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(If you've seen this elsewhere - yup, I'm posting this all over, because I want lots of ideas)

There is [Something You Can Cast As A Resource] in this world.
It is used for A, B, C.
This creates groups X, Y, Z.

-There are Direwolves in the world.
-They're used as goblin mounts, as elven watchwardens, and as allies for shapechangers.
-The goblin horde, the rangers of Alon, and the Black Fang mercenaries exist as a result.

-There is Skystone in the world; a mystical floating material.
-It's used to build flying castles, and burnt into tattoos.
-The floating city of the Rift, and the temples of the sky monks exist as a result.

-There is an Akashic Record in the world; an intangible record of all events.
-It is tapped into (shallowly) for knowledge by deep meditation, or by birthright in a select few (an inheritable trait).
-Because of this, meditation is the fundamental key to deeper education, and those born Readers are the natural nobility - but are tested for ability and cast out if they fail.

-The Chained Behemoth can be found in this world, a mile-long regenerating monster nailed to the earth.
-It's body is harvested continually for meat, for bone, for blood, and for reagents that allow one to take on properties of the beast itself.
-The city of the Behemoth, the cult of the Beast, and the bonesmith's guild exist as a result, among others.

What else is in this world?


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    - There is reason in this world.
    - It is used to better understand the physical world, to promote peace and equity between men and nations, and to shine a light upon ignorance and superstition.
    - The great University and its many ancient colleges, The Honorable Company of Magic-Breakers, The Black Tulip, a society devoted to regicide and democracy.
  • There are foul, pale skinned, blue eyed creatures clad in metal laying with pieces of their dead God underground, eager to militarize for Him.

    They are hunted down for crimes aeons past, the are used by clever politicians as weapons, and their bedtime stories keep small children from exploring the world

    The Plains of Artavan, made up of their skulls and memories; groups of explorers, raiders, and dungeoneers everywhere; and constant strife exist because of them.
  • - There are hard to find gates leading to pocket universes, of a size from a large house to a large city.
    - They are used for prisons, storehouses and redoubts.
    - Because of this, the Lost Library of the All-Wise, the Lost Treasure House of Alectom and the Inner City of Shashim exist.

    - There are gentle. slow-living and wise immortal giants in the world.
    - They are sought after as advisers, temple guardians and healers.
    - Because of them, the religious retreats of the Atili mountains, the Cities of Refuge and the League of the North all exist and prosper.
  • There is a Bleeding Lady - a woman lying upon an elevated bier, a sword embedded in her chest, a stream of blood seeping out.

    Those who are kind of heart are stricken with crushing grief upon seeing her - it is difficult to do anything in her presence other than cast oneself upon the earth and weep. Her blood is a potent salve; it erases scars and bruises, flattens wrinkles, clears age spots, even straightens twisted bones if applied over long periods.

    Her bier is used as a test - a final trial when all others are inconclusive. Those who can lay there unresponsive and weep for the Bleeding Lady even while being whipped and castigated are judged to be good of heart, or at least possessed of sufficient self-control to be released. Then there are the Red-Eyed Knights, whose initiation rite is to lie beside the Lady and weep for seven full days. Finally there are the Alabaster Order, the medics who bathe themselves in the sacred blood, and are to be found all over the world with their clean and luminous faces and their tiny red phials full of dearly expensive healing.

  • There are babies found under cabbage leaves in the world. Also under trees, in pastures, and occasionally on mountaintops. This is where all babies come from.

    A baby lets you start a family, or will eventually be your retainer, or will turn feral.

    Villagers employ midwives to look for babies so they can have families. Midwives are expert in wilderness survival and mountainclimbing.

    The tithers take every tenth baby from the midwives, to serve in The Lord's army.

    Wolves sometimes find a baby first, and raise it as their own. The wolfchildren are feral but have tremendous magical power.
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    I love the idea. But would you be able to post links to where else you're trying this, so we can see what they've come up with too?
  • Great idea! Very nice thread!
  • Posted By: SanglorianI love the idea. But would you be able to post links to where else you're trying this, so we can see what they've come up with too?
    The RPGnet version died after about four hits; the other is in my circles on G+ (and not linkable). Some added ones, though:

    Thoughtful stones are grey crystals that can be imprinted with memories.
    They are used to send important messages, in record-keeping, and for recreation.
    Both reputable and disreputable Memory Palaces exist, as well as varying "studios" that create and record memories.

    The Contagion is a dark magical force that forces all magicians to risk corruption.
    It is channeled to inflict disease, blight crops, and animate the dead.
    This results in the presence of Blight cults, Necromancers, and Sin-Eaters.

    The Game of Glass is a strategy game of enormous complexity.
    It is used as a military training exercise, as a form of duel, and for gambilng.
    Military classes, gambling dens, and 'glass-duel' halls exist as a result.

    Empyreal Steel is a dense and incredibly useful metal.
    It is forged into weaponry, armor, and exceptional tools.
    The empyreal forges and "legacy families" holding such items thus exist.

    The Eidoloi are natural spirit beings that can be gained as allies.
    They are propitiated with ritual, bound by will, and invoked with symbols.
    Eidolon Cults, Summmoners, and Shamans employ them.

    Oathbinding is the process of empowering a person through their oath.
    It is used for military, professional, and philosophical bindings.
    Oath knights, Guild power, and the Ascetic Ones are the result.

    The Animae are natural animal-spirits that bind themselves to other beings.
    They can be channeled to change one's shape, sent into beasts, or extended to sense their kin.
    Skinchanger Cults, Beastlord traditions, and Hunting lodges employ such spirits.

    The High Faith preaches the presence of a supreme being or small pantheon.
    The faith can be channeled to heal the injured, smite unbelievers, and harm rogue spirits.
    Temples, Wayside shrines, and Crusades exist as a result.

    Fellbeasts are monstrous fanged, clawed, and even winged monstrosities, no two alike.
    They are hunted as adulthood rituals, for meat, and as mounts.
    Fell knight orders and Slayer's halls exist for these purposes.
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    There is a knee deep sea that stretches for hundreds of miles.
    There are occasional houses on stilts, people using squat catamarans and dragon boats, and a unique martial tradition based on grappling and drowning.
    The Dry Court, the Stilt-Fishers, and the Salt Rice Monastery exist as a result.
  • There are glums in this world; slippery-skinned, bulge-eyed humanoids.

    They are brilliant stevedores and sailors, but they mass so thick in the slums that they make ready cheap labour and are a good scapegoat for mobs and tyrants.

    The Sargasso Courts, de facto rulers of the slums, Bloody Tridents and Cult of Dry Flames exist as a result.
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    There are GodSwords in this world.
    They are used for worship, deity communication and destruction.
    This creates groups of warrior monks, the Church of Cleansing, and refugee camps.
  • There are spirits in this world
    They inhibit the wildernesses, making taboos out of stones and streams, flowers, bushes and trees
    As a result you get bad spirits, that makes people sick, and good spirits, that makes them well, and regal spirits, that are servants of the king and two other major figures in the kingdom
  • There is Karma in this world. Karma is the physical manifestation of the intention behind any act you might commit. It is distilled out of your soul by a magical/religious ritual and appears as tiny brightly colored beads of glass.

    Karma can be used to give life to inanimate objects, bind souls together, and power the ancient technology found in the wastes. Because of this it is also used currency.

    Because of this the Brahmins, the priest cast, who perform the ritual exist. Also Karma smiths and kami also exist.
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