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Like some of you, i saw a thread recently that was called "PLAYTESTING: AMMO." Being who i am i got real excited, clicked, and found a long series of things about stuff...and no game called Ammo. Then, a day later, i saw a new thread, "AMMO: PLAYTESTERS WANTED" and again i was delighted! But that was not a game, either. It was a character sheet, and other stuff, and...i'm not bashing anybody for talking about things here...i just wish there was a game called Ammo. (that wasn't about playing...ammo)

Maybe i'm not getting it, but i figure there should be a game called AMMO. So, after spending too much time at work not really paying attention while wondering what a game called Ammo would be like, i decided to write those ideas down. It's a pretty ridiculous game; done in the vein of my favorite fiction/action movies. And since i'm still pretty new to this site i've put it up for grabs at a wiki i work on. You can find the game:


And the reason this is in Game Design Help is because of the biggest thing Ammo is missing: Ammo. I put a lot of work into how you play, how you work in your Schticks, what guns you pick, and how the structure of the story goes i'm at the last page, where i make a big, big list of Ammo...and all the cool effects of said ammo...and i'm stumped. Please help me come up with cool, action-movie, cinematic Ammo for shooting baddies. I'll thank you in the final version! Which i foolishly hope will be worth about a dollar.

And, really, if you play it, i'm thrilled, and hope you have fun. It's mostly a compilation of blatantly stolen parts from Storming the Wizards Tower, Apocalypse World, and Anima Prime. All games i can totally dig; and if you dig them, too, then i hope you dig my game.


  • Interesting game, seems like it'd be a fun game to play for a night if you wanted some action-movie style shenanigans. I really like the art.

    Let's see, Special Ammo: Quicksilver bullets, Depleted Uranium Rounds, Full Metal Jacket, Silver Bullets with crosses carved into them, Bullets with a highly basic core to cause a strong reaction with acidic blood, incendiary bullets, bullets with liquid nitrogen cores, a single golden bullet, a set of carefully re-built bullets used to assassinate political figures throughout the years, modified alien needle, cheap bullets- for use on people or things not worth spending money to kill, hollow-point bullet, "seeker" ammo with smart guidance nano-tech, radioactive rounds (traceable with the right tech), black iron bullet, magnetic bullets, EMP grenade-launcher shells (because if a few civilians have to lose cell service to take down the threat to humanity, boo-hoo), tear-gas shells (sometimes the crowd doesn't understand the threat. Better this than having them killed in the crossfire), rocket-launcher sized tactical nuclear device (because you need to take down alien dropships somehow)
  • LOVE IT. Howzthis for starters?...

    DUC Rounds (Depleted Uranium Core) - when using this Ammo trade any two (-) for a (+) as the heavy duty bullets tear through any cover or armor.
    DBC Rounds (Dense Base Core) - when using this Ammo add one extra (+) on two or more (+) vs. an Individual - the metallic filaments enter their bloodstream, poison their blood. [no enhanced effect vs. Swarms]
    Cheap Ammo - Take this Ammo once at regular price, and you won't run out of it ever again.
    Incendiary Rounds - On a Triple (-) fires erupt around the target, or the ammo simply burns through cover and armor, target takes one Hit
    FMJ Rounds (Full Metal Jacket) - First (+) against a target does two Health Boxes of damage
    MAN Rounds (Modified Alien Needle) - Turn their weakness against them, Double all (+) rolled
  • Posted By: whiteknife a set of carefully re-built bullets used to assassinate political figures throughout the years
    Posted By: whiteknifetear-gas shells
    Also, rubber bullets and paintball rounds.
  • Bullets that move very slowly, but are completely unstoppable. It's an unstoppable force crushing it's way slowly through the world.
  • Here's a few more: Ricochet Rounds (designed to bounce around all over the place, ideal for firing into tight spaces with no civilians), Grappling Bullets (not very aerodynamic, but they have titanium spikes for holding tight into the target, and carbon nanotubes for a connecting rope),Tyrannosaur Rounds, Diamond Tipped Bullets (Ridiculously expensive, but there's no armor it won't pierce), Dragonfire Rounds (For when you have a shotgun you want made into a flamethrower), Serrated Bullets (It's unclear whether these cause any additional damage, but they sure do look cool)
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    Posted By: happysmellyfishBullets that move very slowly, but are completely unstoppable. It's an unstoppable force crushing it's way slowly through the world.
    I love it!

    If you're after other supernatural bullets,

    A bullet that never hits its intended target.
    A bullet that multiplies as it flies through the air.
    A bullet that returns to your pocket, good-as-new, after being fired.
    An ice bullet that melts away to nothing.
    A bullet that comes up negative on all tests -- for fingerprints, origin, make and manufacturer, etc.
    A bullet that fits in any gun or artillery piece.
    A bullet that only hits people that fit a particular criteria.
    A bullet that, if fired, will certainly kill someone.
    A bullet that follows instructions.
    A bullet that curves.
    A bullet that makes its victim fall in love.
    A bullet that only does emotional and psychological damage.
    A bullet that makes a specific sound when fired.
    A bullet that passes through any non-fleshy object as if it were not there.
    A bullet that passes through flesh as if it were not there.
    A bullet that emits shockwaves as it flies past.
    A bullet that fires from the gun automatically when certain criteria are met.
    A bullet, the location of which you always know.
    A bullet that expands in the body until it bursts free.
    An invisible bullet.
    A bullet that makes no sound, whether fired, dropped or thrown in a pile.
    A bullet that screams the name of its victim.

    EDIT: Oh, and non-supernatural bullets: frangible bullets. The article doesn't mention this, but I believe they are used on aircraft so that the bullet will not punch through the side of the plane.
  • A bullet that guitar solos as it flies through the air.

    "Impress, dismay or frighten your enemies."
  • A bullet that acts as a homing device for other bullets.
  • I thought i knew how fun bullets could be...

    It was but the tip of the iceberg...

    You guys rock!
  • So this is all solid gold disco input. You guys are the best. I'm going to be using all of it, half in the current version, the other half in the re-do called "Derf Revolution"

    There's little i can do for reward, but if you're interested, call dibs now on any art you want from the game and i'll send it to you.
  • This actually feels more like a collectible card game...
  • Posted By: happysmellyfishThis actually feels more like a collectible card game...
    Hi Ash. What makes you say that? With the bullets not yet added to the PDF, I can't see any collectible element to the RPG.
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    • Disintegration Rounds - On a triple [0] you get a free Flare for Destruction during your next Reload.
    • Shock Rounds - Each [+] reduces your target's Rate by 1 during its next round, to a minimum of half its normal Rate.
    • Homing Rounds - Always does at least one hit of damage, even if no [+] are rolled. Can only be fired against a single target in a given round.
    • Flash-Bang Rounds - If you get at least one [+], you can choose to do no damage. If you do so, your target skips its next round.
  • @amnesiack

    Solid. Disco. GOLD.

    who say's Ninjas don't know guns?
  • Hi Chris -

    On the card game front, it just seems like it has some of those traits. Characters mainly act as conduits for their powers (the bullets). Those powers are very numerous, and interact in so many complicated ways that the system quickly becomes interesting. There is endless possibility for expansion, with no clearly defined completion point.

    That said, I don't know a whole bunch of card games, but this seems like a fun list of stuff that I'd like to see interact. Someone shoots a bullet at me, so I shoot it out of the sky with a bullet that targets other bullets, but it turns out the first bullet had a super hard casing, so my bullet had no effect. Etc, etc, etc.

    I didn't mean any slight by that, and now that I look at the actual document (instead of the list of bullets) I can see there's a lot more going on. What's a holdout?
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    Sry. "Holdout Pistol" or "Holdout Gun" - it's that piece you keep tucked in your sock, or up your sleeve. (or in most of our Gunners' case, just in another holster)
    It's your backup gun.

    There should be some mechanic for switching guns during the Shooting and Reloading phases...
  • Posted By: graypawn@amnesiack

    Solid. Disco.GOLD.

    who say's Ninjas don't know guns?
    The Flash-Bang Rounds are probably SUPER overpowered. They should probably either change to taking away the target's next Reload action OR certain types of Host (like the Queen and really tough individuals) should be immune to them.
  • Building the Host does need a lot more work. They need Schticks and stuff.

    (it's really nothing more than what i've seen here, though, but it has a nifty bloodsplatter thing on the page.)
  • I think rather than full-on Schticks, you could go a long way by just giving them Resistances, which are basically just the names of types of Ammo that have no special effects against them, probably 1-5 depending on how powerful the Host is.
  • Alpha Version is up:

    Now with less suck.
  • Last Plug, then i'll shut up:

    New Copy on the Wiki, this time with a short Ammo List and a short Schtick List for the Host.

    Still could use any advice/help making cool Ammo Rules and cool Schticks for the Host rules. Any Suggestors that get their idea in the Game will receive a free Hard Copy, on me! (provided they provide their Address IRL)

    Thanks again, this was awesome!
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