Mythender Character Creation document is live

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I know some folks here have been curious about Mythender, so I thought I'd let y'all know.


- Ryan


  • RyRy
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    Oh my god, Mythender! :)
  • Mythender is super metal and also brütal. This looks incredibly cool. I can't wait to play. Yay Ryan!

    You are a merciless tease, by the way.
  • Yes. Yes, I am. :)

    - Ryan
  • Coming in late to the pitch, but it certainly looks epic. :-)
  • Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • At last ! Thanks for this
  • Thanks!

    I'm blown away by the feedback so far. I'm hoping to see some other Mythenders done up before I move on -- it's helpful to see how people are proceeding, because that shows me what I've accidentally left out.

    - Ryan
  • I have been waiting for this game more than eagerly since i've known it was being created. Just a question, though: i see that the setting and theme of the game seems to have changed a bit from the Introductory PDF to this character creatin document... lik, characters are not "strangers" to the myth come to take a piece of it away, they're born in it and they just want to end it... is it so?
  • Posted By: Albi_SGthey're born in it and they just want to end it... is it so?
    There's stuff I need to make clearer. They've always wanted to end Myth, that hasn't changed. Many are from the non-Norden lands, but that'll be clearer with the example characters. The more I see reactions, the more I realize I'm implying and not stating.

    Thanks! This is super helpful.

    - Ryan
  • Posted By: Ryan MacklinThey've always wanted to end Myth, that hasn't changed.
    i got that, i wanted to know if the "coming from out of the myth,wishing to take a part of it away" part was still there. Because it is *amazing*.
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    It is. But it's not required. I use to require it, but I realized that "rebelling against the Myths that oppressed me" also has fruit. (Or, rather, several of the so-far-one-hundred playtesters did.)

    I may add some text that isn't a character creation choice, but just exposition about making characters from Norden vs characters from outside Norden. (Mortal Europe and Beyond) Not much, mind you, but maybe a single spread.

    - Ryan
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    Some adjustments may be necessary, or may not. i don't really know.I'm blinded by how beautiful and amazing it looks, and i am looking forward to see it out and play it!
  • You're going to hate me!

    I had my cousin (female, mid 20s, minimal gaming experience but has played D&D) read this chapter out loud while I recorded her thoughts. Before we started, we did a few "get comfortable sharing your inner thoughts without a filter" exercises so that I could note what she's thinking as she reads.

    The comments are unfiltered and honest but may not all be relevant to your goals. I chose to record everything she said rather than pick and choose what may or may not be relevant. I would rather leave that up to you to decide.

    Some of these comments may make you want to strangle my cousin! I should note that she is not a stupid person and just completed her doctorate. Not that doctors can't be... well you get what I'm saying!
  • John, that is some mind-grabbing feedback. Have you ever done a similar exercise with other games? I'd love to see more of this.
  • Thanks Sage!

    I haven't done this with many RPGs but I've performed professional usability testing with websites, applications, business proposals, and creative briefs.
  • That's a fantastic bunch of feedback John. Your cousin is rad.
  • Wow, that's marvelous and thought-provoking feedback, there. Great stuff.
  • John,

    As I mentioned on my blog, that's great stuff.

    Could you share more about the process? I'd like to hear more about the:
    Posted By: jenskotBefore we started, we did a few "get comfortable sharing your inner thoughts without a filter" exercises so that I could note what she's thinking as she reads.


    - Ryan
  • You can find a good review of how to perform Usability Testing here: Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems
  • Had to share a link to the two Mythenders I made off the playtest doc. Ryan seemed to like them so here they are!
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