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    I'm Marco "Iz" Valtriani, born in 1980 in a cold day of october
    I live in italy, I'm married with a son.
    I am a (board)game designer. I'm also an advertiser and graphic designer. I'm trying to design RPG to, and my boardgaming experience is influencing me a lot... but we'll talk later about this :)
    After a short experience as an amateur board games self-publisher, I designed a couple boardgames "on demand", Fiume di Parole, for italian schools, and La Grande Opera, for the "Museo Ideale" of Leonardo da Vinci. In 2011, Scribabs published my first "gamer's game": 011.
    From 2008 to 2011, I was the president and the "mind" behind Creatori di Divertimento (ital. "Fun Makers"), an association of game designers, illustrators, and workers of the "gaming world", focusing on "luding culture"; the association, that is well-known in italian gaming community, works to help luding operators, to organize events and fairs.
    In 2011, I left the head of the association to avoid any conflict of interests, focusing my activities on the creation of games.
    Talking about RPGs, I began with Merp and D&D 1ed, then I played and enjoyed a lot Call of Cthulhu and Rolemaster, and a lot of other stuff with more or less fun.
    Now I like a lot some "new" games (my favs are Polaris and Don't Rest Your Head), but I never disowned my passion for "old" RPGs.
    After a few "bad" attempts, non I'm working on a game with my wife, which is called Sakura. The game is gm-less, is set in medieval japan and is based on the concepts of duty and desire. One of the reasons I signed in is to talk about it with all of you.
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    Hi all

    I live in London, UK. I'm an ex-EFL teacher, now games designer, started out designing a playing-card word game but now want to design RPGs (got one in the works already, have posted about it separately). Got into role-playing when exposed to RPGs for the first time at IndieCon 2010, UK. Been hooked ever since.

    I'm 46 (but feel and- I like to think- act younger, daddy-oh!); unmarried, no children, no pets, too busy for a social life- Hell, the internet is my social life! (Yeah, sad, aren't I?).

  • Hi, my name is Justus. I'm 33, an architect, and currently living in Houston but was raised in California. My primary hobby is boardgaming and I'm not sure how long my interest in indie RPG's will last (re: my dead flickr account). I have essentially no RPG experience but I just stumbled across the world of indie RPGs I love reading game rules and I find the idea of structured storytelling fascinating. This seems like a great chill place to be and I hope enjoy conversating with y'all!

    For what its worth my handle on boardgamegeek is also aaarg_ink and that place is essentially my home on the internets (aside from gmail).

    I live with my girlfriend and two very cute, mischievous, loving (to each other, not us), destructive bunny rabbits.
  • 26 year old illustration student. I live in the East Bay and played my first story game (Apocalypse World) just a few months ago.

    I love the immersive, transformative element of this game style (versus the handful of traditional games I played in high school) and feel pretty lucky living in an area with lots of little cons and gaming communities to explore. I'm looking forward to the Monsternomicon at EndGame in May and Big Bad Con in October. Hopefully I'll be able to make it out to Fabricated Realities in June.
  • My name is Dave and I live in Bucks County, PA where I also grew up. 41 years old, married and beagled. Professionally, I work with Fortune 500 clients leading financial and technology project teams. Educated at Penn State (undergrad) and Cambridge University (M.Phil). My hobbies include building and racing cars, action pistol competition, theatrical productions, and travel. My proudest "accomplishment" to date is overcoming long odds to survive Stage IV cancer. Living 4 years cancer free and loving life, baby!
  • Hello all,

    I'm Malcolm Heath, and generally can be found on the internet as malcolmpdx.

    I'm 40 years old, as of 2011, and rapidly approaching 41. I live in Portland, Oregon, and have for the last 22 years, having come out here for college, and deciding to stay. Before that, I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've been gaming since I was 8 or so, having first been introduced to RPGs via the 1979 Basic D&D edition.

    In the 80s I played many of the games that were popular (at least in Minneapolis) at that time, ranging from Traveller, to the Morrow Project, Gamma World, Villains and Vigilantes, Behind Enemy Lines, Space Opera, various Palladium games, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, James Bond: 007, Paranoia, and so forth, along with the usual D&D stuff.

    When I was 15, I was introduced to Tekumel (AKA, Empire of the Petal Throne) and got completely obsessed with that for quite a while. I think that this point marked a big change in how I approached gaming. The depth of the setting allowed for an immersive experience which I realized that I'd been looking for and not finding for a long time.

    Then in 2002, I attended U*CON in Michigan, and met some folks who played Amber. Somehow, I'd missed that. It was a life-changer, too; Amber gaming showed me that it was possible to do things without the sort of rules I was used to, and showed me that I could run and play in games that were more about the characters involved than their powers or external capabilities. I attended AmberconNW shortly after, and found a pile of gamers who were really, really good at the sort of gaming I'd come to realize was what I wanted. Joy ensued, and continues each November.

    Since then, I've been slowly finding my feet as a GM, learning how to run the sorts of games I like, and having rather more awesome gaming experiences on a regular basis than anyone should likely be allowed to have.

    Outside of gaming, I have worked as a systems admin, IT manager, and security geek for many years. This is despite my degree being in Religious Studies (i.e. comparative religion). On that note, since others have posted in this thread about it, I'm an Episcopalian Christian, having been raised as that, but only recently returned to it after having had a long journey through several other paths. It's quite important to me, and I'm what might be considered "devout", but tend to answer all questions regarding religion with "it depends". As indeed it does.

    I'm married, no kids, and have a great relationship, for which I am very, very grateful.

    I've traveled a bit, to the UK, South America, The Caribbean, Indonesia, and all around the US and Canada. I hope to do more of this.

    As for why I'm here - I know, or at least know online, several folks who are regulars here, and "story games" popped up on my radar a year or two ago. I think, from reading the forums for a while, that I'm going to dig this. Great, thoughtful conversations about the very topics that interest me most about role-playing.
  • Welcome, everyone. Glad you made your saving throw, Dave!

    Malcolm, if you want to start a thread about your experiences with Tekumel, I'd love to hear about it. I've been one of those people who follow it in a vague sort of way but I've always been way too intimidated by it to play it.
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    Who am I? That is a valid question.

    My name is Raymond Terry, I am an African American male, 46 years old, who loves both video games and tabletop role-playing games, finds it hard that there are not more African Americans in the gaming industry, and feels that it is time I dipped my hand back into the tabletop RPG cookie jar.

    My interest are reading, gaming, watching movies, and taking a stab at blogging. I wanted to be a writer, and actually had something written, but never finished it. That is one of my ongoing projects that I occasionally take out and dust off for old times sake. Now I am moving more into the blogosphere to get some practical experience writing and keeping on task with projects.

    Current projects:
    Designed and maintain gaming blog called “Old Gamerz”, and have begun work on a game inspired by the old DC heroes RPG published by Mayfair Games back in the early 90's.

    I am also on Google + , Twitter, and Facebook. Mostly on Google + though.
  • i'm Todd, aka Apeiron.

    i joined this site ages ago, but i recently played Lady Blackbird so i'm looking to help and get help (with my games).

    If i'm awake, i'm probably thinking about games. i've been doodling games of various kinds since i was 9. i'm an idea hamster. i can generate ideas faster than i can write them. By the time i've jotted the idea onto paper i'm already bored with it and moving on to the next thing.

    i grew up in Alabama and Germany. Spent four years in the USAF as an intel analyst (i'd have to kill you if i said more than that). Got my degree at Columbia College Chicago. Since then i've been working mostly in IT. These days i'm a house husband, starving artist and aspiring game designer.
  • Hi all
    I'm Tim
    grew up in australia, moved myself to england and now I'm back in australia with a wife and four year old (who is currently trying to stiffle my typing ability)

    I started RPGing at 6, started DMing at 7, started designing at 8 and haven't really looked back since.
    That said I've been in denial that I really want to design RPGs and so studied creative writing, computer science, animation, linguistics and finally illustration.
    With all that behind me I've spent the past ten years congealing all my known RPG experience into FateStorm and have just released the first title Ascendancy - Rogue Marshal
    I've was in the infantry for four years, worked at a bank in central london for four more, travelled the world, witnessed a murder, been mugged by drug addicts, Dj'd, danced till my toes bled
    and have a west highland white terrier called Skye
    Oh, and just for Matt, I am on IMDB for my work in feature films of which one won an Oscar and a BAFTA :D
  • I'm Doug Hagler, a 32 year old Presbyterian minister and chaplain and also a writer, editor and game designer.

    I'll put spaces between many of my sentences.

    I've lived a lot of different places, but no place that's incredibly interesting - Florida, Connecticut, Ohio, California.

    I don't know if I have an interesting anecdote. I once made a mocha for Robin Williams, and he was as short as me and looked like he was just as tired, but he smiled and was polite and thankful for the caffeine.

    I'm married to a historian/early childhood educator and have a cute baby girl who is 7 months old.

    In a month and a half I'll be unemployed and technically homeless, though we're able to move in with friends so thankfully not entirely homeless.

    I also have a new sci-fi RPG that just went up on Kickstarter [http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2072399402/the-parsec-rpg]. I'm proud of all the work that I put into it and afraid that everyone who reads it when it is finally printed will hate it.
  • I'm someone who used to frequent all these indie-story-game forums five or six years ago, but fell away. I'm a little surprised (and encouraged) by the fact that this site is still here and doesn't say "WE GAVE UP: FIND US ON FACEBOOK" the way so many web fora have.

  • Posted By: AgemegosI'm single, my house is way too big, and I have an elderly Labrador retriever named "Lily".
    Now I have a very young Labrador retriever named "Percy".

    The house is still way too big.
  • Hey all, welcome!

    So, this thread has become extremely large! I figure that it's time to proceed with yearly (or bi-yearly) introduction threads. The new thread is here:


    Thanks again, and welcome all!
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