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Years ago I wrote this rant about D&D.

D&D Rant

And I just stumbled upon it while looking for something else.


  • I bought 3rd Ed D+D but then realized I didn't want to learn all that stuff again. I haven't really played D+D now since... Heck, the 80's. Wow...

    I don't really miss it but it can get lonely being off on the radical fringe. People still don't really play game like I play but I keep working on that!

    Chris Engle
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    If you want to play Whispering Vault, I am so down. =D

    It was a good rant. I similarly moved away from D&D and White Wolf after realizing that I don't want to play with people who play D&D and White Wolf games (overgeneralizing here, some of you are wicked rad), but I don't regret having played those games. I guess my distaste for those games manifested as me being a bad player huge asshole, so it's good for other people that I stopped playing those games, too!

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  • I think I feel where you're coming from with regards to your conversion from D&D - I went through something similar a couple of years ago. Not sure I resent the years I spent pursuing good gaming through D&D, I have many fond memories going back thirty-plus years with various gaming groups...in many cases, D&D is what brought us to the gaming table and I'm grateful for that. I think less about the system we were playing than the people I spent time with. Do I wish we were playing different games? I don't know - I don't loathe D&D in any particular fashion, though I'm glad to have moved on to other pastures.

    Can't say I regret the games, though. Actually - scratch that. I do regret the last D&D campaign I ran, which is partially why I turned away from the game. The rest, not so much.
  • framweard. you're an asshole and you want to play whispering vault. i am so there.

    i also resent not having the tenacity to turn my modified D&D game in 1995 into a salient RPG. i would have been years ahead of the indie curve.

    but in all fairness, i really do resent that players like me in 1995 were looked at as weirdos. even vampire didn't do what i wanted it to do. "storytelling" my ass. it's still simulationist play.

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    It IS simulationist-supportive play!
    Also - I think the only D&D that operates as-expected for me is D&D0e, which is really nothing at all like any subsequent D&D in terms of textual inferences ==> actual play.
    People have been playing various incarnations of D&D in a manner not unlike 0e, for decades, but if you follow the rules of, say, 2e, there's a great deal to do that's got nothing to do with Stepping On Up.

    ... what bugs me the most is when people have learned from RPing's "oral tradition" that rules are just whatever and you just play how you like. [SG disclaimer: if you like this style, who am I to judge?] If I don't like the rules of a game, I say, "Not for me, thanks."
    I just got involved in the first session of a 3.5e game with the Planescape setting grafted in there, and, I mean, yeah, not for me. Somewhat like the grand promises of White Wolf you mentioned, Jim.
    Admittedly, I'm so used to one-shots and quick, 3-6 session games that I have pretty much zero interest in a game that can't get to the "good stuff" in session 1. Movies that start out slow are OK, 'cause it's a more passive-audience form of entertainment. But I would never play a board game that takes a few hours to "get good".
  • This isn't a very good rant. I give it 2 out of 5 stars - no swearing, spelling too good and consistent, no unintentionally wacky puns or crazy mental images, too self-aware of the creator's own preferences.

    please refer to my hate of d02 know no limit. and make revisions.

  • Posted By: shreyasThis isn't a very good rant. I give it 2 out of 5 stars - no swearing, spelling too good and consistent, no unintentionally wacky puns or crazy mental images, too self-aware of the creator's own preferences.please refer tomy hate of d02 know no limit.and make revisions.
    i'm on it.

    sorry for letting everyone down.
  • Jeez, Jim, learn to not spell.
  • Ataks of Opertoonity suxxor. Nd u all suk for plying them. Lssrs!!

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