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I started a game of Stars Without Number over on RPGgeek. Basically, I was just intrigued by the whole sandbox idea, and wanted to play something online, so there you go. Check out the link for specifics.

My issue is this - startup really is taking a long time. Because of the sandbox thing, none of the characters knew each other originally, and I had no plan to immediately push them together. But that's just a massive conceit, of course. A game like SWN is based around the party. They travel around, sometimes get along, sometimes fight, but they definitely do it together. Everybody knows the party is going to get together, we're just sort of going through the motions.

So that's something I've learned from the game - don't play the prologue.

That's for future games, though. What do I do now? Two of the players are completely new to RPGs (and I'm new to online play), so I don't want to start saying, "Look, we're doing it wrong. Let's just assume everyone got together, and move on to the space port." I mean, I really do want to do that, but it seems like poor form at this stage. The players seem pretty invested in the whole "this is how we met" sort of thing, so maybe I should just let it play out. But it's so slooooooow!

At the moment, three of the four PCs have guns drawn at each other, in a classic stand-off. If we were sitting around a table, I'd say something like, okay, shoot each other or make friends. But because the players don't know each other, they're being pretty deferential about the fiction. I certainly don't expect them to kill each other!

Anyway, it's not a drastic problem, just something I'd like to get moving. Anybody deal with a similar issue in the past?


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    The thing about playing online is that you take away all the OOC communication that goes on, both the direct OOC communication, and all the indirect OOC communications., Body language, laughs etc.and the indirect ooc communication is really important to keep things running smoothly.

    And the only way to get it running smoothly is to add new OOC communication. So tell you players "OOC; Your are at a mexican standoff. And we don't want it with it ending up with you shooting each other. Come up with some awesome way to come around it. Anyone got a suggestion?" And get OOC communication going between each other.

    And tell the players they got to give and take, and to trust the others player when they give in to make something awesome out of it.
  • Thanks for that. I took your advice, and basically said that things needed to get going - without bogging stuff down in RPG theory.

    We seem to have gotten through the bottleneck!
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