Post-op: IGoD at PAX



  • Hey, Ben, I was going to quote my email reply to you from Aug 2 at 10:19 AM, but that just doesn't seem productive.
    I don't have an email from you on that date. Forward that to me okay?
  • Ben, Sage: here's where you should take things to email/whispers, please. :)

    Everyone else: hey, any other thoughts?

    - Ryan
  • edited September 2012
    Ryan, I bring GRG to PAX to achieve numerous goals. One of them is to support story games. Another is to represent Capitol Hill culture and lifestyle and our place in it. In the future, we may have multiple booths, each with a unique focus. In the meantime, I bring the punk, the gay and the party with me wherever I go. I support IGoD because I was asked to. Next year I'll go to wherever tabletop wants me and sell whatever suits the room, but I'm bringing my freak flag with me and from time to time, I'm letting it fly. I'm not opening a cafe up the street, I'm opening a lounge.
    I'm genuinely confused as to why this is a response to people saying they were uncomfortable with having panties prominently displayed in a play area.

    - Ryan

  • If I may jump in here, I think that eric is pointing out that capitol hill which is right by the Con has a sex-posi queer-friendly culture where underwear and sex toys are a normal part of the scenery.
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