[minis+] Non-minis mechanics/methods useful for minis gaming

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Okay, just a quick discussion starter.

If you were putting together a minis using game, what are some mechanics or methods that you like from games that were never designed with minis use in mind that you'd sample or steal?

Why did youu choose those ones specifically, and why do you think they'd be great for use with minis?


  • I know its not what you're looking for but IMO the most obvious choice is a strategic-level boardgame/wargame for a tactical wargame.
    This gives the ability to generate the context, goals and consequences that most tactical wargames lack. Good essay here:

    Even though this is not the story games answer IMO it leads the way to the types of questions that SG-techniques could be applied to
    and where there is a real lack at the heart of the wargames community.

    Some hints of more radical SG-stuff were on this TMP thread
  • Posted By: robb
    Some hints of more radical SG-stuff were on this TMPthread
    Muggergames, mentioned in the last post of that thread are decidedly radical, and have certainly influenced my thinking.
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