Yesterday's Tomorrow (John Wick's)

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Any thoughts/experience with John Wick's ashcan now for sale?

Seems to take elements of Houses of Blooded, Spirit of Century and blend in very short format.



  • I do not believe that is an ashcan.
  • There was (and may still be) a free edition; it's just game text, no art or anything else. It's a pulp-themed game with really stripped down rules. Your read of it being HotB + SotC is pretty accurate.
  • I have the free version. If anyone has this could you say if it has art. I might get it if this is a spiffied up version.
  • Interesting. I'd much rather he worked on HotB until it was really a playable game.

    /takes baggage and leaves
  • I played it at NeonCon. I recall liking it, though I'll have to dust off my copy to remember how it works.

    - Ryan
  • I still recall the youtube eps where he was first talking about making the game. His intro, as I recall, was something like this,

    "I was talking with a member of my gaming group about what kind of game they would like. They said, 'something steampunk would be awesome'. I told them, 'No, you don't want steampunk, and made this game here instead.'"

    I don't know if Yesterday's Tomorrow is good or not, I'm sure it most likely is. I do however find the story of its genesis to be amusing.
  • I snagged the ashcan at RinCon. It's pretty cool for an ashcan, I would have made some changes/clarifications with it, of course.
  • Saint& Sinner, the version for sale at $5 has no art, it's 20 pages + character sheet.

  • That looks like the one I already have. Thanks.
  • I picked it up yesterday at

    Couldn't find a free edition, but still I think it's a nice little system and feel that it was worth my five-spot... I think it'd be a great one-shot for getting traditional RPG People comfortable with the idea of contributing in a storytelling/narrative scenario.
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    It's my first post here so hello, everybody.

    I got Y'sT free ashcan a couple of months ago and played two sessions. (No, it doesn't have any art.)

    Reading the ashcan I spotted few things that seemed to be really awesome. First, the idea of how the past imagined the future was surprising. Then, I really like the way of GMimg that consists of saying players what bad happens to their characters. And if they have to come up with even more dangerous situations, that's supercool!

    So we've played. We had fun but I still feel unsatisfied. The idea is that tension gets higher and higher and players save some perils for the final scene. But my player didn't really have problems with gathering them during the play. (Maybe I should make it harder for them to get perils? But how?) Plus when it's connected with a serious number of dice that player can roll it becomes just one-man-show. I mean, for example, there is a passage in "Mystery!" section: "Each rank you assign to Mysticism allows you to roll three additional dice for any risk related to this Advantage." Three is quite a lot, so let's say the player assigns rank five...
    It seems that the problem would be solved if players try to bid in order to get a right to narrate. But if they act as a team with no interests against other players character, there is no reason to do so. And it seems to me that the game does not support conflicts between characters.

    Anyway, I like the pace. It's light and funny game, perfect for short meetings. I also like the system success in dice = detail in narration, but either I can't use it or it's just imbalanced.

    Similar problem, anyone?

    (And sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my first language ;))
  • Posted By: Ina
    (And sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not my first language ;))

    You write English at a far, far greater level that I have capability in other languages.
  • It's like the Bizarro version of Wushu... You rate your character's styles from 2-5 , similar to Wushu. But instead of getting to roll dice equal to the number of details you narrate, you roll a number of dice equal to one of your styles plus advantages and get to narrate a number of details equal to your successes. Instead of giving up chi points as you lose rounds of a conflict, you spend Peril to get the chance to roll and narrate your success or failure in the first place. (You earn Peril when you or the gm puts your character in danger.)

    This looks like a lot of fun, and I'll be bringing it with me to GoPlayNW!
  • [Necromantic thread powers, Activate!]

    Has anyone had a chance to do a second look at this title? I was intrigued by an actual play podcast that I heard of the game. (Monkeys Took My Jetpack 17, Yesterday's Tomorrow) The PDF is only five bucks and I found it to be an enjoyable read.

    What do you think about the peril mechanic? Listening to the podcast, I wonder if it can get out of control.

    Thoughts, observations, actual play experience, all welcome.

    YT at John Wick's site
    YT at RPG Drive Thru
  • I have only run it once, and it was a lot of fun. I tend to like a good bit more crunch in my games, but simple games like this can be fun for a session. The only really problem with the game is figuring out when to "Call it." We had some trouble figuring out how end a scene.
    It can also suffer if it get too zany.
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