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I've always loved dichromatic art and design and now that I'm working on some custom text content for AW, I really want to try my hand at putting some art to it. Ok, so I know I've seen how to make images, similar to those used in AW and its .pdf playbooks, posted online - I just can't seem to find them now. Can anyone post a link to where it has been discussed previously?


  • Vincent's tutorial: http://lumpley.com/comment.php?entry=499#3

    An old barf forth thread: http://apocalypse-world.com/forums/index.php?topic=224.0

    There are a few other similar techniques: I use the Cutout filter to turn photos into B&W and two-tone art. It's nice because you can make small pictures big, apply a little contrast, and then use Cutout and it makes the edges all nice!
  • When I picture AW era folks talking about the time before, I imagine it all turning into really stylized rotoscope like Waking Life.
  • I've toyed around a bit with just converting to black and white and playing with the contrast and brightness. Seems to work OK for some pictures but it doesn't work well for people, I notice. I think the next step is to toy around with GIMP and see if I can come up with a quick/easy method of conversion. I have no tallent for drawing so the more I can automate the process, the better.
  • Aw I thought this thread would be where we post DIY Apocalypse World art.

  • So I spent last night playing with GIMP. I got some thematically good results by playing with desaturation, thresholds, and blurring but its difficult to get the same effect where the picture is has only a few white black or white areas (outlines but no fine detail). That said, I think you really need hard lines and no background - which means it may come down to me needing to select better pictures to begin with. That, or I need to better figure out how to remove backgrounds or cut out people...
  • Try this:

    Start with a picture. Desaturate it so it's black and white. Adjust the contrast a bit. Then fiddle with the Cutout filter until you have a few layers of black, white, and grey, and the edges are smoothed out a bit but you still have details you like the look of. Then you can select different grey areas and use the wand tool to fill them in with either black or white. Then you will eventually end up with only black and white areas. And you can combine different pictures together, and combine them with Vincent's technique, too.
  • Bret, you win.

    Also, is Crudhammer that guy's name?
  • I found a bunch of artsy filters / scripts for Gimp, including a Cutout, here: http://www.gimphelp.org/script24.shtml
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