An Entirely New Gaming Group

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So, I've been in a gaming drought for quite a while (since October, if you ignore gaming cons). I've been missing that week to week group dynamic that brings out the heart of so many games. Andy pointed me to a local RPG meetup and I'm going this Sunday to play Mouse Guard (yay!) with an entirely new group of people.

Wow, ack, hmm. I hope we get along and have similar gaming needs and compatible personalities. I won't feel bad to drop out if it doesn't work out, but I hope it does.

Any success stories out there about jumping whole hog into a new group? Any ideas on how to best present myself or gauge others so as to make sure we work?


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    That's great, Mark.

    You are a pleasant, approachable person, so I'd just be honest about what you want and need and encourage them to do the same. Run a great game for them and see who clicks and who does not.
  • Mark, I don't have any stories for you myself, but I just wanted to say, please share your experience! I'm in exactly the same boat, but my droughts been longer and drier :( In the near future I'm gonna be taking a similar leap, so I'll be following this thread and whatever you find out pretty closely
  • The best group I ever had was totally random. We found them through a post on RPGnet. After getting together for coffee to make sure we weren't serial killers, we jumped right into sweet, sweet indie gaming awesome. So random groups can work out well.

    Good luck with that. I sympathise with the gaming drought. I haven't played ANY roleplaying games this year. Not one. And it's starting to make me craaaaazy.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarRun a great game for them and see who clicks and who does not.
    *I* get to play! They already had a group together for Mouse Guard. I was all set to run something, but they had one of the games I wanted already going. They even opened an extra seat just to accommodate me. I'm optimistic.
  • Mark,

    I'm in the same boat as you, joining existing groups of strangers to play in a new city. It goes well sometimes, poorly at other times, so don't commit to anything long-term and be ready to adapt your expectations.

    But I think that generally it goes well!
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    Posted By: Mark Causey*I* get to play!
    I have never heard of this. How does it work, exactly?

    I guess it's telling that I assumed you were taking a leadership role in making this all happen.
  • I've met several people off the internet and then had long, successful experiences gaming with them. Among other success stories, the most enjoyable campaign I was ever in was assembled from strangers on RPG.Net.
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    Bring your own snacks. People hate it when they have to share snacks. So bring your own and don't expect to share them.

    Take control! Talk lots and loudly! Everyone loves a talker. People will respect you.

    You're there to game, so tell everyone about your character. Make sure they know all the great things your character has done in the past.

    Don't shower before going. If you do, you're basically saying to everyone present: look how much better my personal hygiene is. Make them feel good about their personal hygiene, by making yours bad.

    Everyone loves Monty Python!

    (Do what Jason said. Treat people as though they're nice and they probably will be. If they're not your type of people, you're not committed to anything and at least you've been nice to them. I'm sorry about the above post, but it was irresistible.)

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    I'll keep this thread for my eventual comments as an objective and subjective observer and subserver.

    My fear is that I'll want to move on to a new game too soon and the group may be adjusted to playing one game for quite a while. I have so many games that I want to try out.
  • worked great for me when I was looking to get back into gaming. This was back when D&D 4E was first released, and I found myself a group for that via one of the Toronto gaming meetups. At about the same time, Ry was running some In a Wicked Age sessions with rotating players. That's how I finally managed to get around to playing an indie game, which I had been itching to do for the longest time. Once those sessions died out, a few of us put together a little group that works out like RPG book-club, playing different games for a handful of sessions at a time, and that's been going strong for a almost a year and half.

    So, yes, meetups can work out great for meeting new people and forming new groups, and hopefully you'll be able to find the people that are interested in trying new things.
  • I just started a new group with myself and two other people who were part of a larger, long-running weekly game, plus one person we barely knew (who came to us, indirectly, through this forum, SG FTW).

    I was a little worried about the social dynamics of it, but our first session last week went great.

    I think focusing on the game helped. Once basic social graces had been observed, we got right to it. There was plenty of chatter and talk DURING the session, which is great, but I suspect that jumping right into the one thing you know you all have in common is helpful.

    This may or may not be relevant to your situation.
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