game you Never Heard Of
Episode 2: My Dearest Failure: Games That Didn’t Work and Why
Episode 3: The Graphic Design and Layout Panel
Episode 4: Care and Feeding of Artists
Episode 5, (Next weekend) will be "Editing and Organizing Game Text"

Hope you enjoy this, and feel free to spread the word!


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    Are they in any specific order at all?
  • Thank you for doing this!
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    I slightly organized them on theme, but they cover such diverse topics that I was uncertain on any logical order. I wanted to cluster the Art and Layout early, for example.

    It's my pleasure that I can give back to the community at least a little.
  • Hey Jason, all the links to shows and the feed on your site are totally borked for me. Anyone else having similar problems?
  • It's workin' over here still! I'm using Firefox on a Windows 7 box, so if you're different that might be related.

    Sweet stuff Jason! I'm always excited when I see people post these, so having a regular source is awesome.
  • Huh. Now it's working for me. Never you mind, Jason! Thanks for this!
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    Yeah, they had been borked for a while there as a result of changing the name of the folder on my server. That should be fixed now.

    Glad that I could help people out and give them access to these seminars. Everyone should have access to the collected wisdom that was Metatopia, and there are a handful of other convention seminars in the feed as well.
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    Episode 5: Editing and Organizing Game Text is now up online (Here)

    Episode 6: Addressing Controversial Topics will be up on Saturday!
  • Addressing Controversial Topics is online, Here
    Along with Lessons from indie Publishing. Here
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    [Episode 6] "Nature doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes."

    This is beautiful. Where is it from?
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    It appears to be a quote from Mark Twain, "History Doesn't Repeat Itself, but It Does Rhyme" I do agree that it's beautiful.
  • Now we have Episode 8: Licensing Popular Intellectual Property (Here)

    Episode 9: Self-Publishing: Production and Fulfillment (Here)

    Episode 10: The Retailer's View: What Sells, What doesn't, and why (Here)

    Episode 11: It’s a Hit, now what? Dealing with Unexpected Success

    Episode 12: Playtesting RPG’s
  • Let's add some more to the list.

    Episode 13: Introduction to GM'less Play (Here)
    Episode 14: Advanced GM'less Play (Here)
    Episode 15: History Panic (Here)
    Episode 16: Indie Cradle to Indie Grave (Here)
  • Episode 17: The International RPG Scene (Here)
  • Cheers for doing this Jason!
  • My pleasure. I am burning through my reserve of episodes rather quickly, so if people record any other panels I would love to post them.
  • A couple more.

    Episode 18: Volatility in Game Design
    Episode 19: Introduction to Nordic Larp (Here)
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