[People in the Northwest] Has anyone seen my copy of Apocalypse World?

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So, I kept thinking it would turn up, and maybe it still will. But I've been missing my Apocalypse World book for almost a year now. Last spring, I started playing in an AW game with some friends, and I know I had the book then, but somewhere in the course of that game (which wrapped in the fall sometime) I became aware that I couldn't find it.

Maybe I left it on a bus. Maybe It's sitting in the bottom of some moving box in my garage.

Or maybe I left it at a convention, and someone picked it up?

I know I had it with me at Fabricated Realities. I THINK I had it at Go Play NW. I don't think I had it at GeekGirlCon. If anyone inexplicably ended up with an extra AW book at one of those events, maybe consider the possibility that it's mine? It has a diagonal crease across the front cover and no identifying marks.

Alternately, if you have a copy you don't want (for some CRAZY reason) I could trade you for it, if by some chance you're interested in my stuff in the buy/sell/trade thread.

I miss my Apocalypse World.

That is all.



  • What does it look like?
  • It looks like nakedness and gas masks and UNHOLY AWESOME. With a diagonal crease.
  • Who wrote your copy?
  • Y'know, Joel, you wouldn't have this problem if you just wrote your name in your books.

    Or made them look like this:
  • Posted By: McdaldnoWho wrote your copy?
    I'm pretty sure it was Dremmer. At least it SOUNDS like him, the cocksucker.
  • Posted By: JohnstoneOr made them look like this:
    I just dont, i dont even
  • Posted By: JohnstoneI am a crazy nutball.
    yes you are, my friend.
  • Posted By: jackson teguI am so jealous it hurts.
    You know it, buddy.
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    Posted By:GodDudes, stop messing with the natural order.
    Posted By:God

    what she said
  • Posted By: Joel, Ross & God in a miracle of x-post spiritI just dont, i dont even
    me both, for you: both of you.
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