Mouse Guard Box Set: Unboxing!

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Unboxing: Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set

more photos here...

Note: I helped with the GM screen so I'm not an unbiased party. Don't take my non-objective word for how awesome this will be.


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    I'm excited! I've already got the players and dates lined up for two campaigns I'll be running.
  • This, this is what I've been waiting for!
  • What's the real schedule for this? Amazon updated my order to next year, but MTV says late August.
  • Luke has pointed out that Amazon dates mean not very much at all (here? at the BW forums? not sure). And yes, Amazon, our group *does* want our copy. Now-ish. 8)
  • Jesus, I just spat some tea on myself. That looks awesome!
  • I'm not really sure what the tokens would be used for, but everything else looks awesome. It looks like the character sheet has been completely redesigned too.
  • I can't explain how awesome this is (like you don't already know). The combination of accessible and licensed setting, clear and easy to use rules, and quality board-game-like presentation makes this feel... I don't know. Legitimate? Like you could invite your family to play one evening without it feeling weird or dorky or scaring anybody. Like, best intro-game ever!

    I will own this!
  • I plan on buying this, but with Borders going out of business, other than ordering online, I have no idea where this might be made available.
  • I'd put the character tokens at the top of each action in a conflict to indicate which mouse is primary on each roll.

  • Posted By: merb101I plan on buying this, but with Borders going out of business, other than ordering online, I have no idea where this might be made available.
    Game stores? I know I'll see this in some local shops once it hits, anyway.
  • THE CHARACTER SHEETS HAVE A TEMPLATE TO DRAW YOUR MOUSE ON! or at least i think that is what the outlines of mice are for?
  • Posted By: TylerTTHE CHARACTER SHEETS HAVE A TEMPLATE TO DRAW YOUR MOUSE ON! or at least i think that is what the outlines of mice are for?
    Even if that's not what those outlines are for, Tyler, that's what they're for now!
  • That's the new inventory/encumbrance system. You draw your mouse and the stuff it's carrying.
  • that is even more brilliant then i had hoped.
  • Is there an "official" place to pre-order this, or a place that is more guaranteed to fulfill pre-orders? As much as I like to support them, I don't trust my FLGS with pre-orders. I also don't usually pre-order games, but since it sounds like the production run for this will be based on pre-orders, I think I might need to...

  • Must... resist... already have... Mouse Guard...
  • that extra rule book is not for you, it's for passing around the table and loaning out. you NEED that extra rule book.
  • Well, I've been told Mouse Guard is both a good RPG and comic, and that I should get into both. This boxed set only helps me with the former, but it still looks absolutely amazing, and I'll probably pick it up at some point.
  • Posted By: Mr. JohnsonThis boxed set only helps me with the former
    I suspect that the art in the game will be a pretty strong sell for the comics, actually.
  • I have the original game and now I want the boxed set. Beautiful!!!
  • Now that GenCon is over, anyone know when an actual release date is...Amazon is still showing its usual "we've got no clue" date
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    "things from another world" says it comes out august 17th
    tfaw link

    i'm sorely tempted to put in an order as NW locals can just pick it up at any tfaw location
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    It was available at Gen Con. Looking through my copy right now. It's breath taking (but as I mentioned in the first post, I'm biased)!

    Between the GM Screen, the Character Sheet, the GM Sheet, and the cards... once you've read the rules, there is little you need to look up in game!

    I really like the new Mount rules, the new conflict weapons, and the new sample missions!
  • What the flibber-ti-gibbet? This was @ GC and this is the first I'm hearing of it? Some marketing people weren't doing their jobs! Was it $70, John?
  • Seriously, all I want to know is where to send my money...
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    It was indeed $69.95 for the full retail price. I had no idea it was available till it's stack of boxes called out to me on my way to buying Burning Wheel Gold.
  • Its $45 on Amazon
  • Yesterday Amazon said "expected delivery January 12" today Amazon says "Shipped". Yay.
  • It's in my grubby little

    I'm gonna bust out some of the new rules tonight...Journey conflict, away!

    Feel free to ask any questions
  • Wait, why does Amazon say it's a preorder for January 2012?
  • Yeah...Amazon lied...they shipped only part of my order...Mouse Guard still says January...As does Dragon Age set 2, which I believe was also released at GenCon.
  • Dragon Age set 2 is on the shelf of at least one of my local stores.
  • In FLGS in downtown Toronto at 12:00 (in my mits at 12:01) - sales clerk was giving it the eye, "so is this like the comics" -- absolutely, "cool, must try it".

  • Copies arrived in SF Bay this weekend - boxes were on shelves at EndGame and Black Diamond, which was awesome.

    The boxed set is the awesomeness. For me, the tokens were the "eh" item - seeing them (they're bigger than I expected), I find myself liking them. They're molded as carved wood. The additional booklet of new missions, additions, and - essentially - commentary on the components was enjoyable.

    I can so see this on the buy list for holiday gift giving, perhaps with a copy of one of the MG graphic novels to go with.
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    I didn't like the tokens at first. We now use them to track spotlight in the GM's turn. When you're done, lay the token flat. It made it super easy for me to track who needs attention by simply looking at whose token was still standing. Especially in 5 player games!
  • Amazon was surprised to learn that this box set was already available in stores. The last information they had from the publisher was "not yet available"

    Apparently the publisher is either doing a thing where they are giving brick and mortar first dibs over the online giant...or they just have their head up their ass.
  • Posted By: jenskott first. We now use them to track spotlight in the GM's turn. When you're done, lay the token flat. It made it super easy for me to track who needs attention by simply look
    that's a great idea.
  • Amazon just sent me email that my order will be shipped later this month.
  • Me too, Yay!
    It came just a few hours after the email that said One Ring wouldn't be arriving until November...Boo...
  • I do find it interesting that the custom dice, which are cool, aren't reflected in the book. When looking at it at PAX, the book had the "Mouse Guard uses normal d6s" text.

    Nothing that would put me off -- just makes me think about the process of making a boxed set.

    - Ryan
  • Good point.

    That's mainly an artifact of Mouse Guard existing as a book before the box set. The main book in the box set is the same as the book before the box set. So no mention of the custom dice there.

    BUT the new 2nd smaller book with new rules, characters, towns, scenarios... also details the box's components and how to use them... including the custom dice.
  • Oh, sure, totally. Just making me wonder who Archaia was targeting the boxed set for. Seems skewed somewhat toward "people who bought Mouse Guard" already with a business decision like that.

    - Ryan
  • It's funny. I busted out the box set for the last session with my weekly group, and everyone wanted to keep using the older character sheets. I was a bit "Hey, here's new shiny!", but I got over it quick as I realized they just wanted to play and were excited to get on with the story.

    As far as the dice go, I just wish there was more of them. You need more if you're going to be rolling for a bear, I believe.

    Also, it would be nice if roleplaying boxed sets would be able to make those plastic trays that are able to hold all of the components snugly like some board games do.

    Yeah, I'm really not sure who the boxed set is targeted to at this point. They may be sold out before they even hit a Barnes and Noble shelf, eh?
  • A few thoughts after my first use of the Mouse Guard boxed set - possibly also relevent to the recent thread on How much would you pay for a boxed set. I ran a Mouse Guard game using the box at Pacificon 2011. I had six players: five kids from age 8 to 12, and one parent.

    Play went pretty well. I did character creation with everyone, but I simplified it to deal with short attention spans: I skipped Circles, Resources, and Instincts. In the future, I should have cheat sheets for character creation. I also was not impressed with the new character sheets, though, as there was a lot of flipping over during chargen and play to see the opposite side. The old sheets with everything on one side were better.

    I also quickly put away the GM screen. The information on the inside was rarely referenced, plus it's not like as a Mouse Guard GM I had to hide my notes or dungeon map or die rolls. Also, it tended to block eye contact with my players, particularly since my players were rather short.

    I didn't use the action cards because there weren't enough of them. There were 3 sets, but they weren't complete - one only had two Attack cards, which limited it. Also, I ran out of Sick condition cards. For my money, I would say:

    1) It needs a lot more dice and/or the ability to buy dice separately.
    2) Skip the pawns and have more copies of cards.
    3) The copies of the pregenerated characters should be separate sheets - or at least in the booklet with blank other sides so they can be pulled out.

    I give them marks for effort, but I guess I have higher expectations for a boxed set (though I will tend to say the same things about printed books). Overall, I think this would have been much better if the booklet had been a new scenario suitable for newcomers with quick-play rules and usable pregenerated character sheets.
  • I got the Mouse Guard Box Set yesterday and made a video with my daughter Embla who opens it.

    She is 3 years and we speak Danish as it is our native tongue.
    Perhaps it is fun to watch even if you do not understand what we are saying.

    Link to my blog with the video.
  • Has anyone looked into ordering a second set of dice and cards?
  • Posted By: johsI got the Mouse Guard Box Set yesterday and made a video with my daughter Embla who opens it.
    "Hvad er det?" "Det er et rollespil!" :)
  • Unfortunately, there are always compromises when working with a publisher. And because I won the MG RPG Boxed Set conflict with a firm Compromise, there are no additional components to be purchased, and the contents are what they are. Overall, I think the set is pretty useful and fun to play with though. It's good for three to four players plus a GM. That's a $17.5 - $14 per player. It seems like a good value to me.

    Oh, and there are no pre-printed sample character sheets because during playtesting I found that the quality of a player's experience increased if we took a moment to copy down the character from the book to the sheet. Taking that moment to familiarize them the with the character made the games richer and faster.

    I'm truly sorry if the boxes are missing components, though. Write to @archaia on twitter and I'm sure Mel and company will replace what's missing.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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