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I'm running Technoir right now (using the LA Sprawl transmission) and I'm hungry for great color for the game. Share your cyberpunk visions and favorite future-tech discoveries and ideas. What does future-noir Los Angeles look like? What technology predictions are really exciting? Which bits from that (maybe terrible) movie did you like best? Throw out your favorite Gibson-isms, he won't mind!

In the future, LA is still crawling with cars, but most of them are controlled remotely by the the massive traffic management system. Relax and enjoy the ride, with no danger of accident or traffic jams. Of course, every vehicle is tracked and monitored, and moves at an approved pace, so if you have to get somewhere discreetly or quickly, you'd best be ready to drive on the sketchy sub-roads, or hack the traffic control program in your car and get ready to start a helluva chase.

In the future, the Interface will be available even to the implant-free. Forget specs, why not have augmented vision through LED contact lenses?

In the future, users will be able to slot software upgrades into all their stuff, including their brain. Need your cyberlegs to be faster? Override the factory settings by slotting in this side-loading upgrade. What's that, you need to learn Kung Fu? We've got you covered.

What else? Feel free to write it up as Technoir gear (with tags) if you like.

I'd be especially interested in seeing ideas for virtual Objects that represent action in the Interface, to balance out all of the physical Objects. I can see someone buying special security intrusion kits (Tags: linked, semi-autonomous, forceful, illegal Upgrades: fast, experimental, subtle, adaptive) or maybe personal agents to manage tasks, such as false-identity management (Tags: linked, semi-autonomous, wary, Illegal Upgrades: resourceful, encrypted).


  • Steve, have you watched Wild Palms?
  • I kinda did already, with my Kilimanjaro Ring City transmission. :)

    - Ryan
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    Posted By: Nathan H.Steve, have you watched Wild Palms?
    I've never seen it, and if I've heard of it I never knew it was even remotely sci-fi. What was awesome about it?
    Posted By: Ryan MacklinI kinda did already, with my Kilimanjaro Ring City transmission. :)
    Leaning on past success is bullshit, Macklin. Step up to the plate!
  • What does future-noir Los Angeles look like?

    Maybe the horizon is dominated by an unfinished space elevator, with construction halted because of corruption and graft. The press had a field day, "City of Lost Angels reaches for the heavens and falls short."

    Most media stars are in India and China, where the movies are made nowadays but the best plastic surgeons are still here. People make a fortune being a body double for the big media mega-stars, getting paid to throw off the papparazzi so an actor or actress can live something of a normal life. Its a good gig as long as kidnapping isn't an issue.
  • Bad people can crack the security on your personal interface and and make you their puppet.

    Keep current on your patches, and make sure you've got a trustworthy personal assistant who can sedate you if you get owned.
  • What was awesome about Wild Palms? Well Steve, it's been like over fifteen years since it aired.
    I know that William Gibson made a brief appearance on it.
    I'm sure in hindsight it's awful, but I think I remember some pretty interesting ideas?
    What was awesome about it is that it was in part produced by Oliver Stone, and it might not of sucked.
    I think it was kinda brave for network tv at the time?
    It's been awhile.
    You're description just seemed to ring a bell.
  • Posted By: johnzoKeep current on your patches, and make sure you've got a trustworthy personal assistant who can sedate you if you get owned.
    Dude, that is awesome, in that it's a remake of the 14-year-old-player-FPS-lingo "You got OWNED", but quasi-literally.

    For me, the best elements are what people just make up on the spot, usually setting stuff, not a little of it based on Neal Stephenson (namely franchise governments). "A franchise of the yakuza owned and lovingly, efficiently run by a muscular bullet-headed (obviously ex-military) white guy" "The abandoned parking deck that is now a bristling white-to-black market (quality fresh fruit and high-grade weapons) is officially a branch of the people's democratic republic of Congo".

    Some stuff from Ghost in the Shell also made a cameo in our games: Namely "eye-hacking".

  • Yeah, we're getting some great stuff through play in our game, I'm just hungry for more. I want to fill my head with your good ideas so that I can really "barf forth technoir-ica," so to speak.

    In our Los Angeles, the Cynner street gang are known for their extensive, outlandish mods. Most of them could afford to get higher-end cybernetics, but they go out of their way to have old, cruder tech implanted, putting them firmly in "uncanny valley" territory. One guy had cybereyes that were well too large for his head. Another had the lowest-quality synth-flesh all over his arms, neck and head, making him look like a corpse. The boss had an array of spiked hair and colorful, glowing data spikes sticking out of his skull, making it look like he was wearing a feathered headdress.
  • In an effort to conserve water, there is a market for people litter.

    Because of the ubiquity of people taking pictures and uploading them there's a almost certain chance you'll appear in the background of some person's photo (especially in touristy LA spots). Because of the ease of facial recognition searches and location tagged images, anyone can pinpoint where you were. As a result, masks are in fashion.
  • To second Andy, franchise governments are the shit.
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