[Smallville] Adding players to an ongiong game

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A question spawning from what may or may not turn into a gaming disaster, how do you best add players to a Smallville game?

Tips, tricks, actual experiences (that did or did not go well)?


  • I might face this problem soon myself. My inclination is to treat them like adding Features—free connections to the other Leads, otherwise they must connect to established entities. I don't know how it'll work in practice.

  • Have them go through Pathways and add them to the Pathways Map, just as you would had they been in the first session. There's not as much of the collaborative fun but the new player gets the benefit of fitting into the existing framework and adding in their own extras and locations as they like.

    The Watchtower Report covers other options, too, such as converting an existing Feature into a Lead. Of course, that book's not out yet, but it won't be too long!

  • Cool, thank you sir!
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