[PAX Prime] Need a badge? Come run games at Indie Games on Demand!

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Obviously PAX Prime badges are in high demand this year. If you missed out you still have a chance: just sell your soul time to run games.

To get a badge you have to meet a few requirements:
-Dedicate at least 6 hours EVERY DAY OF THE CON (Aug31-Sep2) to Games on Demand
-Be someone we can rely on

What if I can't be there every day?
We can find a way to share your badge with someone else, probably. Ask!

What do I have to do while I'm there?
Run games!

We're also looking for a few people to act as organizer. Organizers will be responsible for keeping the room running smoothly. That mostly means talking to new people as they come in and getting them into games. We're going to try to have one organizer in the room at all times.

What's this "rely on" requirement?
Well, it's my name on the line if you don't show up, so the head PAX Tabletop Enforcer asked that I only give badges to people I'm willing to personally vouch for. I know that's kind of a vague requirement but I'm sure we can work something out.


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    Sage, for people who haven't done Games on Demand before (and in case scheduling has changed this year), how many slots is 6 hours? Is that two sessions a day?
  • I can't do the full con, but I'll commit to an entire day of running games on any one day.
  • What you fit into 6 hours depends on what you run!

    The basic setup of PAX Games on Demand is that if we have people and space a game starts immediately. If we're lacking either we put it on the board to start on the next hour to give time to make space/gather people.

    So, if you're running Fiasco and we have a lot of people around 6 hours could be 3 games easy.

    If you're running AW that 6 hours might be one session with a short break in the middle.

    The requirement is on time, not games because a) it's hard to map one to the other, b) even if you're not running games you can be chatting with interested people (there are a lot of them), and c) that's the requirement PAX gave us.
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    I'm in and I just emailed some peeps. I can do the whole con. I'd be willing to do a bit as an organizer.
  • I'd love to do this. I tried volunteering already and applied to be an enforcer but didn't make it. But I'd rather run games on demand instead. At the last two cons I was at I ran games every day, so this won't be a problem. I'd be willing to be an organizer too but I'd actually prefer to run games.
  • Mathalus + Orion: Awesome. Could you whisper me your email addresses so I can keep in touch?
  • I'm one of Mathalus' peeps. I'd be very grateful and interested in this opportunity. Please let me know if it's not too late.

    Andrewtomy at gmail
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    That sounds...awesome! If I can secure housing I can totally do this. Please keep me in mind.
  • I'm one of the Olympia-style folks with Mathalus and Orion. I'd be stoked to run games Saturday and Sunday if possible.
  • Just started a convo with you Sage and shared various email addresses.
  • Hey Sage, I've already got a badge, but still want to do some shifts at Indie Games on Demand because it's great fun! Do I need to sign up somewhere, or just show up ready to run games?
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    Still got some slots left? I'm very interested. I whispered my email under this post to you, Sage.
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    I'm interested, though I need to figure some stuff out before I can commit 100%. My email address is my username at gmail.
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    My email is [redacted].
  • Thanks everyone! I've submitted my list to the organizers and should know how many badges we can get within a few days.
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