Why are we not talking about The Random Kindness Encounter Bundle

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Good games. Good cause. Good people.

Ryan Macklin and Elizabeth Sampat have put together a game bundle to raise money for a sick friend.

Random Kindness with a Mythender chaser.


  • It should probably be noted, of course, that they were going for $4K by January 1.

    They raised over $8K today.
  • Because we are idiots who forgot to post a link. And yeah, that's my motherfuckin' grandpa.

    Also, More direct link to post in question:
  • Over $10,000 as of today.
    I think a little congratulatory pat on the back is in order for us all ^___^
  • It's hard to talk about. There is too much awesome involved.
  • Elizabeth's announcement tweet called for people who thought that indie games were cool, cancer was stupid, and Kelly (for whom this benefit was organized) is awesome. So check, check, and check, right?
  • Amazing! Congratulations, a major congratulations, is in order!
  • It's also worth mentioning that the download speed on these files is really high - higher than for many professional sites I've downloaded purchases from.
  • Chris,

    Really? Wow. I'm just on Dreamhost shared hosting. The cheap level. But they did just recently fix some Wordpress admin issues that loads of WP users were having, so maybe part of that was raising capacity. *shrug* Whatever it is, I'm glad it's working out for you! :D

    We were having loads of problems the first three or so hours, when demand was super-high, but now it seems to be all smooth. And the files will be up until mid-January, so plenty of time to grab 'em.


    - Ryan
  • Also, to everyone who participated, thank you so much!

    I have posted my thanks on my bloggy blog as a video thing. And Elizabeth here.

    (wut i dont even)

    - Ryan
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