Who's playing what at Fabricated Realities?

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So, FabReal is just a day away, and I'm getting super stoked. I'm putting together my bag o' games to take up to Olympia, and thought I'd share what's ging in the mix.

I'm bringing My Daughter, the Queen of France,
The Mustang,
Witness the Murder of Your Father and be Ashamed, Young Prince,
Love in the Time of Seið,
Hot Guys Making Out,
Trollbabe, maybe,
the Norwegian Style anthology (In the Belly of the Whale, Fuck Youth and Until We Sink)
Morgan Stinson's GameChef entry Coyote Won't Talk,
Bacchanal (debating whether to try and bring my own wine glasses),
and naturally The Dreaming Crucible.

Stuff I'm not bringing but would be excited to play:

Saga of the Icelanders
The Quiet Year
How We Came to Live Here
Lots of other stuff, probably

How bout y'all? What's in your bag? What do you hope is in other people's?



  • I'm bringing:
    The Quiet Year
    Keep It Sunny
    Some card games (Gloom, Vulture City)
    Some of Jackson Tegu's light games for 2 (Superhero, Anna the Miller's Daughter)

    I'd also like it if someone ran:
    The Serpent's Tooth
    How We Came to Live Here
    In A Wicked Age/Archipelago
    Montsegur 1244
    Mars Colony
  • I'm bringing the latest draft of World of Algol, plus World of Dungeons and some of my favourite one-page dungeons.
  • I'm not bringin' too much besides a sack o' dice and my own bad self. I mean to play things, hopefully at least five things.

    If push comes to shove (it won't) I can facilitate a Fiasco...
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    I would like to play a character in some kind of raucous dungeon game at some point.

    My wife is coming with me for the Friday afternoon / evening and I bet she'd enjoy playing Monsterhearts. I like playing Monsterhearts too.

    I always have these games with me and can facilitate:

    In A Wicked Age (don't own Archipelago cards tho. Track down Jamie Fristrom for IAWArchipelago)
    Pocket Danger Patrol
  • Hey, would you guys like a fun unpublished playset to try out if Fiasco ends up on a table? Get in touch if so and I will hook up you!
  • Johnzo, do you want to run Montsegur for me on Saturday night?
  • Ooh, hand up for Montsegur!
  • By the way, I'm willing to run a demo game of Language Hunters, in Irish Gaelic, for interested parties.
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    I'm definitely bringing:

    * The Afterborn (young adult Apocalypse World mod, back by special request)
    * Metrofinal (surreal subway eschaton)

    May also have one or more of the following:

    * Dark Heart of the Dreamer (planescape/eberron/everway/shadowrun adventure for Dungeon World)
    * Disorient (labyrinth-based game about orientalism, assuming we can get at the floor labyrinth shown in pics from last year)
    * Fingers on the Firmament (no-tech magical realism about being alone in space forever, played on actual maps of the Small Magellanic Cloud)
  • Oh, and another thing...

    If someone within the sound of my voice (within sight of my type?) wants to run some Burning Wheel, PLEASE DO! I need a native guide to make my way through the unforgiving -- yet unignorable -- terrain that is BW. Pitch it, and I will play...

    P.S. Not "The Sword", though. Just sayin'. I don't mean to be picky, but I've read enough APs of that one that I feel like I've already tried it...
  • Oooh, Afterborn!
  • Marqos, I'm happy to run Mouse Guard if you want some BW-lite that'll let you dip your toes in.
  • I'm bringing Capes and Pocket FASERIP Patrol.

    Ok I WILL drop some Capes this year.
  • If possible, I'd like to request:
    * Jackson's "Swear Words"
    * Kagematsu
    * InSpectres
    * Don't Rest Your Head
    * My Life With Master
    * Penny For My Thoughts (which I can run, after I review it)

    Also, Yay Capes! So many games, so little time. See you all soon!
  • Marcy, I just packed Kagematsu! We'll totally play.
  • I'm always up for Burning Wheel. Marqos, if the thought of Orcs tearing each other to bits intrigues you I'll bring along A Bridge Too Far. It's a one-shot meant to fall somewhere between The Sword and The Gift in scope. Fair warning, it may still be a little rough around the edges.
  • Joe and Joel, I bet we can get some Montsegur going on Saturday night, if we can find four others who are ready to burn.

    I'll also be packing 1001 Nights, a super outstanding game, one of my faves, it's been too long since I played it!
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    Wow, 1001 nights was one of my first hippie games, I would LOVE to play it again!

  • I'm primarily chaperoning and gaming with my awesome daughter, and just for Saturday.
    She wants to try out this tabletop RPG stuff her dad is into, and check out the cool environs.
    She has mostly done free-form forum type roleplaying, so I'll be looking for cool stuff to play with her for the first time.
    Kind of a father's day thing, you know.

    I'll bring GxB and BxB as fall-backs, since those are right in her wheelhouse I think...
  • Played Silver & White this morning. Bringing a "Cross Country" mix in case of Ribbon Drive.
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    I'll have with me:
    Don't Rest Your Head
    Don't Push Your Luck (DRYH hack of the movie "Push" about psychics and espionage)
    Best Friends
    Dogs in the Vineyard 15-minute demo

    And with advance request can bring for the next slot:
    Dogs in the Vineyard
    Bliss Stage

    Friday I ran Monsterhearts and Lacuna, and am hoping to run Monsterhearts 3 more
  • Can we get livetweets? #fabreal or something?
  • I have! Ain't you been checking?
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