Nerdly Beach Party VIII! Registration is live! (Sep 23-25)


I'm happy to say that we're live and ready to take registrations for Nerdly Beach Party VIII.
Welcome to Nerdly Beach Party VIII, a weekend of gaming and tent camping in the serene San Simeon State Park!

Nerdly Beach Party VIII will be held from the afternoon of Friday, September 23rd to the early afternoon of Sunday, September 25th, 2011.

Located in the California Central Coast, San Simeon is the perfect spot for gamers from the Bay Area and Southern California to meet up and relax for a couple days to the sounds of dice rolling and ocean waves crashing. Around two dozen great gamers like you get together to grill and sit by the campfire, take hikes along the beach, laze in the sun, and of course play games.

Our Eighth Event

We're a group of role-playing gamers who bring many games to try, including new games recently released, playtests of new games by designers, classic favorites, and other forms of gaming like board games. We pride ourselves on self-organization—we're looking for like-minded people who bring fun with them.

We've put on seven Nerdly Beach Parties since 2007, typically during early Spring and early Fall. This is the West Coast sister event of Camp Nerdly in Virginia.

Do you enjoy role-playing games and story games?
Do you enjoy campfires, sunshine, and the sound of the ocean?
Do you want to meet some great gamers and designers?
Then Nerdly Beach Party is for you! Register Today!


- Ryan


  • Hey, Ryan, will you be there despite your move to Seattle? How is the roster filling up so far? I'm interested but unsure whether we can make it right now...
  • Posted By: AnemoneHey, Ryan, will you be there despite your move to Seattle?
    Yes! :) It's happening before my move. I'm pretty excited to do it again. It's one of my favorite events of the year. (Also, here's other pre-move places I'll be at.)
    How is the roster filling up so far?
    We've got 16 people! Soon we'll be doing the game planning bit, when we solicit games from people coming. But you're welcome to sign up after that starts. We should have some more slots, and we'd love to have you there.

    - Ryan
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