Indie Hurricane 2012 flyer!

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This is the flyer I've got for this year's Indie Hurricane at Gamestorm:


It's totally the same flyer as last year (designed by Joe McDaldno), with updated information. I just wanted some extra eyeballs on it before I start distributing it, which I'd like to do this week.

If you're attending or thinking of attending Indie Hurricane, especially if you're facilitating games and panels, please offer feedback on whether this flier speaks to you, represents your con activities well, etc. Please make concrete suggestions, like "when you say 'Rock On,' it immediately conjures an image of 80s hair metal, and I'm too hipster for that, so how about 'sure, whatever' instead?" And I'm more interested in textual tweaks than graphic design alterations, unless you're volunteering to do the design work yourself! :)

If you're not involved in Indie Hurricane, input is welcome but please be mindful that you don't have skin in the game and keep it short and sweet. I'm all for suggestions that have constructive value but I'm also susceptible to information overload as I plan this con!



  • Looks great, Joel.

    I know some people (who'll be attending) still rankle at that use of the term "story games".
    Maybe you could also throw on the terms "Indie RPGs" and "experimental tabletop games" ?

    But really, that's no fish in my hair.
    I think it's great. If i saw that posted on the inside of my locker at art school, i'd all be like,
    shit, who taped this in my locker?
    This is my private zone.

    Meeples gotta learn some respect around this damn art school, s'all i'm sayin'.

    But this poster is muay slammin'.
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