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Story Games! I aim to tap your creation matrices!

I made a DRYH hack for superheroes, designed to do relatively nasty super stuff (kinda like regular DRYH, actually). Powers all come with a Hunger; that Hunger grows as the Power is used, and ultimately, if not dealt with, the PC loses control and must indulge. Over time, if the PC loses control too often, the Hunger takes over, and the PC becomes a Monster, driven only by Power and Hunger.

For Hungers, though, I'm not necessarily thinking of the Hunger fueling the Power. They just come hand in hand, due to the weird metaphysics of these Powers. So the Hunger can be for anything. The Powers themselves, I'm thinking of as less like Madness Talents, and more like traditional superpowers...but I can see them getting a bizarre. Maybe not, "I can shit a Unicorn made of lasers!" But, "I can bite off, chew, swallow, and digest literally anything," is cool! And my personal tastes definitely slant towards the Powers being really, well, powerful, as opposed to low power, though that's not of necessity built in.

What I'd love some help with is coming up with a variety of examples and notions of this to draw on. So I'm asking for help in generating some Powers and Hungers. I'm excited to see what the wonderful minds here can create! Please, let the madness flow!

Here are the rules for this thread:

I will start this off by providing a Power. The next person can define the Hunger for that Power, and then provides the next Power. And so on and so forth.

Hungers do not of necessity have to be directly related to the Power, but it can be cool if they are!

How to write a Power: (basically, think Madness Talent structure) "[One or two word descriptor]: At 1-2 dice, [description of minor level of effect]. At 3-4 dice, [description of moderate level of effect]. At 5-6 dice, [description of high level of effect]."

How to write a Hunger: "[One or two word descriptor]: [Clear-cut situation in which the Hunger is satiated]."


Gravity Control: At 1-2 dice, you can knock a man to the ground and hold him there. At 3-4 dice, you can crush a car. At 5-6 dice, you can crush a 3-story building.

Love: Every time someone tells you "I love you" and means it, your Hunger is satiated.

Eating Anything: At 1-2 dice, you can eat a crowbar in three gulps. At 3-4 dice, you can distend your jaw and swallow a fire hydrant in three gulps. At 5-6 dice, you can eat a car in three gulps.

History: Every time you eat something 100 years old, your Hunger is satiated.

Animal Control: At 1-2 dice, any animal you can see will undertake a simple command. At 3-4 dice, any animal within 100 meters will undertake a simple command, or animals you can see will follow complex orders. At 5-6 dice, any animal within a mile will undertake a simple command, or animals within 100 meters will undertake complex orders.

Seasoned Meat: Every time you consume someone's pet whole and alive, your Hunger is satiated.

So! The first Power I'll provide:

Regeneration: At 1-2 dice, you can regenerate most damage to your body that doesn't cut off a limb or damage your brain. At 3-4 dice, you can regenerate all damage to your body, including limbs and brain. At 5-6 dice, you can regenerate past health to grow duplicate organs, limbs, or even a full new body (as in, one separate from you, that does not necessarily obey your commands).


Because I foolishly explained none of my hack, here is a bit more info, for those interested. If you're not interested in the actual mechanics of the hack, feel free to ignore this. This section assumes familiarity with DRYH mechanics -- I can explain further if necessary.

Not every character needs Power -- it's a choice at character creation (there are more mechanics here I'm not getting into). If you have any Power, any at all, you have a Hunger. You can also have multiple Powers, at different rankings (Power 3 - Gravity control, Power 5 - Super Strength, for instance). You still only have a single overriding Hunger.

Every time you use your Power (just like a Madness Talent), you'd need to roll Power dice in your dice pool (and vice versa; if you want Power dice in your pool, you need to use your Power). Every time Power dominates (just like how domination is determined in DRYH) your Hunger goes up by 1 (and it starts the game at 0). Every time you act to satiate your Hunger, you can add Hunger to your dice pool. The PCs all have limited resources they can expend to add Hunger into their dice pools, in other situations that don't involve direct pursuit of satiation. Every time Hunger dominates, it goes up by 1.

When Hunger would hit 4, you lose control (the PC, not the player -- this is akin to checking a Fight or Flight box in DRYH). You must indulge the Hunger, immediately, as best you can. Or at least, you must pursue the indulgence of your Hunger without reservation. Again, the exact nature of pursuit is left up to you, the player. Once your Hunger is satiated, or you have run some reasonable course in pursuing it without reservation (that part needs some tightening up), you return to normal, but now you have 1 permanent Hunger, which must be rolled in all dice pools.

If you would ever have 4 permanent Hunger, then you become a Monster.

To reduce Hunger the rest of the time, you can fulfill the satiation condition, whatever that may be, and reduce Hunger to 0 (this does not remove any permanent Hunger), or you can expend some of those limited resources I brought up earlier. You can also expend a very large amount of those resources in order to reduce permanent Hunger.


  • Hunger:
    Tears: Every time you make a child cry, your Hunger is satiated.

    Superspeed: At 1-2 dice, you can outrun any other human being; at 3-4 dice, you can outrun any vehicle; at 5-6 dice, you can outrun light, time and space.
  • Hunger
    Change of Identity: Every time you completly change your looks and identity your hunger resets

    Color Change: At 1-2 Dice you can change the color of a big object like a car, a tennis court or a jacket; at 3-4 dice you have finer control over the color and can also color smaller objects like pins, tennis balls or your iris. at 5-6 dice you have extremly fine control over color and can even change the eye color of "everyone in here that has commited a crime" or make the sky white.
  • I'm confused. What does it mean when, "the PC loses control and must indulge"? Is this a mechanic from vanilla DRYH? Is it linked to the specifics of the hunger?
  • I'm thinking it's the equivalent of falling asleep in DRYH, but...maybe not.
  • Hopefully explained it a bit more in the original post. I'd still happily answer other questions!
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    All the colors: When you use optics to peer into the blackness of something your hunger is sated.

    Bend Reality: At 1-2 dice you can tug at the fabric of space just enough to form a wrinkly you can hide behind; at 3-4 dice you can fold the fabric of space over and create a pocket about the size of a minivan; at 5-6 dice you can pinch off a bud of reality the size of double-wide, severing it from this place forever.
  • Hunger:
    Reevaluate: When you change allegiances, or change a long standing opinion of someone your hunger is sated.

    Picture Perfect: At 1-2 dice you may pull an object out of a picture, but have no control over it beyond having it in hand. At 3-4 dice you may place an object into a picture, in a state of stasis. At 5-6 dice you may step into and out of pictures and the mirror-world they contain, correlating to the real world geographically. If a picture is destroyed, so is the doorway it maintained in the mirror-world.
  • Hunger: Soap Opera: When you witness a dramatic twist in the lives of others, whether natural or directed through your own manipulations, your hunger is sated.

    Power: These Boots: At 1-2 dice you can walk (but not run) anywhere without falling or damaging what you step on. At 3-4 dice you can walk (but not run) anywhere without falling, drowning, or burning. At 5-6 dice you can make anything stick to your feet (or to items or people already sticking to your feet) and continue to walk (but not run) without falling, drowning, burning, or being stopped or slowed down.
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